“Cowspiracy”: The Devastating Global Impact of Industrialized Animal Agriculture on the Health of Our Planet

You care about the planet, right?

Of course you do. We’re all concerned about global climate change, melting ice caps, fracking, the pollution of our oceans and all the many more issues we currently face that threaten Earth’s long term sustainable health.

As such, we do our best to be good planetary citizens. To keep our carbon footprint light, we eat local, recycle and compost. We opt for the bike and leave the hybrid car in the garage to reduce our fossil fuel dependance. We’ve swapped our lightbulbs for those new expensive ones that for whatever reason are supposed to be so much better. And here in California (and wherever we face drought) we limit our showers and curtail excess water usage.

This is a very positive shift in consciousness. These are all great habits. So go ahead. It’s OK to feel good about yourself. In fact, give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome.

But what if I told you that all of our individual good citizenship efforts are just the tiniest drop in the bucket when compared to the massively deleterious impact of just one particular industry most of us quite simply and unconsciously support on a daily basis every day of our lives?

Whether we are talking about global climate change, the blindingly rapid destruction of our rain forests, over consumption of water, species extinction, the depletion and destruction of our soil, the pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans or the obliteration of natural wildlife habitats, you might be surprised to discover the very inconvenient and uncomfortable truth that there is one industry single-handedly responsible for destroying and undermining the health and sustainability of our planet far more than any other.

The elephant in the room – animal agriculture.

It is indisputable that our global industrialized system of factory livestock harvesting is unsustainable. It’s killing us and it’s killing the planet. We must embrace this reality and work collectively to create new sustainable systems to feed the 7 billion people that walk the Earth.  Because the point of no return is quickly upon us.  We’re in the red. If we don’t promptly redirect, it truly will be too late.

When it comes to conservation and ecological responsibility, the dialog generally focuses on fossil fuels. A big issue, of course; and worthy of our attention. But here’s a truth that all too often gets quietly swept under the rug: the deleterious environmental impacts of animal agriculture dwarf the impacts of fossil fuel demand in every single category across the board.

So why aren’t we talking about it?

This is the question explored by  Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret  — an incredibly sobering and powerful upcoming documentary that takes a hard, unflinching look at just why the issue of animal agriculture and its incomprehensibly negative impact fails to get the airtime it deserves in the global environmentalism conversation.  Imagine An Inconvenient Truth meets Blackfish and you get the picture.


Today on the podcast I am so excited to have the filmmakers here to tell us all about what is really going on — Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen.

We truly are all connected on this small blue planet. And as such, no discussion about individual health in the micro is complete without conversation about global health in the macro. We have a collective responsibility to remove the blinders of denial, take the red pill from the Matrix, understand what is truly at play and marshall our planetary citizenship to catalyze the change this planet, our children and all its inhabitants deserve — before it’s too late.

I sincerely hope this conversation challenges you and gives you something to really ponder.  And I encourage all of you to go out and see this film when it comes to a city near you.  And as always, let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Peace + Plants,


PS – I will be moderating the post-screening filmmaker Q&A along with Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat at the upcoming Los Angeles premier of the film on June 26.  There are still some tickets available, so if you are in the Los Angeles area and want to attend, act quick by clicking HERE  and I will see you there! In the meantime, take a peek at the film trailer:



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