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The Limitless Power of An Alcohol-Free Lifestyle With One Year No Beer Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns

By January 8, 2024No Comments
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Episode #805



Through the years, I’ve maintained transparency about my journey with alcoholism—a label I’ve embraced in the solitude of self-discovery.

However, this characterization doesn’t resonate with most individuals. The majority of drinkers engage in a marginally excessive indulgence in alcohol. While this behavior may not be catastrophic in the traditional sense, it does raise discernible concerns. The persistent hangovers, lethargy, and resulting melancholy it begets become tiresome. The desire to desist is tangible, but the seamless integration of alcohol into social and professional settings renders the prospect of abstention seemingly insurmountable.

Today’s guest found himself ensnared within precisely this behavior pattern. Ruari Fairbairns is a former oil broker from London who—after a falling out with booze—decided it was time to put the plug in the jug. The benefits were so profound that he later walked away from his career in finance to become a full-time advocate for an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Ruari, alongside collaborator Andy Ramage (featured in episode 444 in 2019), co-founded a pioneering institution, One Year No Beer, in 2015, a subscription-based bastion of sobriety with over 100,000 global members. Beyond his role as co-founder, Fairbairns co-authored the UK bestseller The 28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge. He also co-hosts the One Year No Beer Podcast, guiding listeners on a journey of wisdom and sobriety.

“There are no physiological benefits to alcohol. It’s 100 percent toxic.”


In this episode, we delve into the gradual transformation of society’s relationship with alcohol, dissecting the negative repercussions on both mind and body. We explore the need for heightened awareness around alcohol, challenging the traditional narrative and embracing a healthier relationship with it. Ruari guides us through compelling discussions on stress, trauma, ADHD, emotional sobriety, and the pivotal role of community in the transformative journey.

In essence, alcohol works until it doesn’t. Recognizing it for what it is—a neurotoxin—we challenge the nefarious societal structures that keep people stuck in patterns that don’t serve them, fostering fear of ostracization from their in-group or community.

Ruari’s message provides a welcome mat for millions dealing with alcohol-related concerns. One Year No Beer is on a mission to create better lives by capturing and redressing these issues. Ruari’s work is not just commendable—it’s beautiful.

As we welcome the New Year and the possibilities it presents, I offer this conversation as an encouragement to consider the many ways in which alcohol continues to interfere with your health, hopes, and dreams.

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I sincerely hope you find inspiration in our exchange.

Peace + Plants,

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