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Marco Borges’ 22-Day Revolution: A Plant-Based Mission To Transform Mainstream Culture

By November 22, 2015May 23rd, 20193 Comments

“I don’t think that people purposely want to live a life full of cruelty or necessarily want to add more greenhouse gases to the earth, but there’s something that happens when you go through this process — you become more conscious. And it’s not until you become more conscious that you can actually see what’s in front of you.”

Marco Borges

Maybe you know Marco Borges because he trains people like Pharrell. Perhaps you know him as the guy who inspired Jay-Z and Beyoncé (who he also trains) to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, then partnered up with them to launch 22-Days Nutrition – a plant-based nutrition products and meal delivery service that shuttles organic, plant-based gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free meals anywhere in the U.S., right to your doorstep.

I had never met Marco. In fact, until this past Spring, I had never even heard of him. But all that changed in April when this Miami-based celebrity fitness trainer, exercise physiologist and plant-based evangelist was suddenly everywhere: the TODAY show, Good Morning America, TIME magazine and even places like Vogue, Entertainment Tonight, Ryan Secrest and Perez Hilton. A Jay & Bey infused media blitz that launched this guy from below the radar to massive mainstream popularity, fomented a plant-based zeitgeist frenzy and skyrocketed his new book, The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body*, to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

When the most culturally significant and influential entertainment couple on the planet embraces the plant-based perspective (even if imperfectly or temporarily), it’s a big deal. The seismic impact can’t be underestimated. People don’t just notice — the tectonic plates of popular culture shift. Conventional attitudes and habits around food change. Our social paradigm forever altered.

So who is the man behind all this?

In full disclosure, my biggest fear was that Marco would be just another trainer leveraging celebrity relationships for personal notoriety and fortune.

But contempt prior to investigation is a recipe for ignorance. I was delighted to discover a remarkable man. A man that completely defies the stereotype and put to rest any questions I may have harbored about the motivations behind his mission.

Marco Borges is true blue. The real deal. A husband and father of three young boys who — at his very core — is about service. Truly passionate about educating and informing mainstream culture about the benefits of plant-based nutrition; doing his very best to spread a message of conscious, compassionate and sustainable living; and working his butt off to provide innovative exercise and nutrition programs, tools and resources to help people – every day people – get fit, healthy and happy and transform their lives for the better.

This is a super fun and informative conversation about Marco’s uncommon, extraordinary life and his most worthy mission. Specific topics covered include:

  • self realization and the impact on consciousness
  • Marco’s background in Miami spin/club culture
  • Marco’s catalyst to plant-based nutrition
  • becoming the best version of yourself
  • lifestyle choices, empowerment & education
  • effective plant-based training
  • breaking bad habits
  • the importance of incremental & consistent improvement
  • entertainer influence in plant-based movement
  • developing a friendship with Jay Z & Beyoncé
  • entrepreneurship in launching nationwide food delivery
  • the fallacy of our protein obsession

I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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  • Marco’s service for a family of 3, for 22 days, would be $1889.37 — see attached screen shot.

    But this is for only 22 days. And, this doesn’t include everything else in a grocery bill; juice, milk (non-dairy of course), chips, etc.

    Surely, I must be doing something wrong. Who can afford this?

    And the family still doesn’t understand how to make their own food, how to take control of their health.

    If I am right, I can’t see where Beyonce and Jay Z. are doing anything else but feeding their bank accounts.

    I wish they’d start a service that the people who need this most can afford and will benefit from. Because at this cost and design, well, it’s only for phat cats.

    Rich mentioned he gets his audience. I don’t care about Beyonce or Jay Z. In fact I’ve never read anything about either of them that impresses me. This podcast did nothing to change that.

    If Beyonce, Jay Z. and company want to make a difference, they should be going into the poorest areas of our country and helping people rise up. My god, these people have the money to make a huge difference. Why on earth aren’t they doing something? Instead of starting a service that only rich people can afford, why not go into the hood and teach people how to live this way, starting with cooking? How about helping people in the hood by starting businesses that neighbors can walk to?

    Rich and Marco repeatedly said in the podcast how this was “helping people”, as if to say everyone. Blanket statements like this are misleading and do this movement no good. That’s glam, man.

    Readers should not let services such as this one speak for the whole. There are so many out there who are trying to bring this lifestyle we love so much and will fight for, to everyone — and that means everyone. Some folks that come to mind are:

    Elliot Coleman, Four Seasons Farm

    Dr. Micheal Greger,

    Rose and Brook Levan, Sustainable Settings

    Steve Ela, Ela Family Farms

    Woody Tasch, Slow Money

    Dr. Greger is going to be the guest on Rich’s podcast soon. Really looking forward to that.

  • Tommy F says:

    Marco is putting out a really good vibration. He’s been supporting the plant-based vegan message for quite a number of years now, and comes across as really authentic within it. I believe this is why he’s so sought-out by celebrities.

    I personally do not have the need to purchase food via his delivery service, but there are several people that will only try a plant-based diet, through this type of service. It’s kinda like people that won’t go camping, unless they have a $200K pop-out RV. You just gotta accommodate and meet people where they’re at, for them to even consider the possibilities available to them, in venturing a different path.


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