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By August 27, 2017No Comments

“We’re not talking about a 2-hour workout…”

A few weeks ago I traveled north to Lake Tahoe for an intense 48-hour high altitude training camp in preparation for the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships on September 4 in the beautiful — and cold — Swedish archipelago, where I will be racing alongside my teammate, coach and friend Chris Hauth. Olympic swimmer Caroline Burckle joined us, along with Tomasz Jakubowski documenting the experience.

It was fun. It was eye-opening. It was hard. Really hard.

My takeaway? Ötillö just might be the toughest, most challenging endurance experience I have ever faced. I will meet the experience with open arms, but also with a healthy dose of humility.

Thanks to Tomasz for helping to document the experience. And Reece Robinson for the groovy edit.

In less than 4 days, I depart for Stokholm. I’m bringing my camera and Tomasz will be joining us, so I will do my best to document the experience for a future video or two.

Hope you enjoy this little peek behind the scenes. If so, it would mean a lot if you share it with friends and subscribe to my channel!

Peace + Plants,


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