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Robin Arzón Wants You To Shut Up And Run

By June 5, 2016January 26th, 2024No Comments

“I so believe in unchecking all the boxes and then creating your own or just living in that fluid space where you’re redefining yourself everyday.”

Robin Arzón

It’s not that powerful female role models don’t exist. They do. They’re everywhere.

We just don’t do a good enough job celebrating them.

So this week, I’m pleased to shine a bright spotlight on one of my favorite examples of female self-empowerment.

Meet Robin Arzón.

At the height of her corporate law career, Robin fearlessly left it all behind to embark on new adventures in the health and wellness space. She soon discovered her passion for coaching athletes, bridge running New York City, tackling ultra-marathons (she just completed her first 100-mile run and once ran five marathons in five days across Utah) and hosting wildly popular indoor cycling experiences that bear more resemblance to after-party raves than your typical spin class.

But it’s not what she does that makes Robin special. It’s who she is.

There was the time she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint. Then there’s the recent Type 1 diabetes diagnosis that persistently threatens to sideline her active lifestyle. But Robin isn’t interested in playing the victim. She’s interested in telling a different story. A story writ large that involves constant reinvention and tenacious commitment to personal growth. A narrative that aims to redefine, reform, and rethink possibility through movement.

Human performance art in motion, Robin is a powerhouse of positive vibes. Confident, colorful and courageous with a no bullshit attitude and NYC street cred for days, she is inspiration personified. And she’s got a message for you:

sweat transforms lives.

Now Robin can add author to her resume, because her incredible new book Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up and Sweat with Swagger* hits bookstores everywhere June 21.

Exploding with color, attitude and practical advice, Shut Up and Run is the ultimate embodiment of everything Robin. Equal parts fitness manual, self-help empowerment and coffee table photography book, it perfectly captures Robin’s ethos and aesthetic. Overflowing with tips, tricks, and most notably her welcome inviting hand, Shut Up and Run is an utterly unique breath of fresh air in a world of drab running manuals. A book screaming with attitude that beckons you to join her.

I love Robin. She’s just an awesome person. And I really love her new book. So I was delighted to sit down with her once again and delve deeper into her fascinating life. Subjects explored include:

  • inclusivity & exclusivity within sports
  • commercialization of running
  • the evolution of social marketing
  • the courage to take the leap
  • trusting the journey
  • sacrifice & personal development
  • becoming the most authentic version of yourself
  • being yourself despite societal pressures
  • managing Type I Diabetes
  • Robin’s daily routine
  • Robin’s new book

If you are a long-time listener, then you remember well her previous powerhouse appearances on the show —  How To Undo Ordinary (RRP 99) & Do Epic Sh*t (RRP 137). If you happened to miss these conversations, I highly suggest checking them out.

I think you’re going to like this one. Enjoy the exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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Background, Context & Reference:

Notable People Discussed:

  • Candace Parker: American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality
  • Kara Goucher: American long-distance runner
  • E.E. Cummings: American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright
  • John Foley: founder and CEO at Peloton Interactive
  • George Hincapie: American retired road bicycle racer, who competed as a professional between 1994 and 2012
  • Christian Vande Velde: retired American professional road racing cyclist of Belgian descent, who rode professionally between 1998 and 2013
  • Ben Turshen: expert in performance enhancement and a qualified independent Master Teacher of Vedic Meditation

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