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On Achieving Prolific Peak Performance & Optimizing Your Best Self With The Champions Blueprint

By October 21, 2013May 24th, 201919 Comments

Success isn’t an accident – it happens by design.

Today on the show I am pleased to host Dr. Jeff Spencer – life coach to Olympic champions and entrepreneurs and architect of a methodology he calls The Champions Blueprint — the good doctor’s well researched and proven “crystal ball” process to unlock your internal personal power and unleash — and more importantly sustain — prolific peak performance, not to mention your best self.

Break out your Moleskins people, because you are going to want to take copious notes.  Class is in session!

Whether on the playing field or in the board room, we often marvel at those few who seem able to effortlessly achieve — and again sustain — incredible results.  I’m talking about people like Michael Jordan.  Michael Phelps. Oprah Winfrey.  And Richard Branson.  Freaks of nature, right?  Once in a lifetime talents that deserve our reverence, but simply cannot be emulated, let alone replicated.

We all want this right?  And yet it seems so elusive.  A struggle that can seem impossible for the average Joe to realize.  Why?

Well. according to Dr. Spencer, this is because we lack one simple thing — a proper roadmap.  In other words, beyond sheer talent there’s a distinct, consistent method behind the innate gifts of the heroes we are so quick to worship that leads inextricably to achievement and keeps them on top.  A method that indeed can be identified and repeated in everyone’s life.  A method that can set you up for long-term success in not only the goal you seek, but more importantly the legacy that is your life.

Born from the pain he experienced watching his genius artist father die homeless, his work unrecognized, Dr. Spencer began to ask himself: why did this happen, and how can I help others avoid this peril?  Informed by his prolific athletic career as a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team in track cycling and buttressed by his copious experience mentoring world class athletes as a 9-time Tour De France team doctor (chiropractor), Jeff came to truly understand and appreciate that no person succeeds without proper mentors and a supportive team.  Thus he began to identify patterns of predictable human behavior, and how certain predictable behaviors can indeed be harnessed to achieve previously unimaginable heights of achievement.  In turn, this ultimately led him to identify the 7 steps of what would become the foundation of The Champions Blueprint protocol – a curriculum he has used to help many achieve unparalleled, sustained legacy-worthy success.  Here are those steps, which we discuss at length in today’s episode:

  1. Legacy: Start with the End in Mind
  2. Mindset: View the world through the lens of your Legacy
  3. Base: Get the Team, Equipment, Financing and Tangibles in Place
  4. Climb the Wall: 1. Patience 2. Grind | Reach Break Out Performance
  5. Elevation: Shift your Break out Performance to your Daily Program
  6. Adaptation: Can you deal with the pressure of performing at the top?
  7. Ride the Wave: Leaving a Complete Legacy as an Example for Others

I am very proud of this conversation.  Surely, one of my favorite interviews to date, and an exchange that becomes quite emotional at times. An episode worthy of more than one listen.

Thank you Jeff for showing up and demonstrating the courage to be vulnerable.  Wallow in the wisdom people!

Finally – enjoying the music cues on the show? Thanks my 18-year old son Tyler Piatt — not only did he produce and edit today’s show, he wrote, arranged and performed all the music as well.  Thanks Tyler!



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Thanks for listening and thanks for the support!


  • Randy Ellis says:

    Great podcast this is one that will have to be listened to again.

  • Georgia says:

    Rich & Jeff,
    Great podcast!!! I will have to listen to it again to absorb all the wisdom Jeff has to share. Very well done!
    Question: I tried the link ‘mycbapp’ and ended up at a QR code site. Is the 2nd link above in the Show Notes correct?
    Thank you!
    ~ Shanti

  • Kaitlyn says:

    this has been my favourite interview so far. So applicable at so many levels. Thanks, Rich.

  • Steve says:

    Interesting guy. He clearly has done his homework and has done well to systematize his ideas. Rarely are people so clear and focused about what they are doing, but I guess that’s part of the program and his success. So Rich, are you in?

  • SteveD says:

    Yeah, the link goes someplace that’s got nothing to do with champions 🙁

  • JasonRH says:

    Really good podcast. I think this one and the discussion with Byron Davis are my two favorites. I can’t help but think they have similar themes, even though they might discuss them in slightly different terms.

