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How Do You Define True Health? Plus: Ruminations On Aging, Death & The Importance of Open Communication

By July 8, 2015January 26th, 20248 Comments

“Only you can tell the world what is locked inside your heart, what is yearning to come out. Eating plant-based and becoming healthy and understanding that you can clear yourself and connect with your authentic self by eating vital, vibrant healthy foods and taking care of yourself is the beginning step.”

Julie Piatt

I’m hitting a groove.

Although I definitely have some sustainability concerns about posting two weekly editions of the show (have I said how much work this is?), I’m keeping my promise. So here we are again with another installment of Ask Me Anything — a twist on my typical guest interview format where we answer questions submitted by you, the listener.

But this week it’s a twist on that twist.

In addition to entertaining a few listener inquiries, I gave Julie the latitude to raise a few issues and themes currently on her mind. I think the recipe worked — it’s quite a revelatory exchange.

This conversation explores:

  • Appreciating Diversity Among RRP Guests
  • How To Define True Health
  • What It Means To Live In Balance
  • Eating In Harmony With Nature
  • Perspectives On Aging
  • Mindful Ruminations on Death
  • Cultural Objectification Of Women
  • Successful Marriage & Open Communication

The show concludes with Mother of Mine, written and performed by Julie (aka SriMati), accompanied by our sons Tyler & Trapper Piatt.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our discussion.

How Do YOU define ‘True Health”? Let me know in the comments section below.

Peace + Plants,


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Production, music & sound design by Tyler Piatt. Additional production by Chris Swan. Graphic art by Shawn Patterson. End song Mother of Mine written and performed by Julie Piatt (aka SriMati), accompanied by Tyler & Trapper Piatt.


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  • Jo says:

    Loved this podcast – thanks so much, both of you. I will also be 53 on my next birthday and find myself on the verge of leaping into a fuller, stronger expression of my Self at a point when much of the world around me is ready to write me off. So strange when I feel better and stronger than ever, and feel that I have so much more to contribute than I would ever have done 20 years ago! Julie, if you get started on changing on how our society (and it’s the same here in the UK as it is in the US) see and value older women then I am IN. I had thought many times about asking you two about how you feel about having your lives just take off in the way they have at this chronological point but wasn’t sure I could word it without it sounding as if you’re 105! Clearly, we all have many decades to go if we take care of ourselves and that is our path this time. Personally, I’m looking forward to another 30 years of work/contribution. Maybe more. And as I pretty much drifted through my 20s and 30s, I see The Good Bit of my life ahead. Thanks again for inspiring me, you always do. You are both much loved out here in Internetland.

  • Andrew says:

    I’m really enjoying the entire podcast archive, thank you Rich and Julie for all the great interviews and perspectives!

    I can’t remember which episode it was, but at one point you mentioned you are hoping that people would host Plantpower parties or something, that you wanted to grow community about the movement, not about you. What specifically do you envision?

    I live up on the CA coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz and have been thinking I’d like to connect with other local herbivores for fun and food, not sure if I do a Meetup or what, but if people are getting folks together in conjunction with your book, a reading or whatever, I’m happy to consider that.

    Thanks again for all the content. One of my favorite things to listen to while I’m working in the garden. 🙂

  • Katrina says:

    I really enjoy the interview podcasts but am finding the Q and A ones a bit difficult to listen to. I hesitated for some weeks to write this as it is critical, rather than supportive, and 99% of everything I hear from this podcast is fabulous. I guess I find the spirituality from Julie a bit much – the conversation often goes into more of a dogmatism about her beliefs (ie the part on death this week). I think there needs to be a softness and humbleness in true spiritual discussions, which I don’t find so much unfortunately. It is as though she knows and is telling us. I hope this feedback helps – I love the cookbook and so many of her ideas.

    Also – just an FYI about blood types:

  • bereniceweber says:

    Just started listening the RRP a couple of weeks ago, after buying my copy of the Plantpower Way, what a beautiful book! Now I am catching up with so many guests & loving it. It is special and great to listen Julie Piatt too. I am a huge fan of Our Hen House podcast and I never thought I could find a podcast as entertaining, now I have. Thank you. Ps. Don’t tell the hens 😉

  • Doug Burghart says:

    Any great one. I love that we can two a week. Everyone is moving and makes my day.Thank you for the story about Amy, a follow Cello player. It was my honor to donor and pass the word. Keep us posted on her heatlh

  • YogaChick says:

    I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to hear Julie flat out say how detrimental pornography and objectification of women is in our culture. Frankly, I feel very much in the minority on this – amongst men AND women. We have just accepted this to be okay; no big deal. And even less overt oversexualization of women – say in marketing and other media forms – we are constantly bombarded and it is just accepted that it is ok to reduce women to their physicality. It is troubling as a woman and a mom of a daughter. This contributes to violence against women and furthering of patriarchal ideals when women are reduced to objects and separated from their humanity. Rock on Julie for always speaking your mind and standing strongly in your truth. You are an inspiration. Namaste.

  • Alastair Baldwin says:

    Loved the podcast, you guys are game-changers! Rich, I read your books in reverse chronological order, and have to say that they are outstanding. Finding Ultra blew me away. Thank you as always for your unwavering commitment and vulnerability. Much love from NZ, Alastair.

  • Charmaine Connolly says:

    Thankyou 🙂 this was a beautiful podcast on aging and for myself helped find a little more acceptance with the process!!! And a big applause for keeping your podcasts real, authentic and no hype hype “wow we have the answer” push….I feel I enter a very sacred space when I step into the world of richroll and my heart opens, my world grows and I become more enriched from the process…appreciation to both you and Julie x

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