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You’ve Been Running Wrong.

By August 21, 2019No Comments

Natural lifestyle coach & barefoot runner Tony Riddle dropped by to help me unlearn everything I thought I knew about how to run — and start over.

It’s about ‘rewilding’ our feet. And getting back to the natural.

My podcast with Tony drops on August 26. Until then enjoy this vloggy tutorial thing.

Commencing September 1, Tony will be running the length of the United Kingdom barefoot to raise awareness and funds on behalf of top organizations confronting the ecological issues of our time. To get involved and donate, click here.

If this video leaves you wanting to learn more about natural running technique, Tony has a special discount code for his Vimeo squat and running tutorials. Go to: and use the discount code: RICHROLL50

Note: I am not an affiliate and have no financial incentive here – just sharing Tony’s wisdom.

Filmed & Edited by Ali Rogers. Give her a shout on Instagram for the great work!

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Thank you!

Peace + Plants,