On Addiction, Recovery & Achieving Happiness Through Service

If you know my story, you know it involves a descent into alcoholism, followed by a hard fought battle to achieve and maintain sobriety. Recovery saved my life, straight up, no exaggeration.  To this day it remains — and will always remain — my number one priority.

I don’t talk it about it often on the podcast, but I think it’s an important subject to raise and discuss, particularly as we head into the holidays — an acutely perilous time for the millions who, alone, isolated and ashamed, privately battle these demons.

Meet Khalil Rafati, founder of Sunlife Organics— friend, fellow recovery warrior and amazing living example of the profound resiliency of the human body, mind and spirit.  Not only has Khalil overcome unimaginable obstacles to survive, he has defied all odds and miraculously repaired his life wholesale.  A soul now devoted to the service of others, his primary focus on giving back what was so freely given him.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Khalil’s tale is nothing short of astounding.  From the depths of absolute despair, homeless & hopelessly gripped by heroin addiction, Khalil was hell bent on dying.  And yet somehow, by way of a grace outside himself, Khalil came out the other side.  Not just intact, but repaired.  He didn’t just find sobriety.  He found his true life purpose.

Today I am so proud to share my friend’s journey.  Behind all the raw intensity and earnest honesty and vulnerability, it is a story I think we can all celebrate.  A story of the impossible.  And at its heart, the story of true redemptive power of the human condition.

Open your mind and heart and let Khalil inspire you.  I can guarantee that after listening to this profound and at times extremely intense conversation, you will understand that all the illusory excuses that imprison and prevent you from growth, health and self-actualization will seem trivial.

For those that are suffering, this one’s for you.  Please know that all is not lost.  There is a solution. And there is hope.  Always hope.

NOTE: In addition to the extreme intensity of the subject matter discussed, this episode also contains a few instances of explicit language.  So if you’re listening with the wee ones or at work, pop in the ear buds.  Nothing to crazy, just a head’s up for the more sensitive members of the audience.

And should you find yourself in Los Angeles, do me a solid.  Drop by one of Khalil’s Sunlife Organics juice bars (on Pt. Dume in Malibu and in Thousand Oaks at The Lakes), order a green juice (or the Wolverine smoothie — my favorite) and give Khalil a high five.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the show.  I’m really proud of this one.


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