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Be More of Who You Really Are

By February 16, 2018February 5th, 2019No Comments

In November 2012, while living in a yurt on the north shore of Kauai, I decided it might be fun to record a podcast. So I borrowed my sons’ wonky microphones, figured out how to plug them into Garage Band, set up two chairs in a vacant, echo-y warehouse, hit record, and just started talking.

I had no agenda. I didn’t know what I was doing, let alone if there would ever be a second episode. The last thing I could have imagined is that five-plus years later I would have logged over 700 hours of conversation across 350 episodes hosting one of the most widely listened to shows in the world.

What I did know was that I loved it. So I kept going.

And last week my baby eclipsed 30 million downloads.

It’s a cool number. But in truth, I don’t measure success by rankings. My metric isn’t audience size. My benchmark is depth of engagement. The level of fulfillment and personal growth an endeavor delivers. And the extent to which my efforts significantly and positively impact others.

But I do believe in taking a moment to honor such benchmarks, primarily as a way of expressing gratitude. A way of saying thank you.

Thank you.

Without you — the audience — I would have never sought out the extraordinary people that have graced my show, depriving both myself and you the opportunity to learn and grow from their wisdom. It’s an experience that has transformed my life in immeasurable ways. I hope yours too.

So if you find yourself stuck, harboring a creative impulse but without the motivation or inspiration to manifest your heart’s imagination, may this post and video provide the spark to light your path.

Because it’s never too late.

And we need you to be more of who you really are.

Thanks for taking this wild ride with me. Here’s to another 30 million.

Peace + Plants,