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Plantpowered Dietitian & Author on Blue Zones, BigFood, Straight Edge Punk & Eating For Ultra-Endurance Performance

By January 16, 2014August 10th, 202310 Comments

Matt is a cool dude. Can’t believe it took the podcast for us to finally meet in person.

Not only do we have plenty of common points of interest and intersection — plant-based nutrition, eating for performance and ultra-endurance athletics topping the list — Matt knows from whence he comes.

With a Nutritional Science degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Public Health Nutrition degree from Loma Linda University (yes – that “Blue Zone*” Loma Linda where everyone eats plants and lives like forever – don’t worry we get into this), as well as certification as a Registered Dietitian ( the only professional nutrition credential available ), Matt has distinguished himself as a leading expert in the field of vegan nutrition.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients and athletes, Matt is the Past-Chair of the  Vegetarian Nutrition Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , and co-authored both the  No Meat Athlete  book with RRP #54 guest Matt Frazier and the best-selling cookbook  Appetite for Reduction*  with Isa Moskowitz.  In his spare time, Matt is an accomplished athlete who races marathons, iron-man triathlons, 200+ mile cycling events and 24-hour races (see full  athletic resume ).

During the course of our conversation we dig into all of it – the paleo vs. vegan “debate”, how to eat for ultra-endurance performance, modern advocacy in the world of our broken food system, and how corporate interests use marketing to obfuscate fact, undermine informed consent and confuse consumer choice.

But quite possibly the most impressive thing about Matt? He lives in Southern California yet refuses to own a car.  Now that is commitment.

Listen with an open mind, and may the conversation raise the vibration & inspire your best self.  Enjoy!


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Thanks for listening and thanks for the support!


  • Carter says:

    Rich, I love the cast! Just to comment on the “Grain Brain”, Matthew is right on with the logical jumps taken by scientists specifically MD/DO practitioners. There is a huge leap of logic from “insulin resistance” to neurological disorders that affect those who take in primarily refined grains. Just another half truth made into a whole lie.

  • Trailmomma says:

    Great great podcast. Not the first time I have hard Matt speak and I really love his approach and explanation of a vegan lifestyle. 20+ years a vegan here and I still have to battle the questions posed at me about my lifestyle. Matt made some great points I will now use in my answers. 🙂

  • Dan says:

    Just listened to this podcast, one of my absolute favourites. I found out about Matt through his work on NMA, and as a cyclist he is an inspiration.

  • Andrea Brecheen Johnson says:

    Rich Roll and Matt Roscigno! Two of my favorites together in one place. Thank you for this gift! Now, to get Rich on an episode of “Day in the Life.” That would be amazeballs.

  • Kirsten says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. I was fortunate to attend one of Matt’s talks in Chicago a little while back and have since followed his blog. I really like his down-to-earth, easy to follow, approach to nutrition.

  • NateM says:

    Really enjoyed this one!

  • interested! says:

    Would love an app! i use tunein radio, but it too only list the most recent podcast and sometimes I like to refer back to an older podcast from a later date. But if you add an app , add an app for amazon linkage and links to your guest sites so we can listen and surf all at once.

  • kat says:

    fantastic episode…loved learning about matt roscigno & really resonate with his philosophy

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