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Osher Günsberg Interviews Rich

By May 17, 2013May 24th, 201913 Comments

Today we switch gears a bit.


This time the interviewer becomes the interviewee.


In just a few days (May 21st to be exact), the paperback version of Finding Ultra* hits bookstores — front table placement at Barnes & Noble! — or so I’ve been told….I’ll believe it when I see it — and online retailers.  It’s quite an honor that I am even getting a paperback release at all, and I want to make the most of the rare opportunity.  On that note, my publisher thought it might be fun to have someone interview me for a change.  Not to ask the same old questions I’m always asked, but to kind of go beyond the typical “Where do you get your protein?” line of inquiry and delve deeper.  I must admit I wasn’t to keen on the idea initially.  This podcast isn’t really about me, it’s about my guests; I’m just the host.

Then again, if I could find the right person to do it — somebody who knows me quite well and has something to really bring to the equation — then maybe it could be cool.


Well I found the right guy.  Not only is Osher Günsberg a good friend, fellow plant-eater, marathon runner / aspiring ultra-runner and all-around cool dude, he’s also a professional host.  Those Down Under likely know this swarthy, handome and dynamic gentleman as ” Andrew G. ” — host of Australian Idol  (Australia’s version of American Idol) and from an array of other radio and television programs in both Australia and here in the U.S., including the CBS show Live To Dance, which he co-hosted with Paula Abdul.  In addition, he is a proud supporter of the Indigenous Marathon Project, which provides an opportunity for Indigenous men and women of Autralia to run the New York Marathon, which is not only inspiring but helps encourage healthy, active lifestyles.

A long way of saying he is total pro.  And in this interview, it shows.

Then there is this little matter of how — in the right light — we can appear to look somewhat similar.  Don’t believe me?  Check the Instagram I posted the other day — it’s over the top; although he is admittedly far more handsome and charming than I.  Dopplegänger Günsberg.  Forgive the phrase — I know it sounds like everyone’s favorite hair band.  I guess I just wanted to write two words in a row with a diaeresis.

What For Again?

I feel weird asking people to buy the paperback.  I’m sure the majority of you listeners out there have already read my book – you have, right?  RIGHT??  But then again, who knows?  Maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you just stumbled upon this blog and podcast out of the blue.  So here is an opportunity to learn a bit more about me, why I wrote the book and what I hoped to express.

Oh yeah, there’s also this little matter of admitting that I would like to move some units.  Maybe even make the NY Times Bestseller List for Non-Fiction Paperbacks– a list I narrowly missed with the hardcover release.  OK, busted.  Call me shameless.  Call me competitive.  Or, just shoot me.  I am formally apologizing right here and right now.  But hey, wouldn’t you do the same if you had spent a couple years writing a book?  So cut me some slack.  I will say that if I do make the list — an admitted (huge?) longshot, it will be entirely due to YOU — the audience of this podcast and blog.  And hey, if my book and this podcast stand for anything, it’s that we should all dream big.  Making that list is definitely a big dream of mine.

Moreover, the truth is, I ain’t got no publicist out there shilling for me.  Plus, Random House basically told me they don’t have the resources to market and promote the release — basically no press to get the word out.  So I’m on my own.  But I’m not — I’ve got all of you, who have been beyond supportive.  So if you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve been freely sharing — content that takes an obscene amount of my time to create — and feel inclined to support the message I so passionately believe in, then this is the time I am REALLY ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.

Forget donating, just pull the trigger on the paperback.  Already read the book?  Then get it as a gift for someone — after all, Father’s Day is coming up and you gotta get dear old dad something anyway.  Plus, it’s darn cheap – just $13.50 on Amazon.  What the heck, right?  That’s like a one cold pressed juice at Whole Foods; and will hopefully be even a bit more nourishing.  Then tell a friend.


Enough self-promotion.  Everything else aside, I think you will really enjoy my conversation with Osher.  He’s the man.


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  • Graham says:

    This was a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking interview, and the “reverse” format worked really well (looking forward to part 2 with your other interviewer). Already read the book from the library, but definitely getting the paperback. Also getting it for my father-in-law: anyway to spread the inspiration around to those who need it! Your candidness and passion is why I keep listening, and it is always on display, whether in the shows when you (Rich) do the interviews, or in shows like this when you are the interviewee. Great, inspirational stuff.

  • Fake Jason Lester says:

    Why not have me on? I’m in most of the stories in your book? Did you forget about me?

  • richroll66 says:

    Quite honestly it’s actually the other way around.

  • Fake Jason Lester says:

    My bad , was just joking around and making a request. Figured it was in the works down the road. Great podcast as alway!!!! Osher is a cool dude!

  • Sarah says:

    Great podcast, Rich. Osher did a wonderful job of interviewing you. I am honored to be seated here on the sidelines witnessing your journey. Thank you. And, I believe you have more than one book in you for sure. You are certain to inspire many at each leg of your continuing journey.

  • Kai Ranabargar says:

    Another killer podcast! Rich – you should take this approach a few times each year. The other interviews are great, but talking about your own insights and experiences are just as invaluable to the listeners. Great job Osher…

  • yvette says:

    Great podcast! You and Osher have a wonderful chemistry that translated well in the podcast, there was never a point where it dragged or stalled.. I wanted it to keep going on and on. Thank you for continuing to shine the light on these very important topics!

  • Esther says:

    It was fun listening to you guys during my 22k run this weekend. Have been downloading your podcasts for a few months now and they are very inspiring as well as well as educational. Keep them coming!

    Today I signed up for a monthly donation, hoping to contribute this way to having your family’s car fixed 🙂

    You can claim to be an international podcast star since I’m writing you from the Netherlands 🙂

  • Dirko says:

    …I do the same, listening to you while running! You are definitely an international podcast star. I’m running in Germany and wirting from Germany. Keep on moving and growing!

  • Mike Smith says:

    I really enjoy your message on many levels. I have slotted you into THE rotation: DD, GTM and LTRR (Listen to Rich Roll). I just pulled the trigger on 10 paper back issues. Loved it the first time around. Thank you very much.

  • Josh Meckel says:

    Haha 🙂 I look forward to an episode with the real Jason Lester 🙂

  • Josh Meckel says:

    Great episode! I really enjoyed the part where you discuss your previous marriage. It really hit home. I just got out of a very bad 6 year relationship and I have never had a healthy relationship either. I look forward to finding a healthy one 🙂 Thanks for creating these great podcasts.

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