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Live In Dublin With The Happy Pear

By November 30, 2017January 24th, 2024No Comments

“We are energy. So doesn’t it make sense that the energy we put into our bodies impacts the energy that comes out of our bodies?”

Rich Roll

This special mid-week edition of the podcast features a Q&A event that Julie and I hosted along with our friends Stephen & David Flynn of The Happy Pear that took place before a live audience at the gorgeous Smock Alley Theatre this past summer in Dublin, Ireland.

Long-time listeners will well remember David and Stephen from #RRP 233, one of my most popular episodes of 2016.

For those newer to the show, David & Stephen Flynn are the joined-at-the-hip identical twin brothers behind The Happy Pear, a family run chain of natural food stores and cafés in Ireland as well as a line of organic, locally harvested plant-based food products available across the UK.


David & Stephen are also the co-authors of two incredible cookbooks – The Happy Pear* (of course) and the more recently released World of the Happy Pear*, both runaway, smash bestsellers across Ireland the UK.

Fundamentally, The Happy Pear is a movement. A movement rooted in family and community with one singular goal — to make healthy food and lifestyle mainstream. When the super fit dads aren’t making pre-school breakfast picnics on the beach, engaging in impromptu handstand competitions, conducting community-oriented health education courses, or traveling extensively for public speaking, they enthusiastically guide a vast and devoted global audience of wellness warriors across every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram to Snapchat with an endless stream of highly entertaining, quality nutrition and fitness tips, recipes, and daily slice-of-life vlogs with inspiration for miles.

David and Stephen Flynn just might be the most charismatic and emphatic advocates for healthy living I have ever met.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our live presentation, which includes loads of great questions from the audience.

Peace + Plants,


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In Search of a Filmmaker / Editor / Photographer

As you may know, David Zammit joined me 2 months ago as my collaborative partner on video and photography projects. During this time, we made a fruitful leap to filming the podcast and created a few other cool pieces (with more on the way). Ultimately, the job turned out to not be the right fit for David, who returned home to Malta. For the record, I loved working with him. We’re good friends and he may return to Los Angeles at some point. However, his departure has left me back at square one. Therefore, I am once again putting the word out for a filmmaking / editing / photographer comrade in arms. I will be revisiting all of the previous submissions of course, but I thought it worth putting out another call. Here is what I am looking for:

  • availability to work full time (or most of the time) and in person (no virtual arrangements);
  • extensive editing experience in either FCP or Premiere;
  • experience with graphic design & After Effects
  • extensive camera experience (owning great equipment a plus);
  • can multi-task as a filmmaker, editor and photographer
  • alignment with my mission & fundamental understanding of the opportunity

The job is evenly divided between documentation (e.g., podcast & instructional projects) and art (e.g., vlogs, motivational pieces, etc.). In addition, I am not looking for someone to simply do as I ask, but rather an individual who understands and appreciates aesthetics and collaboration, can bring me new ideas, and ultimately elevate my visual presence across multiple channels.

I understand this is a big ask. It will take a very specific person to fill this role, so please only submit if you meet all the qualifications. But if you think you have the goods and appreciate the value of the opportunity, I would love to hear from you.

E-mail submissions to [email protected] with the subject line: “Video Opportunity”

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