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Suzy Amis Cameron’s Mission To Save The Planet — Rethinking Education, Agriculture, Health & The American Diet

By December 20, 2015January 19th, 20244 Comments

“95% of all of the environmental issues out there trace back to animal agriculture and the havoc that it creates.”

Suzy Cameron

Perhaps you know today’s guest from one of her 25+ roles on the silver screen appearing in movies like Titanic, Fandango and The Usual Suspects. Or maybe you know her as the better half of the world’s most successful film director, James Cameron – the incomparable mind behind the biggest cinematic blockbusters of all time: Aliens, Terminator, Titanic and of course Avatar – the highest grossing movie ever.

But Suzy Amis Cameron is so much more than all that. In addition to raising five kids, she is a pioneering environmental activist. A passionate philanthropist. An education innovator. And the maverick co-founder (along with her sister Rebecca) of MUSE. Grabbing international headlines last year when it became the first U.S. school to implement a 100% plant-based school lunch program, MUSE is an incredibly progressive, paradigm breaking K-12 institution devoted to sustainability; creative & critical thinking; and preparing young people to live consciously within themselves, one another and the planet. A pretty great vision if you ask me.

A living example of selfless advocacy in action, for the last 25 years Suzy has tirelessly dedicated herself to an array of environmental causes, working non-stop to reform education; combat global climate change; raze our execrable system of animal agriculture; overhaul our fatal addiction to the standard American diet; defeat chronic lifestyle disease; and engineer a better, healthier food system for all.

Towards this end, in 2014 James and Suzy founded Food Choice Taskforce, a non-profit organization targeting the impact of animal agriculture on climate change to mobilize a global shift in food choice. She is also a founder of Food Forest Organics, a New Zealand-based plant-based cafe and marketplace, and Red Carpet Green Dress, showcasing socially and environmentally responsible fashions.

This is a great conversation about her extraordinary life. It’s a conversation about the intricate, intertwined relationship between our actions and the biosphere. It’s about championing sustainable values – from what we do, to what we wear, to how we teach our children, to the food we eat. It’s about how our consumer choices impact our personal health and the current and future health of this spinning blue globe we call home. And of course, it’s about what it’s like to be married to Hollywood’s most successful director.

Specific topics covered include:

  • the impact of ‘Forks Over Knives’
  • environmental concerns and advocacy
  • animal agriculture as the center of all health issues
  • health sector and environmentalist summit
  • Chatham House research on agriculture & environment
  • communicating with the average person the powers of a plant-based diet
  • bringing about hope by changing what’s on our plate
  • the importance of support systems
  • MUSE School & MUSE Global
  • educating the community on the plant-based lifestyle
  • sustainability pledge & One Meal A Day
  • our youth, the global champions of tomorrow
  • typical day in the life of the Cameron’s
  • sustainable fashion
  • future projects to catalyze change

Suzy stirs me to do and be better. Listen in, and be equally inspired.

Peace + Plants,


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Food Choice Taskforce: To learn more on how you can help show the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and the environment visit

MUSE School: Inspiring and Preparing Young People to Live Consciously with Themselves, One Another, and the Planet. For more information, visit

Red Carpet Green Dress: Where positive fashion meets the red carpe. Learn more at

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  • Tommy F says:

    Suzy and James Cameron are both shining examples, of privileged humans being of service to the greater good of us all (Oneness).

    Communicating with the average person the powers of a plant-based diet, is a real challenge. The message “is” getting out there, but it’s going to take a significant number of vocal celebrities and pro-athletes to really make people “believe” in the power of plants. With these high level advocates, it is much easier for us regular-people vegans to point to famous people thriving with plants, and not be cast-off as some out-of-touch renunciate.

    Being a lighthouse in this world can be rather difficult, when you’re patiently sitting tolerantly amongst the thick fog of status quo habitual culture, fueled by billion dollar advertising campaign sectors.


  • Nicci Pretti Catlett says:

    Great discussion, I only wish it was longer.

  • Meg Raines says:

    Rich, this was a great podcast, thank you. One particular comment especially struck a cord with me because I have been trying to reconcile with it myself, and that is the footprint of dog food. I am committed to a whole foods plant based diet, it’s what I do for work as well, so we eat well at our home to say the least. Yet both of my dogs have developed skin problems and allergies. So, I decided to start making my own dog food with whole foods and get my dogs off the junk-biscuits. However, after much research on a balanced diet for dogs this plant-pusher is now filling her grocery cart with meat, yogurt, eggs! I like the fact that my dogs are eating real, higher quality food, and their skin issues are clearing up. But I am not fully convinced yet that dogs are meant to eat a vegan diet, so not sure where to go from here. Not to mention that everyone knows me in this small community and people regularly call me out in the grocery store when they look into my cart! So, I would love to be part of an evolving conversation about this, and hear your thoughts if you are willing to share.



  • Lee Davy says:

    This was one of the best podcasts you have done Rich. I have a new goal. To create a Muse style school in the UK. What an inspirational woman. Amazing. Keep up the good work. Lee x

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