Michael Greger, M.D. On How Not To Die

“I continue to be amazed by our bodies’ ability for self-repair. Our bodies want to be healthy, if we would just let them. That’s what these new research articles are showing: even after years of beating yourself up with a horrible diet, your body can reverse the damage, open back up the arteries and even reverse the progression of some cancers. So it’s never too late to start exercising and never too late to start eating healthier.”

Michael Greger, MD

A graduate of Cornell and Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Greger has published in a litany of scientific journals, testified before Congress and lectured at countless symposiums and institutions, including the Conference on World Affairs and the National Institutes of Health. He was even an expert witness in the infamous Oprah Winfrey meat defamation lawsuit and has appeared all over television on shows like Dr. Oz and The Colbert Report.

By day, Michael Greger, MD, FACLM can be found crafting high level policy initiatives as Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the U.S. But more often than not he’s traipsing the globe, hopping from podium to podium to deliver one of the hundreds of lectures he serves up annually.

By night, Dr. Greger scours thousands of medical journals in search of the world’s best, most objective nutrition research to bring you free videos and articles every single day as chief wizard behind NutritionFacts.org— the world’s most authoritative, non-profit online destination for all things nutrition, health and disease prevention.

If you’ve never before visited this site, I highly suggest you check it out immediately. A comprehensive clearinghouse that inspects every imaginable facet of nutrition and health, NutritionFacts.org features hundreds of impeccably researched, easily understandable and straight to the point videos — always my first stop when I want to get to the bottom of any question I have about food, diet and disease.

Apparently Dr. Greger doesn’t sleep. Because amidst all of this, he still found time to write a new book that hits booksellers everywhere this week. But How Not To Die* isn’t just any book — it’s a straight up game changing must read. Clocking in at over 600 pages, it’s an exhaustive, heavily researched, encyclopedic examination of how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can help prevent and even reverse the 15 top causes of premature death in America.

Not only has Dr. Greger delivered a ground-breaking tome for the ages, 100% of fees and proceeds he receives from speaking and book sales are donated to charity.

Quite a powerful testament to this man’s level of selfless service to humanity.

If you are a long-time listener, you know Dr. G and I go way back. He was one of my very first guests on the RRP. Now he’s back to talk more about his life, his research, and How Not To Die – a subject I think we can all get behind.

Specifics covered include:

  • the core idea behind How Not To Die
  • the daily dozen foods to focus on
  • the fifteen leading causes of death
  • confirmation bias in nutritional research
  • conflicts of interest in scientific studies
  • independent studies & objective criticism
  • reconciling reductionism with holistic analysis
  • auto-immune disorders
  • organic vs. non-organic foods
  • GMOs and excessive pesticides
  • evolution of the food pyramid
  • how to rewarding doctors for keeping people healthy

Dr. Greger is one of my very favorite people on the planet. I’m delighted to share his message with you today and I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.

Peace + Plants,


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Michael’s new book, How Not To Die* hits bookstores everywhere on December 8th, 2015.

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