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Fasting For Longevity With Valter Longo, Ph.D.

By May 20, 2018January 24th, 2024No Comments

“Let’s combine hacking with our history — and where we come from — to make sure we stay in tune with evolution.”

Valter Longo PhD

When it comes to longevity, the goal isn’t just to live as long as possible.

The true objective is to live as vibrantly and energetically as possible for as long as possible.

So how exactly do we do this?

Valter Longo, Ph.D. has devoted his life to answering this question. Along the way, his groundbreaking discoveries hold the potential to change your life in truly dramatic fashion.

One of the world’s leading scientific authorities on the subject of longevity, Dr. Longo is an expert in gerontology and biological science as well as the Director of the USC Longevity Institute and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan, both of which focus on developing a better scientific understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of aging, disease and, of course, longevity.

In addition, Dr. Longo is the author of an extraordinary new book entitled, The Longevity Diet*. The culmination of 25 years of research on aging, nutrition and disease across the globe, it provides an easy-to-understand, accessible and implementable road map to living to living well longer through improved nutrition.


What differentiates Dr. Longo from many of his peers is that his focus is not purely academic, but practical. From his exhaustive research on aging in both mice and humans, he has created specific diet and lifestyle protocols scientifically proven to active stem cells; promote organ regeneration and rejuvenation; reduce the risk for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease; and ultimately extend that which we all seek: lifespan.

As discussed at length over the course of our almost 2-hour exchange, Dr. Longo’s specific longevity prescription entails a daily diet regimen based on a studied group of centenarians (think Blue Zones). He then combines this with a periodic 5-day fasting protocol called the Fasting Mimicking Diet (undertaken 3-4 times per year), designed to reap the benefits of a true calorie free fast while still nourishing the body daily.

This is a powerful conversation the explores all of the foregoing. It’s about what promotes longevity and what undermines it. Separating truth from misconception, it’s exploration of the benefits of fasting and the science that supports it. And it’s a primer on the optimal lifestyle protocols you can employ in your every day life to live well and long.

Break out pen and paper because you’re going to want to take notes on this one.

It’s an honor and a privilege to share Dr. Longo’s experience with you — one of my most important podcasts to date.

I sincerely hope you not only enjoy the exchange, but employ his wisdom for your long-term well-being.

Because we all deserve to live our best life.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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