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Leveraging Mindfulness to Change Your Life

By March 3, 2014May 24th, 2019One Comment

Jonathan Fields is a super popular guy. There is a good reason for that, which I’m going to get into in a minute.

Before I do, I wanted to check in with you in a bit about what we do over here at the RRP. I have the feeling that Jonathan’s appeal will attract some cool new people to the audience (welcome!), so I wanted to take a quick moment to recap the mission.

Yes, I am a plant-based endurance athlete. And yes, I do have many plant-based enthusiasts on this show. But this is hardly a narrowly defined “fitness” or “vegan” themed podcast. It’s far more about inspiration. I cast a very broad net. When thinking about guests, my litmus test is finding fascinating people and personalities that span a variety of disciplines. People who push boundaries. Live extraordinary lives. Think different. Blaze their own path.  Question the status quo. And live large and on their own terms – in service not just to themselves, but in devotion to others, catalyzing life changing improvement in the quality of people’s lives, and overall simply raising the bar on what is possible.

I deliver these conversations with the sole intention of providing you with a stocked tool-box of education, information, motivation and inspiration to help you take the quality of your life to the next level. The goal? To assist in helping you unlock and unleash your best most authentic self. That’s it. Pure and simple.

Last week I published an article entitled, “Why You Should Stop Lifehacking and Invest in the Journey”  (also up on Medium ). I wrote it because I have been thinking a lot lately about self-improvement.  More specifically our shortcutting, lifehacking, biohacking obsessed culture. This meme-fueled drive to circumvent process and expedite results. In and of itself fine. I’m all about efficiencies. But there is something that really bothers me about this trend because on a certain some level it downgrades the inherent value of process. Disrespect for the journey. And the blood, sweat, tears and joy from simply showing up and suiting up for the full commitment.

To me, the journey is everything. That is where the value lies. It’s a sentiment that was echoed in last weeks podcast episode with Casey Neistat – a guy who overcame tremendous obstacles with nothing but faith, will, belief and total commitment to process.

And it’s an ethos that really captures what today’s guest is all about. All in all, a guy who understands the long-term value of the journey over the temporary thrill of the #lifehack.

Jonathan Fields. Dad. Husband,  serial-entrepreneur, award-winning, bestselling author, speaker, A-list blogger, web-show host, and mindful innovation strategist who has been profiled in pretty much every prestigious publication there is, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, and Forbes. A guy I have been following with great enthusiasm to my tremendous benefit for years.

On a personal level, Jonathan is guy I can deeply relate to – a guy (like me) who decided to leave the gilded protective hallways of the corporate law firm existence and risk everything in search of a life path of greater meaning for himself and others.  Well Jonathan found it — in spades.  His mission? To humanize and empower the process of creation. To help people and organizations conceive and build better, more conscious businesses, art, and lives in less time, with more joy and less effort.

What gives Jonathan’s particular brand of entrepreneurship such resonance with me personally is his inherent focus on process over results. Emphasis on the journey over the destination. An understanding that authenticity is everything. And that mindfulness lays forth the path. This is reflected in everything he does, from his writing and public speaking to his online educational courses and most importantly his life.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Jonathan last year for an episode of his Good Life Project web series — an exploration of lives well-lived featuring conversations with acclaimed entrepreneurs, artists and authors you should most definitely check out — and I am so pleased that he reciprocated, taking the time to sit down with me in New York a few weeks back.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation with one of the most considerate and empowering people I have the good fortune to know.

Peace + Plants,



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