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The Best Of 2015 – Part I

By December 27, 2015January 19th, 2024One Comment

This is the time of year to pause. It’s the time of year for reflection. For gratitude. And for giving back.

So let’s do all those things. Welcome to the third annual Best of the RRP Anthology — our way of taking a moment to reflect on the year, express gratitude and give thanks for taking this journey with us.

I pride myself on bringing a wide variety of personalities, opinions and attitudes to the show. When I look back over 2015, it’s amazing how many incredibly dynamic conversations and perspectives I was honored to share. Second listens brought new insights. Another reminder that this show is a gift that just keeps giving.

For long-time listeners, this and the following episode will bring certain insights back into the forefront of your consciousness as you contemplate your new year’s trajectory. If you’re new to the show, then these episodes will definitely inspire you to peruse the catalog and listen in full to some of the guests and or episodes you may have missed. Links to the full episodes excerpted in this anthology are enumerated below.

What a stunning year. Thank you. I appreciate you. Here’s to an extraordinary 2016 — the year we manifest our greatest dreams into reality. Join me, and let’s do this thing together.

Peace + Plants,


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One Comment

  • Michelle Fahy says:

    I’m a fan, Rich. And have also recommended/bought your book for friends/family. Enjoy the podcast too. But, apart from your wife, only one female in this compilation? And only one in the other as well? I admit I got tired of only hearing male voices one after the other and lost interest. Feeling disappointed you’ve forgotten about the other half of humanity and what they have to offer in wisdom and insight.

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