Jonathan Schwartz: From A-List Manager To Healthy Heart Athlete & Advocate

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Today on the show, my friend — & brother in arms when it comes to swim / bike / run — Jonathan Schwartz.  In certain respects Jonathan is an “everyman athlete”, but he is far from ordinary.  Early morning it’s up to train.  By day he’s a business manager to A-list Hollywood clientele & professional athletes — NBA players and major rock stars like Alanis Morissette & Linkin Park — as well as a dedicated father and husband.  But his passion his health.  Particularly heart health.  I’ll let him tell the story, but in a nutshell a health scare led him to a plant-based diet, and he’s never looked back; sound familiar?

Jonathan took his passion for addressing our nation’s heart disease crisis to the next level when he founded HeartView Global, a foundation devoted to two primary goals:

  1. To identify heart disease in its latent “clinically silent” phase, thereby allowing asymptomatic but vulnerable individuals to undertake the necessary prophylactic lifestyle modifications and medications to arrest atherosclerosis – and for clinically unrecognized high risk individuals to undergo the necessary coronary interventions that will help prevent the development of heart attacks, stroke, or premature sudden cardiac death; and
  2. To encourage a plant-based nutrition diet founded in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, along with some nuts and seeds.

Jonathan is a great guy.  His message is powerful.  Tune in.  And thank me later.

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