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Lance Armstrong Is Moving Forward

By November 12, 2017January 24th, 2024No Comments

“If you ever get a second chance for something, you’ve got to go all the way.”

Lance Armstrong 

Everyone has highs. Everyone has lows.

But few people on Earth have experienced the unimaginable level of success enjoyed by this week’s guest.

Fewer still have undergone a more precipitous fall from grace.

What exactly is it like to go from global hero to pariah overnight?

This is the story of Lance Armstrong.

One of the most decorated, fiercely competitive and controversial figures of our age, today Lance joins the podcast to mine the depths of his infamous dismantling. We explore the demands required to rebuild his life. And together we consider his journey forward.


But first, allow me to contextualize.

I am well aware that Lance is polarizing. Emotions run hot. And nobody lacks an opinion. Perhaps you have been eagerly awaiting this conversation. Maybe you’re outraged. Either way, I get it. If you hold a strong opinion, this conversation isn’t likely to change that – nor is it my goal.

As an athlete immersed in the culture of multi-sport who has closely followed the Lance story for as long as I can remember, I grasp and appreciate better than most the issues and controversy that swirl around the world’s most famous cyclist.

This podcast is about exploring humanity in all its incarnations. More than anything, I’m interested in what makes people tick — why they do what they do; what they have gleaned from their experiences both good and bad; and how we can collectively grow from examining the lives of others.

Among my favorite conversations are those with convicted murderer Shaka Senghor; registered sex offender Joseph Naus; felonious insider trader turned FBI informant Tom Hardin; and a battery of reformed reprobates that include alcoholics, drug addicts, and drug dealers. I state this not to draw any comparison whatsoever to Lance, but rather to illustrate my interest in the complex, dualistic nature of the human condition in all its incarnations.

I too was once broken and lost. I cannot begin to compare my experience to that of Lance’s, but I do understand what it’s like to be dismantled. I know intimately what is required to confront and overcome one’s past. And I have great empathy for the degree of difficulty required to rebuild a life.

It is with this spirit that I approached this conversation – not as an investigative journalist, nor as judge and jury. But rather, with heart open — my only agenda to have an honest dialog with one of the most prominent figures of our time.

Of course, we discuss his iconic rise, fall and efforts to move forward. But I also endeavored to explore terrain beyond the scandals – subjects like mindset and preparation that often get eclipsed in the grand conversation about Lance.

We talk about therapy. We explore his history with anger. And we delve into the evolution of his hyper-competitive nature.

We discuss the differences between training as a professional cyclist versus his preparation for Ironman and other ultra-distance events.

I asked him what it’s like to contend with a $100 million lawsuit hanging over his head. We discuss common mistakes many athletes make and how he would approach coaching young professional athletes. And finally, I gauge his thoughts on the future of clean sport.

This is not the definitive Lance interview. We only had an hour. There were plenty of subjects I wish I had more time to explore. That said, I found Lance to be both open and demonstrative. I think you will be more than intrigued by the discussion.

For the visually inclined, the video version of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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Show Notes

Notable People Discussed

  • Mark Allen: 6x Ironman Triathlon World Champion and podcast guest
  • Travis Tygart: lawyer and CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency
  • Tyler Hamilton: former pro road bicycle racer with the US Postal Service cycling team
  • Greg LeMond: 3x Tour de France champion & anti-doping advocate
  • Miguel Induráin: retired Spanish road racing cyclist & 5x Tour de France champion
  • Michele Ferrari: Italian physician, cycling coach and author
  • Johnny Weltz: Danish retired road bicycle racer of the Spanish ONCE team, won silver at the world championship for amateurs in 1985
  • Levi Leipheimer: former professional road racing cyclist, 2x US national champion, Olympic medalist
  • George Hincapie: former road bicycle racer, who competed as a professional between 1994 and 2012
  • Mike Pigg: Triathlon coach, former Ironman athlete

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