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The Spirit of Timothy Shieff — Freerunning, The Practice of Being & Living Transparently

By May 3, 2015January 18th, 202412 Comments

“Warriors stand up for the innocent. The real heroes are the ones that are out there defending the innocent, the voiceless…”

Timothy Shieff

When the question turns to living your truth, this first line from Timothy Shieff’s self-authored bio says it all:

I’m a Human practicing Being.

Widely considered one of the world’s best Freerunners (more commonly referred to as parkour), Timothy — aka Livewire — specializes in a death and gravity defying skill set that leaves mere mortals agape. Scaling buildings and leaping off rooftops with effortless grace, Tim is a perfect physical manifestation of focus, coordination, strength, agility and fearlessness.

Indeed, this proper and polite young English lad can do things you can’t. And yet his expression is fueled not by competitive drive, but by something deeper. Tim’s particular brand of parkour is subversive. Reframing the inanimate building, rooftop, curb or railing, Tim inverts the human relationship between human and object. Truly a social and political performance artist, Tim leaves me inspired to live more harmoniously with our ever-changing environment.

Despite captaining Team Europe to a world championship on American Ninja Warrior (and setting records along the way), Tim’s athleticism runs a distant second to his passion for advocacy. A powerful young voice in the vegan movement, Tim wakes up every morning enthusiastic to not only expand his own horizons, but inspire others to do the same.

SHIEF 1 640

Tim jumping off my roof before we sat down for RRP #86. Unbelievable.

But more than any of this, it’s Tim’s spirit that moves me, and why I’m so proud to introduce his return to the RRP. In case you missed it, be sure to check out my first conversation with Tim — RRP #86.

Intelligent and articulate beyond his years, my hope is that this conversation leaves you with a new mindfulness and perspective on your path and priorities; pondering the impact of our consumer choices on the planet; and questioning culturally entrenched assumptions about the relationship between nutrition and extraordinary athletic performance.

I genuinely hope you enjoy the conversation.

Peace + Plants,


P.S. – Tim recently completed his first 26.2 at the London Marathon in 3:04. Not a bad debut for a guy who just started running!

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  • Paul says:

    I was wondering if you could share some information on the treatment you were speaking about. Where they hook up some electrodes and prescribe herbs for treatment. Im very much interested in new ways for healing.
    Thank you!

  • Tommy F says:

    Such a depth of character to Timothy. He’s on the spiritual path, and expressing from a very authentic place. His Vegan journey and birth into running correlate so closely with my experience on thriving into the best version of yourself. It’s great to have these outspoken advocates for the movement.. dispelling the myth that plants can’t fuel powerful endurance athletes. Loved the Podcast!.. and love The Plantpower Way book I received in the mail this weekend.. pre-ordered the first day it came available 🙂 Made the Cashew Cheese last night, using the new VitaMix my wife and I bought yesterday (inspired to purchase from you and Julie). Looking forward to really diving into this cookbook! Thanks Rich and Julie!!


  • richroll66 says:

    Hey Paul – I visited Nancy Sacks at Holistic Haven near where I live, who is a homepath. The machine is called a Quantum Wellness machine. It sounds insane I know but here is how it is described on her website:

  • Paul says:

    Thanks for the reply. It doesnt sound insane at all. Im open to all sorts of things now. Exploring other ways to heal is super interesting to me. Its the hallway beleif that western medacine is the only way is whats keeping alot of people from truly being free.

  • viii_ball says:

    You know the QXCI has been banned from import by the FDA since 2009?

  • Whit says:

    Another great show where I am introduced to someone genuine and working to live their life to it’s fullest potential. Always an inspiration. Thank you Tim and Rich!

  • Paul says:

    The fda also approves more drugs that kill people than not approved drugs.

  • Alastair Baldwin says:

    Just got my local library to order the book!!

    Much Love Rich – Great Podcast as always!!

  • Jarrod Avalos says:

    What was the book that Timothy said was his most important book he’s ever read? Was it simply the dead sea scrolls? He said it was only 60 pages though..

    Nice one RRP!

  • sasha says:

    LOVED this guy- loved both pod’s- really liked it on so many levels

  • Zina D says:

    I’m pretty curious about this too. And I don’t think it’s listed above.

  • Paul Bryant says:

    Great talk guys, loving both of your outlooks on life. Massively inspirational stuff!
    Also, kudos on moving the product announcements to the end of the show, its very much appreciated

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