The Joe Rogan Experience: Animal Agriculture, Food Addicition, Beekeeping, Ecolocation & Other Miscellaneous Musings

With Joe Rogan, you never know where the conversation will lead. That’s what makes his 3-hour+ podcast a fun, unique, and at times exhilarating Vulcan mind meld experience.

Joe and I don’t see eye to eye on many an issue. But once again, I found him open minded and respectful, challenging me when appropriate but not unfair; and more than willing to explore new ideas without undue judgment.

After a 3 hour deep dive, I left his man cave studio grateful for the experience and opportunity. But it’s also my nature to rewind and second guess my responses. Why did I say that? You should have mentioned X, etc. I would have loved a do-over on a few questions, especially my defense of Chinese medicine and my scattered and less than thorough response to the ketosis question (which kicked up a stir from the low carb crowd). And I felt a bit out of my depth on certain things I know little about — like giant anthills, queen bee habits and the intricacies of desalination.

Joe knows how to laser in, and you have to understand that despite my experience as a podcaster, there is a distinct subconscious pressure that accompanies knowing what you say will be heard by a million people (10x the size of my audience) then over analyzed brick by brick on Reddit and Twitter.

That said, I feel good about the interview and I greatly appreciate Joe providing me a generous opportunity to converse on subjects I am passionate about with a juggernaut demographic (14 million downloads per month!) of people likely unfamiliar with my story.

Tune in on iTunes, on his website or by watching the video version above

Thanks again to Joe and his producer Jamie Vernon for an awesome experience.

I sincerely I hope you enjoy the listen and let me know how you think it went in the comments section below.

Peace + Plants,



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