“It’s important to take a moment. Reflect on the journey. Honor yourself and those that got you there.”

Five years ago, I published a book called Finding Ultra. Since that time, so much about my life has changed. Today I have the privilege of living a life beyond my wildest imagination. But like so many, I can lose sight of this fact — focused on finishing up the next project, lost in thought about the work that remains and the stones yet unturned. I need to be reminded that it’s important to take off those blinders. Stop for a moment. Reflect back. Honor the path you have blazed. And express gratitude for those in your life that support you. Because nobody achieves dreams alone.

There’s so much more to do. But if it all ended today I would die a happy man. Because it’s been an incredible journey. Thanks for taking it with me.

My wish for all of you is that you embark upon your version of what I have been blessed to experience. Do the inside work. Walk courageously through fear. And bring life to the more self-actualized, authentic self within.

Peace + Plants,