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Sergey Young On The Science & Technology Of Growing Young

By August 16, 2021January 23rd, 2024No Comments
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Episode #621



What if I told you that there was a Russian millionaire who wants to help you live to be 150-years-old?

This isn’t science fiction—it’s ‘immortality science’. It’s the science of lifespan extension. The science of what today’s guest calls growing young.

Meet Sergey Young, the exceedingly bright and optimistic chemical engineer turned investment banker turned venture capitalist committed to not only funding cutting-edge lifespan extension breakthroughs but also ensuring that such advancements are affordable and accessible to all.

Named one of the Top 100 Longevity Leaders in the world, Sergey is an XPRIZE Foundation Board Member, the founder of the $100M Longevity Vision Fund, and a development sponsor of the Age Reversal XPRIZE, which is a global competition designed to find a cure for aging. Yes, you read that right—a cure.

He’s also the author of the new book hitting shelves everywhere August 24, 2021 (and now available for pre-order) entitled, The Science And Technology Of Growing Young, which is a fascinating demystification of the longevity landscape, a primer on the science and technology developments aimed at healthspan enhancement, and a practical guidebook outlining the many things we all can and should be doing now to live vibrantly to 100 and beyond.

“We’ve created technology to extend our lives, but we haven’t created lives we want to extend.”


Today we run the gamut on longevity, including near and long-term science & technological advancements like the advent of bio-tracking wearables, body digitization, and the role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing medical diagnostics and early disease detection.

We also cast a future gaze into the insanely wild far horizon of age-reversal science, digital avatars, telexistence, 3-D organ printing, and AI-brain integration.

Pivoting to the immediately practical, we also converse about the many things we can and should all be doing now to extend not just our lifespan, but our healthspan—things like eating a plant-based diet, prioritizing exercise, sleep, relationships, and spending time in nature.

But the most interesting aspects of this exchange are the moral and philosophical dilemmas that surface in the conversation around human lifespan extension—and the urgency with which we need to be thinking very deeply about the many profound implications of these advancements.

All told, this is a spirited conversation certain to provoke a full spectrum of reactions.

The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Peace + Plants,

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