The Best of 2013 Anthology Episode

Now for something a little different.  In celebration of our 1st year anniversary and the quickly approaching new year, I thought it would be fun to compile a “Best Of” edition of the show, with excerpts from some of the more popular interviews over the course of the past twelve months to create a year-end mashup episode.

So Tyler, my son and esteemed podcast producer, audio engineer and musician (he writes, produces and arranges all the music for the show as well) rolled up his sleeves and went to work, spending hours culling through the best and the brightest of 2013 to create today’s show – a full-length compendium of awesome, it’s a veritable grab-bag cornucopia of amazing conversational clips edited together to create a complete show.  Excerpted interviews include the following past guests, in chronological order:


  1. Founder Dr. Michael Greger ( Episode 7 )
  2. Julie Piatt on New Year’s Resolutions ( Episode 9 )
  3. Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack ( Episode 24 )
  4. Fruitarian Ultra-Runner Michael Arnstein ( Episode 26 )
  5. Writer & Ultra-Runner Mishka Shubaly ( Episode 27 )
  6. Australian Television, Radio & Podcast Host Osher Günsberg ( Episode 30 )
  7. PlantPowered Ironman, Author and Cro-Mags’ Frontman John Joseph ( Episode 41 )
  8. PlantPowered Ironman & Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Garth Davis ( Episode 50 )
  9. Olympic Cyclist & Motivational Life Coach Dr. Jeff Spencer ( Episode 57 )
  10. SunLife Organics Founder Khalil Rafati ( Episode 61 )

For show notes and to learn more about these guests, click the corresponding episode hyperlinks, above.  Also, we didn’t want to include too much from very recent shows (even though some of them have been incredibly popular), as they are still so fresh.  For this reason, and because we have so many new subscribers who most likely have only listened to the most recent shows, we decided to focus on the early guests.

If you’re miffed because I left your personal favorite out, I get it.  So many amazing guests over the year it was almost impossible to make a selection — it’s like trying to figure out who’s going to be your groomsmen at your wedding.  But we had to pick 10.  Not the definitive last word on the best of the best by any means – just good mix nonetheless.

If you’re brand spanking new to the show, this should give you a really good feel for what we’re all about here at the RRP.

If you enjoy this assemblage and would like another such episode, let me know in the comments below — if the demand is there, we’ll do another one.  Also, give Tyler a high five in the comments.  He worked his butt off on this one!

NOTE: I am currently overseas in Casablanca, Morocco (the thumbnail episode image above was taken on this morning’s run here, the historical Hassan Mosque in the background).  I brought all my fancy podcast gear with me, but this morning when I plugged in my mixing board with my international power converter, it made a loud “pop” noise, started to smoke, then everything went black – something about the difference in voltage here I suppose.  In any event, my gear fried, this compelled me to record the show introduction and interstitial intros on my iPhone voice recorder – hence the poor audio on those clips.  More important to me to get the show up and out rather than wait until I can get my hands on a new board.  So the audio will have to do.  In addition, many of the excerpted interviews are from very early on in the show’s history — a time when I knew far less about how to properly record than I do now (not that I currently DO know what I am doing — for the most part I still have no idea what I’m doing).  Anyway, I hope you don’t find it too distracting.  And go easy on me.  I’m sensitive like that.

That said, enjoy the show!


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