Lewis Howes: The Myth of Masculinity, The Power of Vulnerability & What It Means To Be Great

“The key to success in life is relationships. And the key to powerful relationships is vulnerability and being real. That’s the quickest way to build a relationship and create connection with someone.”

Lewis Howes

This week I celebrate my friend and fellow podcaster Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness.

I met Lewis a couple years ago when we were both newbie podcasters. He did my show. I did his show. Friendship ensued.

A former professional football player and team handball Olympic hopeful who bottomed out before blossoming into a successful online entrepreneur, Lewis defies the stereotype that typically accompanies most successful alpha males. With a glint in his eye, Lewis is warm, incredibly giving, and a stellar example of what life can be like when your heart is open — gratitude in motion.

After an injury prematurely ended his football career, Lewis was depressed, aimless and broke. Yearning for inspiration as he convalesced on his sister’s couch, he arrived at a question:

What kind of life do I want to lead?

Then he got to work. He sought out mentors — people thriving on their own terms. Applying the wisdom of those he respected, he began to create a vision for himself. He learned how to turn adversity into advantage. He cultivated a champion’s mind-set. He hustled. He mastered his body. He practiced positive habits like appreciation, gratitude and mindfulness. He built a winning team. And perhaps most importantly, he learned how to be of service to others.

It worked. Living exactly the life he envisioned for himself daydreaming on his sister’s couch in Ohio, today Lewis is a successful business coach, online entrepreneur, public speaker, podcast host, and now author.

Leveraging his personal experience and the wisdom of his mentors and inspiring podcast guests — Lewis has culled the best of what he has learned in a new book that came out just yesterday appropriately titled The School of Greatness: A Real World Guide To Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, And Leaving A Legacy*.

A primer on how to manifest your own internal greatness, it’s a fun, easy and informative read that not only inspires but provides actionable lessons and practical exercises aimed at helping you create vision and reach your ultimate potential.

On a personal note, I am deeply honored that Lewis includes my story in his book. I’m essentially the primary subject of chapter 5 entitled Master Your Body.

I love this guy. His positivity and integrity is infectious. It is my privilege to support him and his new book by sharing his message with you today.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, including:

  • the pitfalls & advantages of podcast production
  • the relationships built from the podcast platform
  • mutually beneficial relationships
  • giving help and being of service to others
  • the power of mentorship
  • the importance of feedback and accountability
  • the myth of masculinity
  • vulnerability in relationships
  • letting go of the things that hold you back
  • releasing shame
  • the most gratifying podcast guests
  • writing “The School of Greatness” and the motivation behind it
  • the eight principles of greatness
  • how to acknowledge the good

Question: To coin Lewis’ term, what is your definition of greatness?

I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.

Peace + Plants,


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