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Stephen & David Flynn Are The Happy Pear: Creating a Mainstream Movement to Inspire Healthy Living

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“Follow your passion. We all have fears…if you’re too afraid, find someone that will support you and help you do what you are passionate about — because if you follow your passions, you’re going to find a way to make it work.”

Stephen Flynn

Prepare yourself for a supernova blast of pure energy, unbridled positivity and infectious enthusiasm certain to inspire you to next level wellness.

David & Stephen Flynn are the joined-at-the-hip identical twin brothers behind The Happy Pear. What is the Happy Pear you ask? Take a 30-minute drive south from Dublin to Greystones, a picturesque seaside town nestled along the Irish coast and you’ll stumble upon an impossible-to-miss family run natural food store overflowing with local, organic and seasonal produce. It’s also two whole food cafés as well as evening restaurant, where the brothers conduct wildly popular health education courses for the community.

But venture beyond the welcoming Happy Pear storefront and you’ll quickly discover this isn’t just a veg shop — it’s an empire in the making. A vast and growing enterprise that encompasses a superfood sprout farm and a 14,000 sq. ft. facility aptly called Pearville where the twins’ team of 100 craft and distribute a prodigious line of organic, locally harvested plant-based products like granola, jam, hummus, pesto, fair trade coffees, smoothies, sprouted foods and even kombucha. To put it in perspective, I believe they are currently shipping about 30,000 healthy superfood bars a month.

Relentless, selfless servants at the very center of Ireland’s healthy living movement, David & Stephen have synergistically authored two incredible cookbooks – The Happy Pear* (of course) and the recently released World of the Happy Pear*, which is already a runaway, smash bestseller across Ireland the UK. And when the super fit dads aren’t making pre-school breakfast picnics on the beach, engaging in impromptu handstand competitions, traveling extensively for public speaking or serving up kitchen duties on Jamie Oliver’s Family Food Tube (the largest foodie community in Europe), they enthusiastically guide a vast and devoted audience of wellness warriors across every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram to Snapchat with an endless stream of highly entertaining, quality nutrition and fitness tips, recipes, and daily slice-of-life vlogs with inspiration for miles.

After our Italy retreat, Julie, Trapper & I spent an amazing few days with these boys. We got a spirited peek into their lives and advocacy. I even gave an evening talk at the restaurant, followed by an impromptu 5 am plunge in the chilly Irish Sea that drew over 100 keen participants (many of whom drove hours to attend), which speaks volumes about the brothers’ appeal and popularity.

Not only are the inseparable David and Stephen Flynn positively the most charismatic and enthusiastic advocates for healthy living I have ever met, they are two guys who have cultivated incredible community and positivity and excitement around their powerful ideas related to living a healthy happy life.

So what is The Happy Pear? 

The Happy Pear is David & Stephen. It’s everything they do and are. But fundamentally, The Happy Pear is a movement. A movement rooted in family and community with one singular goal — to make healthy food and lifestyle mainstream.

So put on your seatbelt and lets go for a ride with David & Stephen. I sincerely hope you enjoy what I think is an incredible exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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