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Episode #555



One of the world’s most compelling public figures, today Matthew McConaughey graces the show to share his incredible life story — a journey laced with timeless wisdom & lessons on authenticity, character, integrity, and what it means to be true to one’s self.

Do I really need to introduce this guy?

Dazed And Confused. Dallas Buyers Club. Wolf of Wall Street. Interstellar. True Detective. You’ve seen them. You love ’em. And you love him.

But over yonder — far afield of the epic screen characters — resides a mystic cowboy poet. A family man and father prone to ponderings profound. A seeker ever questing for adventure off the beaten path. A Texan on a four-dimensional vision quest, pursuing life in accordance with a homespun code. His is an experience-earned philosophy. Truths both personal and universal that he shares in his utterly unique way.

A way that can only be described as 100% McConaughey.

Beyond the make believe, tactile Matthew is an active philanthropist through his Just Keep Livin’ Foundation. He’s a professor at the University of Texas in his hometown of Austin, where he also serves up ‘Minister of Culture’ duties for the UT Athletic Department and the Austin FC Soccer Club, of which he is part owner.

Matthew is also quite the writer. Inspired by a lifetime of journaling, his recently released Greenlights is a delightfully earnest self-mythologizing romp. It’s also a surprisingly astute and philosophically profound love letter to life — a beat generation inspired pastiche of journal entries. Hollywood nights. Teenage daydreams. Off-grid plots. Amazonian scraps. Monk-like retreats. And, of course, lessons learned — all sprinkled with just the right amount of self-help fairy dust.

I couldn’t put it down. And that doesn’t happen often.

The arrow doesn’t seek the target, the target draws the arrow.


Don’t let the hang-dog laconicism fool you. Matthew is a man with a world-class work ethic. Razor sharp focus. Bull-like tenacity. And full commitment to everything he does.

A master of perseverance and resilience, Matthew is also one of the most spiritually attuned beings I have ever met.

This conversation is an exploration of many things. It’s about discernment. Making critical choices. Crafting your future with intention. And the importance of character.

It’s about widening our aperture on life. How to effectively and consistently grow, learn and transform. And it’s about how to hone intuition to connect (to coin Matthew’s phrase) “the autobahn between your mind and heart.”

But overall, this conversation is about my favorite subject — the hard-wrought journey to authenticity and self-actualization.

The visually inclined can watch our exchange on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I know Matthew is making the legacy media and podcast rounds. But I think (and hope) we took this to a few places others haven’t. Either way, this one is super fun — and chock-a-bloc with timeless life wisdom. It was an honor. I sincerely hope you dig it.

Peace + Plants,

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