How A Fruitarian Diet Turned One Man Into Superman

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Today on the podcast I am very pleased to host ultra-running legend Michael Arnstein, aka “The Fruitarian”.  Why the nickname?  because this guy is killing it on foot at distances from 26.2 all the way to 100 miles and beyond, powered almost entirely by raw fruit.

How is that even possible?  I thought I was extreme.  Tune in and find out.

Beyond his amazing accomplishments on foot, Michael was also on site at the Bostin marathon finish line.  His first-hand account of this unspeakable horror is reason enough to give the show a listen  during this melancholy and difficult time.

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One more self-serving rant: the paperback version of  Finding Ultra  is coming out on May 21.  Sure, that’s still a bit off in the distance, but it’s already up on Amazon.  Pre-order now by clicking  HERE  and get it before it hits bookstores!

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Michael was far too humble to promote himself on the show, so I’m doing it for him.  For more info on how he gets it done, visit his website (below).  Also, he is the founder and host of the annual Woodstock Fruit Festival, being held this year on August 18-15 in Woodstock, NY.  Check it out — I’m going to try to make it myself.