Mishka Shubaly Interviews Rich


Once again, I’m switching gears.  The interviewer becomes the interviewee.  Part II.

Mishka was a super popular guest on the podcast about a month ago.  If you listened to the interview, you know we went deep — exhaustingly deep perhaps.  Despite the fact that I had never previously met Mishka face-to-face, I had a knowing sense that we would hit it off given our many points in common – writing, running, alcoholism & sobriety.  There was an immediate short hand, and we just went straight to the core until we both felt like we were drowning in molten lava when the interview was over.

So when my publisher raised the issue of having someone interview me to coincide with the release of the paperback version of Finding Ultra* — hitting bookshelves and online retailers  5/21! — I knew Mishka more than fit the bill.

Osher Günsberg hit the nail on the head with Part I of this self-involved and shameless self-promotional podcast double, and Mishka picks right up with Part II right where Osher left off — repaying the favor of my unrepentant deep dive with him by hitting me hard with some tough questions as we peel back the layers and get behind the scenes on my book, my story and what drives both of us.


I feel weird asking people to buy the paperback.  I’m sure the majority of you listeners out there have already read my book – you have, right?  RIGHT??  But then again, who knows?  Maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you just stumbled upon this blog and podcast out of the blue.  So here is an opportunity to learn a bit more about me, why I wrote the book and what I hoped to express.

Oh yeah, there’s also this little matter of admitting that I would like to move some units.  Maybe even make the  NY Times Bestseller List for Non-Fiction Paperbacks  – a list I narrowly missed with the hardcover release.  OK, busted.  Call me shameless.  Call me competitive.  Or, just shoot me.  I am formally apologizing right here and right now.  But hey, wouldn’t you do the same if you had spent a couple years writing a book?  So cut me some slack.  I will say that if I do make the list — an admitted (huge?) longshot, it will be entirely due to YOU — the audience of this podcast and blog.  And hey, if my book and this podcast stand for anything, it’s that we should all dream big.  Making that list is definitely a big dream of mine.

Moreover, the truth is, I ain’t got no publicist out there shilling for me.  Plus, Random House basically told me they don’t have the resources to market and promote the release — basically no press to get the word out.  So I’m on my own.  But I’m not — I’ve got all of you, who have been beyond supportive.  So if you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve been freely sharing — content that takes an obscene amount of my time to create — and feel inclined to support the message I so passionately believe in, then this is the time I am REALLY ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.

Forget donating, just pull the trigger on the paperback.  Already read the book?  Then get it as a gift for someone — after all, Father’s Day is coming up and you gotta get dear old dad something anyway.  Plus, it’s darn cheap –  just $13.50 on Amazon.  What the heck, right?  That’s like a one cold pressed juice at Whole Foods; and will hopefully be even a bit more nourishing.  Then tell a friend.


Enough self-promotion.  Enough!  Everything else aside, I think you will really enjoy my conversation with Mishka – one more brother from another mother.


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