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Roll On: The Slap, The Swim & The Self-Myth

By March 31, 2022January 5th, 2023No Comments
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Episode #671



Can fairness and inclusion coexist? How do we make sense of ‘the slap’ heard around the world? And how do you prepare for adventure amidst a busy life?

Today we discuss these questions and more. Plus, nominees for ‘The Rollies’—our spin on an RRP-themed awards show.

As always, my co-host for today’s rendition of ‘Roll On’ is Mr. Adam Skolnick, an activist, veteran journalist, and David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me co-author. Adam writes about adventure sports, environmental issues, and civil rights for outlets such as The New York Times, Outside, ESPN, BBC, and Men’s Health. He is also the author of One Breath and still uses the ‘new dad’ excuse to avoid working on his novel.

Topics discussed in today’s episode include:

  • The sudden death of Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins;
  • Mentalist Oz Pearlman’s attempt to break Robbie Balenger’s Central Park FKT;
  • The Lia Thomas controversy & transgender athlete rights;
  • The Will Smith-Chris Rock drama at the Oscars;
  • The first annual ‘Rollies’ award show nominees (vote here);
  • Coaching call check-in with Chris Hauth on Rich’s prep for a 12.5-mile open water swim

“An audacious dream paired with outsized ambition, ego and charisma can change the world—qualities that will also inevitably precipitate your demise.”


Be sure to vote for your favorite “Rollie’ nominees here! The categories include:

  • Best Endurance Performance In An RRP Supporting Role
  • Best Endurance Performance Of The Year By An RRP Guest
  • Coolest Person Of 2021
  • Best Limited Series About Narcissistic Self-Mythologizing (AKA ‘Scammer Series’)
  • Most RRP-LARP Like Film of 2021
  • Best Rich Roll Nuevo Obsession
  • Luckiest Rocker Of All Time
  • The Dystopia You Would Most Want To Live In
  • Best Performance By An Ice-Cream Scooper In A Leading Role
  • Best Streaming Series
  • Best Filmed Content Period
  • Most Overrated Film Of 2021

The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

This is a fun one—enjoy!

Peace + Plants,

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