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Michael Greger, MD On Omega-3’s, Antioxidant Impact on Exercise Recovery & The Hows and Whys of Protein Intake

By December 13, 2012June 14th, 202324 Comments

In today’s episode, Rich talks with Michael Greger, M.D., the man behind the incredibly informative non-profit website We discuss plant-based nutrition, the pros and cons of a wide variety of popular diets from Pritikin to Paleo to Atkins, and the impact of corporate food and pharmacuetical interests on everything from food marketing/labeling to the current state of nutrition research and medical school curriculums.

Dr. Greger then gets down to the nitty gritty on specific nutrition subjects like omega-3 fatty acid oil supplementation, the impact of antioxidant intake on exercise-induced oxidative stress and athletic adaptations to training, and of the course the hows and whys of protein intake.

At the end of the day?  All roads lead to kale.

Enjoy the listen

Peace + Plants,





  • basskills says:

    Rich, these podcasts are amazing. So inspiring! I wish you both spoke more about oils and what is the least unhealthiest oil. Some say coconut oil but could it be macadamia oil or avocado oil? Dr. Gregers thoughts on this would have be great. However loved to hear about your experiences of protein powders. That threw me!

  • Love the podcast with Dr. Greger! Great questions and insightful answers!!

  • Ajani says:

    All I can say is wow! I thought that I knew a lot of major players in the plant-based nutrition world but have never heard of Dr. Gregor. His energy and wealth of knowledge was just amazing. This is one that I will listen to over and over. You asked so many good questions and he answered them with so much detail. Sometimes with podcast, people just give you short snippets that you can’t use but I learned a lot and really looking forward to checking out his site. Thanks Rich and Dr. Gregor!

  • mrdykes says:

    Honestly I have to say am disappointed with the docs point of view. For someone who reads thousands of published articles to be so obviously biased to plant based only is frankly absurd. There is plenty of reliable information/research/studies/evidence that people thrive on a variety of whole food diets with and without animal foods. The statement that saturated fat and cholesterol clogs your arteries is simply untrue and a few days outside of the walled gardens of the church of vegan will reveal this clearly. I had several other issues with things that were said but most importantly I felt that with such an obvious bias the most I could hope for with further exploration to the nutrition facts website would be validation and confirmation that the best and only diet is a plant based diet blah blah blah. True science does not seek confirmation, true science seeks out evidence against a belief or perceived truth, if we look for confirmation we can find it all too easily already.

  • Caroline Jones says:

    Rich and Dr. Greger – 2 of may favorite people! And I think I heard a cat…so cute! Thanks you guys for a super podcast!

  • traveler3300 says:

    I absolutely love this podcast. Rich Roll is so inspiring and has valuable information to share. So far he has interviewed some very fascinating people. I do feel that Julie hijacks the podcast to some extent and it is not truly “The Rich Roll” podcast, more of the “Julie and Rich podcast.” She seems to talk over Rich quite a bit and steers things away from the main goal of the podcast. I think that Rich relates things better to the “average joe.”

  • Ubuntu says:

    @7b1c40f5a97149b6e0dbf6fecc879a8c:disqus so true.

  • Wendy Orner says:

    Rich, I just want to say THANK YOU. I used to dread my commutes to and from work but now I can’t wait to get in the car. Thank you for sharing your friends and connections with the world so we can all benefit. Don’t stop!

  • Fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring conversations.

  • Fred Chillings says:

    Dude, you are nuts. Anyone who has had heart disease, and followed this guy’s advice, will testify on a stack of bibles that everything he says is true. I am a marathon runner in my 50s, and in my 30s and 40s, I was hospitalized a dozen times for heart problems. He speaks the truth. Sorry you don’t like bad news about your bad habits.

  • mrdykes says:

    Good on ya brother. You miss my point entirely. Learning that Dr. Greger reads thousands of articles was exciting to me because someone spending the time to digest all of that information and synthesize it in a way that can be shared with people is incredibly valuable. But listening to him speak revealed a disappointing level of confirmation bias to his current beliefs, that plant based diets are the best , if not the only diet, for optimum health. Confirmation bias destroys good science. Good science develops a hypothesis then works vigorously to disprove it.

    Point being, the value of information from a highly biased source is, well, nearly nothing as far as I am concerned. If I have to figure out for myself if what he is saying is good information or if it is biased faulty logic or silly vegan dogma I may as well read the articles myself. Get my point?

    Whatever, I think plant based diets are fine but I am interested in exploring and evolving. I am skeptical of the man that is sure that he has the answers, I am inclined to enter into a journey with my fellow travelers, I am not interested in prostrating to the guru on top of the mountain.

    Also, I must have missed the bad news about my chronic masturbation, will have to go back and listen again.

  • Maggie says:

    No. I assume your comment ‘All roads lead to kale’ is suggesting kale is a wonder food. Kale is something many people are discovering they are intolerant to along witth spinach etc. Perhaps it is just the nitrites,in it or other things as well. Our bodies can be our best indicators of what food is good for us. If we don’t like the taste our body is trying to tell us not to eat it because it is not good for us. , Or conversely if we crave something and always want more, it suggests an unhealthy addiction, such as people can have to sugar, caffeine, bread, milk, chocolate and heroin. good health can involve lots of fruit and veg, And little or no meat, but kale is often no the answer. Of the 3 people I know who areworking hard at finding the best diet for their health, each one has discovered that they are intolerant to kale.

  • flipper says:

    It sounds like you are the one looking for information to support your diet bias, and not scientific evidence, which you now project onto Dr. Greger. He presents peer reviewed articles and studies, not anecdotal evidence. If you know of peer reviewed articles that says meat and dairy is heart healthy etc, maybe you should present them. Every study I have ever read says exactly what Dr. Greger presents concerning meat and dairy.
    Sorry that the facts do not conform to what you want to hear.

    Great podcast Rich and Dr. Greger!

  • Will Kriski says:

    Wow you didn’t hear about The China Study or cancer in rats from casein above 10% animal protein? Or the mentioned Ornish published studies on reversing heart disease? The lipid hypothesis is broadly accepted in science. Show us the peer reviewed science that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Check out plantpositive on youtube and he will dispel all your incorrect beliefs. “People love to hear good things about their bad habits.”

  • mrdykes says:

    I thought of something fun from your challenge. Show us the peer reviewed science that _______ doesn’t cause heart disease. You can put whatever you want in the blank, anything at all. Have fun with that.

  • mrdykes says:

    There exists no study that shows that meat or cholesterol cause heart disease. that is all. There is research that shows relationships. Relationships inspire hypothesis. Hypothesis prompts scientific inquiry. None of that inquiry has resulted in findings that show meat or cholesterol cause heart disease. Keep reading.

  • mrdykes says:

    I posted some links in a comment but it seems that they don’t get posted so if you want to do a little brain unwashing type this into google “chris kresser cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease”

    FWIW lab rats are specifically bred to develop carcinomas. The research demonstrated that feeding the rats isolated casein caused the tumors to grow. It did not cause the tumors, they grew faster than without it. So yeah, milk (specifically isolated casein) causes rapid cell growth, neat. There is a lot more to it than that. You could read or skim some of this if you are actually interested in broader understanding type this into google “denise minger china study”

  • jason says:

    Who said his aim is “true science”? He’s a doctor, not a scientist, and it is his opinion, based on his work, that s WFPB diet optimizes health. His job is to make people healthy.

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