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Plant-Based On A Budget, Unleashing Your Inner Mentor & Tips For Raising Healthy Teens

By April 15, 2015January 18th, 20243 Comments

“Everybody has something to share. If it’s based on experience and shared from a pure and authentic place of humility and transparency, it is powerful beyond measure.”

Julie Piatt

It’s been a while, but Julie and I are finally back with another installment of Ask Me Anything — a twist on my typical format where we answer questions submitted by you, the listener. I absolutely love this format, primarily because it connects me more deeply and authentically with the global community of people who enjoy the show. Because community is truly what it’s all about.

This is an exciting time for us. We have been working super hard getting everything ready for the impending release of  The Plantpower Way,  so we thought it would be fun to share a little behind the scenes on why we wrote the book; the collaborative and often intense two-year process undertaken to create it; the insane amount of effort and diligence required to launch a book into the mainstream; and our ultimate aspirations for the work.

Then the conversation turns to listener submitted inquiries. A conversation that explores:

  • parenting tips for temperamental teenagers;
  • the nutritional needs of athletic plant-based kids;
  • the journey towards service & mentorship;
  • tips for starting a podcast based on Rich’s experience;
  • gender challenges faced in the wellness lifestyle;
  • pursuing a plant-based lifestyle on a budget;
  • the impact of increasing nutrient density on appetite & cravings; and culminates with
  • In the Sun– an original song by SriMati (aka Julie)

It was really fun to once again sit down with Julie — my wife and co-collaborator — to engage with the audience first hand, hashing out free-form the subjects you care about most. Thank you everyone who submitted the 100’s of questions we reviewed. If we didn’t get to yours (obviously chances are we didn’t), nonetheless please keep them coming. I plan on doing many more supplemental Q&A focused editions of the show (both with Julie and surprise guest hosts), so don’t be shy. Fire your queries off to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the offering.

Peace + Plants,



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A special thanks goes out to Lars, Michelle, Wade, Carson, Jen, Lisa & Alex for the wonderful questions in today’s podcast.

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  • Tommy F says:

    Rich, you bring us such amazing guests.. but Julie continues to be my favorite on the RRP. Grounded, spiritual wisdom for us listeners. Loved her music (In the Sun) at the end of the Podcast.. the song really brought me into the present moment. Just beautiful.

  • Angele Orr says:

    Hi Rich….Just wondering for the Vitamix giveaway, I already pre-ordered your book (very excited) when the roll out first started and registered on Thunderclap. How do I register again so I can have a change to win the Vitamix and/or awesome juicer? thanks – Angele Demontigny

  • Maryann Kirch Walsh says:

    I loved the idea of yoga for teens. I mentioned it to my 16 year old daughter, and she showed some interest. Any suggestions on how to find a good yoga studio?

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