I Forgot To Die: Khalil Rafati’s Journey From Homeless Junkie To Wellness Entrepreneur

“I’m a high school dropout. I’m a convicted felon. I can’t spell. I can’t type. I was homeless. I shot dope into my veins and I am not ashamed of any of that stuff because that’s what I had to do to survive… Whatever it is that you are suffering from, you can change. And you can change in such a profound way that within a short period of time you wont even recognize yourself anymore.”

Khalil Rafati

Today my good friend Khalil Rafati returns to the podcast.

Most would call Khalil a successful wellness entrepreneur. SunLife Organics, his growing chain of organic juice bar cafés, can be seen popping up all over Southern California with more on the horizon.

But it wasn’t that long ago that the only thing Khalil was successful at was getting high in the dark underbelly of the City of Angels.

Addicted to shooting heroin and smoking crack, Khalil was soon overtaken by paranoia and psychosis and written off by friends and family. When he finally hit bottom, Khalil was 33 years old and 109 pounds, a convicted felon, high school dropout, and homeless junkie living in a cardboard box on the infamous Skid Row in downtown L.A.

At the time, Khalil was hell bent on dying. But God, the Universe or whatever you want to call it had different plans. He didn’t just live — he repaired his life wholesale. A miracle of sobriety. Miracle.

So how does someone with nothing, who feels like they deserve nothing, and who just wants to end it all turn their life around?

Khalil’s story is nothing short of astounding, trumped only by his ability to tell it. So if you missed his first appearance on the show, listen up here.

Today he drops by the podcast studio to pick up where we left off — a tale recently canonized in his recently released memoir I Forgot To Die*  — an incredible true story of pain, suffering, addiction and redemption and how one man ultimately conquered his demons and wrote himself a new life story.

So let’s hear all about it. I sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation with one of my favorite people.

Peace + Plants,


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Now available— I Forgot to Die* is an incredible true story of pain, suffering, addiction and redemption.

SunLife Organics is a juice bar offering organic juice, smoothies, frozen yogurt, coffee, supplements, superfood snacks and more. To learn more visit SunLifeOrganics.com & follow on Instagram.

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