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Ditching Dairy: The Doyenne of Vegan Cuisine on Food as a Portal for Transformation

By June 11, 2017September 16th, 2019No Comments

“Food is the first portal to discovering your best, most authentic self.

 Julie Piatt    

“I would totally go vegan but there’s no way I can give up cheese.”

If this is you, then today’s episode is required listening.

This week my wife and creative partner Julie Piatt returns to the podcast to discuss the hows and whys of ditching dairy in celebration of her brand new book, This Cheese Is Nuts! Delicious Vegan Cheese At Home*, hitting bookstores everywhere Tuesday, June 13.

Equal parts mother, author, yogi, musician, and doyenne of vegan cuisine, Julie spent the last two years ensconced in her kitchen lab, dutifully pushing plant-based culinary boundaries to create an extraordinary new work to empower each and all with the required tools and techniques to prepare over 75 facile vegan cheese recipes for home and family.

Introducing Cheese 2.0. As her taste-tester in chief, take it from me — it doesn’t mimic dairy cheese. It’s better. Way better – for you, your family, the planet and of course the animals.


If you loved The Plantpower Way*, then you’re going to flip for This Cheese Is Nuts* — a next level nutritional primer designed not just for vegans but for everyone and anyone looking to live better and more sustainably. So whether you are paleo, lactose intolerant, plant-curious or just looking for healthier options for your kids, this book is a must for your and loved ones.

This week I sit down with Julie to talk about why she wrote this book and what she hopes it will accomplish.

This is a conversation about creative exploration, the power of self-expression and the hidden strengths of naiveté. It’s about why and how you should finally ditch dairy. And it’s about food choice as a powerful political act to improve personal health and sustainably preserve our collective ecological resources for future generations and our animal friends alike.

I’m so proud of Julie and I couldn’t be more excited about the impact her new book will no doubt have on positively transforming countless lives in the years to come. The recipes forever changed our lives and I promise they will change yours too. So pick it up for yourself. Pick it up for a loved one. Pick it up for the animals. Pick it up for the planet. Because time is running out. Because good food truly is the first portal to self-actualization. And more than ever, we need everybody to be who they really are.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the discussion. This Cheese Is Nuts!

Peace + Plants,


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BUY Julie’s book, out June 13: This Cheese Is Nuts! Delicious Vegan Cheese at Home*

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