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How A Fruitarian Diet Turned One Man Into Superman

By April 17, 2013June 15th, 20239 Comments

Today on the podcast I am very pleased to host ultra-running legend Michael Arnstein, aka “The Fruitarian”.  Why the nickname?  because this guy is killing it on foot at distances from 26.2 all the way to 100 miles and beyond, powered almost entirely by raw fruit.

How is that even possible?  I thought I was extreme.  Tune in and find out.

Beyond his amazing accomplishments on foot, Michael was also on-site at the Bostin marathon finish line.  His first-hand account of this unspeakable horror is reason enough to give the show a listen during this melancholy and difficult time.

One more self-serving rant: the paperback version of  Finding Ultra* is coming out on May 21.  Sure, that’s still a bit off in the distance, but it’s already up on Amazon. Pre-order now by clicking HERE* and get it before it hits bookstores!

Thanks for listening!


Michael was far too humble to promote himself on the show, so I’m doing it for him.  For more info on how he gets it done, visit his website (below).  Also, he is the founder and host of the annual Woodstock Fruit Festival, being held this year on August 18-15 in Woodstock, NY.  Check it out — I’m going to try to make it myself.

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  • Monique says:

    Rich, I loved this episode! I was so anxious for you to get Michael Arnstein on the podcast and he did not disappoint. It was super inspiring! I cannot wait for you to get him back again. We all have so many questions. Cheers!

  • Jennifer says:

    I loved the podcast as usual. I did find however, some flaws in the argument of a high fruit diet being more environmentally sustainable. Ordering all that exotic fruit that has been shipped thousands of miles is not the best way to reduce your carbon footprint (nor does the four refrigerators it takes to store and keep or fresh).Eating locally and organic is the best way to eat for the enviornment. I think people should eat what they want (being a whole foods plant based eater myself) however don’t use flawed arguments to back it up. Just do what makes sense to you, and then shake the haters off!

  • Ian says:

    I agree with half of this comment. I think local food is the best and I would imagine so does Arnstein. But yes, some comments that come from some of the personalities on this topic are far-reaching. Doug Graham, in a youtube video, claims that if everyone was eating like this there would be no war and even Arnstein states that one should replace their 401K with such a diet. And while these comments do have a lot of truth, and a lot to consider in terms of modern lifestyle, they are unfortunately never elaborated on and come-off sounding utopian rather than realistic. I know the guest on this show are athletes first but please in future episodes interview more intellectual thinkers, or non-athletes, that can elaborate on such topics. Because when you talk about a head of CNN balancing athletics with the 24hour news cycle all I can think about is not “how amazing that is” but how much CNN gets their news wrong.

  • Scott Ormond says:

    Hmmmm…Michael Arnstein, he is truly an enigma. Gotta say, had a smile on my face and laughed to whole interview. So likable and fun I could listen to this guy all day. But what he promotes(with great personal success) is directly opposed to how I live and believe. I beat the low carb drum and seek to power my body with fat. Man oh man, talk about out of the box. So much sugar, I’m absolutely stumped and bamboozled. It is a fabulous discussion. Michael, I hope to see you at Leadville100 on August 17th. Can’t wait to view your rock sack with bananas pouring out the top. I’ll be behind you and happy to pick up the peels. Run like the wind my friend!! scottyO-Aspen

  • Chiller says:

    i dont agree with the carbon footprint situation. i do think that the chemicals released into the environment by the fuelburning are harmful, but carbon is good , it grows plants.

  • jessroooo says:

    why can’t I listen to the whole thing? all I can find anywhere is the 4 minute teaser. Very frustrating!!!!!!!

  • richroll66 says:

    Hey – you are just listening to the trailer promo. Instead — click the small blue triangle “play” button at the top of this post (right under the Facebook widget below the title). That will play the entire interview. Sorry for the confusion.

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