Mishka Shubaly: The Long Run To Sobriety

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Today on the podcast we GO DEEP.

In the short lifespan of this show, I’ve had the honor of interviewing a wide variety of incredible guests — paradigm busting thought leaders pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom on a myriad of health & fitness related subject matters. But there is an elephant in the room.  I’ve been waiting for the right guest to get into the issue closest to my heart — addiction & recovery.

If you read my book you know my story.  But I have been reluctant to use the podcast to discuss in depth the most integral part of my life & struggle.  I suppose I was waiting for the right guest for the job.  Someone equipped to handle this kind of discussion.  Somebody who understands.

Well, I found him.  And when I say we go deep, I mean it’s intense.  Big love to Mishka for the willingness to be vulnerable; open and considered in his responses.  It takes courage to be so transparent, and he’s got it in spades.

In many ways, our stories are vastly different.  And yet they are exactly the same.  Alcoholism, struggle, recovery, writing, ultrarunning, redemption.  My long lost brother.  My peer.  My comrade in arms in the battle against the demon that wants both of us — and untold millions — drunk, imprisoned, institutionalized, and eventually dead.

Disclaimer: If you are stumbling onto this episode merely looking for training/nutrition tips, this interview might not be your cup of tea.  And if so, that’s fine.  But I also know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there that will glean insight and inspiration from Mishka’s redemptive journey.  All I can say is that I’m really proud of this interview.  And I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: there are a few moments of explicit language in case you are language sensitive.

ANOTHER NOTE: The song used to bridge the intro to the interview? “The Only One Drinking Tonight,” by Mishka Shubaly from “How To Make A Bad Situation Worse”


If you like very good writing and quick easy reads, check out Mishka’s array of Kindle Singles.  Then thank me later.

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