  • Kelly Mahoney says:

    An interesting interview but for me there was an elephant in the room. As team doctor to Lance Armstrong for 9 tours, did Dr. Spencer play a role in the team drug use? I think this is a relevant question as Dr. Spencer is promoting a blueprint to be a champion and the champion that he gets associated with in the intro was a fraud.

  • richroll66 says:

    Hi Kelly – thanks for the comment – one I have received a few times. Indeed Dr. Spencer was on the bus for many a Lance tour. I made a conscious decision not to focus on this for this particular episode, as it would have monopolized a conversation I wanted to be more about life transformation. I may have him back on and we can get into all of it. But I did ask him about this — and maybe I should have at least addressed it in the intro at a minimum to avoid the elephant in the room response — in retrospect that would have been wise. Upfront, I will say that he was not the “team doctor” but instead the team “chiropractor” — two very different things I tried to distinguish in the blog post above. He informed me that in this capacity, he would arrive at the commencement of the Tour and depart at the close. During the Tours he would perform body work for the riders – spine alignment, massage, etc. He told me that he did (and does not) have any true relationship or friendship with the riders outside of this context and said — quite emphatically — that he never witnessed anything untoward as it relates to performance enhancing drugs, let alone was he complicit in any such activities. Of course, I was not there and have only his word to rely upon, but in the time I spent with him I found him to be straightforward, candid, transparent and quite vulnerable and demonstrative — he did nothing to give me the indication he was trying to hide anything. If there is an interest and he is willing, I am open to having him return to the program to discuss this aspect of his career in more detail – which could be a fascinating conversation for sure. That being said, I knew that if I steered the conversation towards this issue it would open a controversial can of worms that could easily dominate 2 hours of conversation and my primary intent on having him on the show was to speak about his experience working with people to improve their lives in a positive way. I hope this helps clarify things a bit. Thanks! Rich

  • Christophe Rousselot says:

    Yes. Link does not work.

  • Lance Mateas says:

    Great interview! Better than Ben’s a couple years ago. I have Spencer’s book, so I am motivated to read more now.

  • Kelly Mahoney says:

    Rich, I appreciate that you addressed this topic. Upon some googling, Dr. Spencer was not included in the list of Lance’s team doctors who were banned for life from the sport. So it appears he was not in that inner circle. It’s amazing how once aligning yourself with Lance was once great, but now the opposite. Maybe that will change again after many years.

  • Paul Cunningham says:

    Best interview to date Rich. Very motivational!!

  • Paul says:

    Great interview Rich,
    Jeff’s 7 step approach is a well laid out method for achieving one’s best performance. However, success and achieving one’s personal best is seldom based on a blue print (as much as us athletes like to think) and it’s the journey towards success where we truly learn the skills, values and attitudes Jeff has outlined. The Richard Brandon’s of the world all went through tremendous amount of set-backs, failures, minor wins, personal losses etc……. to achieve everything they have today, there was no blue print for them.
    Have some type of structure (7 step blue print, business plan, change management plan etc.,,,), but realized the journey to success is organic in nature.

  • Jeannine says:

    Inspiring podcast! I was so moved by Dr. Spencer’s openness when sharing his experiences that I was crying during my run. My neighbors now think I am crazy 🙂

  • Jason says:

    I felt Spencer was a Tony Robbins wanna be.

  • Greg says:

    I’ve listened to this one several times and keep going back to it when I feel a need to motivate myself. One of the best podcasts to date.

  • Wes Doyle says:

    Great Podcast Rich and Dr Jeff! I’ve saved this in my podcasts and now have searched every podcast Dr Jeff has been involved in. This is by far the most raw, and telling.
    How do we get an application in to train with Jeff?

  • peter says:

    SO Good, I have listened to this a few times. Thank you Dr Spencer.

  • Pete says:

    I’m slowing working my way down the podcast list and this one stopped me in my track. Really good and powerful talk. I gotta listen to the whole thing over again, maybe 3 times to make sure I don’t miss anything. Great show. Thanks Rich and Thanks Dr. Spencer

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