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Andy Ramage on the Benefits of An Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

By May 6, 2024No Comments
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Episode #830



Our society is thoroughly saturated with the cultural acceptance and even glorification of alcohol consumption.

However, a burgeoning appreciation for the limitless potential and personal growth accompanying a sober existence is challenging these traditions.

My guest today is Andy Ramage, co-founder of the OneYearNoBeer movement and the Dryy alcohol-free app. Back for round two (episode 444), Andy is a leading voice catalyzing a shift in how we view sobriety and alcohol-free living.

After a career-ending injury derailed his professional soccer dreams, Andy found himself caught in the grips of alcohol while successfully building multimillion-dollar businesses. Initially, he tried a short break from booze, but the profound results unlocked new levels of health, energy, and purpose—so he’s never looked back.

Andy paints a vivid picture of life without alcohol. Gone are the hangovers, remorse, wasted hours, and lost potential. Instead, a new world emerges—one marked by restored relationships, reclaimed time, financial freedom, and a renaissance of physical and mental well-being.

“You get so much of your life back when you go alcohol-free.”


Today, we explore the personal journeys of transitioning to an alcohol-free lifestyle, navigating social settings, and the psychological aspects of behavior change. Andy expounds on intrinsic motivation, the stages of the change model, challenging limiting beliefs about alcohol, and the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of transformation.

We dig into real-world scenarios, navigating dating without alcohol, peer pressure, moderation versus complete abstinence, and the importance of community support.

Additionally, Andy discusses the broader applicability of psychology and behavioral change principles beyond the alcohol-free ecosystem. He shares mindset shifts and practical tips for navigating social situations, cravings, and building an alcohol-free identity. Using tools like his Dryy app, Andy and I explore the nuances of total abstinence versus moderate drinking.

For those who prefer a visual experience, the conversation is available on YouTube. As always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Whether you struggle with alcohol, feel stuck in a rut, or seek greater mastery over behaviors and habits, Andy’s wisdom offers a roadmap for profound personal transformation.

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