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How To Live More In Alignment With Your Values With Gene Baur

By April 5, 2015January 18th, 20243 Comments

“This lifestyle is not about deprivation. It’s about living inspired.”

Gene Baur

We are all born compassionate. And we carry this powerful, inherent trait through adulthood. But often this deeply ingrained impulse becomes repressed — quelled by childhood trauma; eroded by social constraints; overwhelmed by the harried gestalt of daily life and the denial that accompanies our compulsion for convenience and immediate gratification.

Today’s guest is a powerful reminder of who we really are. A call to action to better align this core value of compassion with the countless choices we make daily that dictate how we live our lives. To be more mindful about not only what we what eat, but what we do; the hows and whys behind our behavior; and the implications of personal choice on both ourselves and the world at large.

How to describe my friend Gene Baur?  Hailed as the “conscience of the food movement” by TIME magazine, this is a guy who has spent the last 25 years traveling extensively around the country, campaigning to raise awareness about the abuses of industrialized factory farming and our current food system. Humanitarian, environmentalist, activist, undercover investigator and best-selling author, Gene is most well known as the president & co-founder of Farm Sanctuary.  The first animal rescue organization dedicated to farmed animals, Farm Sanctuary shelters in New York and California provide rescue, refuge, and adoption for hundreds of farm animals each year, enabling visitors to connect with farm animals as emotional, intelligent individuals. Gene believes these animals stand as ambassadors for the billions on factory farms who have no voice, and he has dedicated his career to advocating on their behalf.

He’s so handsome it makes me jealous, yet I can’t help but love everything about this guy. He’s a beautiful soul. And he’s a darn good plant-based marathon runner & ironman athlete to boot.

Now for some context. This show is no stranger to people with strong points of view. But Gene was the first true animal rights activist I interviewed (in case you missed it, you can listen to our premier conversation from June 2013 here.  I’m the first to admit that my original reasons for going vegan were far more selfish than ethical. Understanding that animal rights isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, I admit to having some trepidation about publishing that interview.

But that was 2013. In truth, that conversation changed me. Gene really disarmed what I would consider willful blindness when it came to so many facets regarding how our world functions. Today I have a very different lens on the issues that spark Gene’s passion. Today, I can’t imagine not sharing Gene’s perspective.

For me this marks personal growth. The evolution-revolution that is the hallmark of this journey I undertook eight years ago. Because the more educated I become about how our food system actually functions to deliver meals to our plates, the more interested and outspoken I have become about advocating for change. And the more strident and diligent I have become about aligning my daily personal decisions and consumer choices with a more compassionate and communitarian set of core values.

Understand that I take no moral high ground. I’m deeply flawed. But as my awareness continues to broaden, I feel a certain imperative to cast light on the ills of factory farming; the powerfully deceptive marketing tactics that drive unhealthy and inhumane consumer habits; and the extraordinary lengths to which BigFood and their adjuncts on Capitol Hill will go to keep the public blind to the harsh systemic realities of industrialized animal agriculture.

Our current system is an environmental disaster. It’s a health care abomination. It’s inarguably unsustainable. And it’s exceedingly cruel to the animals with whom we share this planet.

There is a better way. And Gene is a great ambassador of a worthy message warranting our objective attention.

This is a great conversation that spans:

  • Gene’s personal story beyond our first conversation;
  • The hidden truths behind factory farming;
  • the regulatory landscape that protects animal agriculture status quo;
  • the aspirational aspects of living more compassionately; and
  • Gene’s 5 tenets for living what he calls The Farm Sanctuary Life

Gene shares his experiences in his aptly titled new book, Living The Farm Sanctuary Life*,  a cookbook & lifestyle guide (sound familiar?) oriented around the aforementioned 5 tenets that advocates for a more principled, harmonious, mindful and compassionate approach to living and eating in harmony with nature and your values. It’s a beautiful book and I highly suggest you check it out.

If you come to this interview with a difference of opinion, that’s fine. I get it. I ask only that you please listen with an open mind.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the offering.

Peace + Plants,


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Connect With Gene and Farm Sanctuary: Website | Facebook | Twitter

*Disclosure: Books and products denoted with an asterisk are hyperlinked to an affiliate program. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Gene’s Five Tenets:

  1. Live In Alignment With Your Values
  2. Engage in a mindful connection with animals
  3. Engage in a mindful connection with your food
  4. Eat plants for your health
  5. Eat Plants for the health of your earth

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  • Tommy F says:

    Driving along the 101 freeway, I see all of these “Go Beefetarian” billboards from McDonalds. What a mindless message being cast up there. Then, listening to such a mindful and compassionate individual as Gene Baur, my hope is reinvigorated that the slow and steady progress of these unsung heroes will overcome the mindlessness inherent in the marketing campaigns that these billion dollar companies are shoving down our eyes, ears, noses and throat.


  • Lindah says:

    Thank you to you and gene for making a difference and helping so many people and animals on this planet! I was listening to another podcast, episode 553 on this American life called ‘stuck in the middle’. The beginning of the podcast is about a mother who is stuck in the middle between her 2 sons. A 7 year old vegetarian and a 4 year old meat eater. Listening to the 7 year old talking is inspiring but heartbreaking as he becomes upset watching his family and friends eating meat around him. Could you Rich, Gene, someone please reach out to a 7 year old boy called Elias or to his mum to let him know he is not alone? And also to tell him how incredible he is?
    Thank you.

  • Tina says:

    I immediately ordered the book after listening to the podcast and am so impressed. Beautiful photos, inspiring message and delicious recipes. A definite coffee table accessory! Along with yours Rich when it arrives. Thanks Gene for being the person you are.

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