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[EXPLICIT] The Punk Iconoclast on GMO’s, The “V” Word & Expanding Consciousness

By December 23, 2013May 24th, 20198 Comments

S$#*t’s about to get raw. Authentic. And real.

Back by popular demand, Cro-Mags’ frontman John Joseph— aka “Bloodclot” — returns to the podcast today to do what he does best – light fires, blow stuff up and burn the house down.  All for the sake of getting people to wake up, expand consciousness and take control of our lives.

Weaned from the ailing womb of Scorsese’s Mean Streets, JJ is a true American original. Lower East Side thief, abuse survivor, drug dealer & brawling gutter rat reborn as spiritual warrior. CBGB Street Poet. Punk-ass Robin Hood. Plantpowered Ironman. Spiritual evangelist. A life story so astounding it echoes some demented amalgam of Bukowski, Hugh Selby, Jr., Jerry Stahl, Eckhart Tolle & Paramahansa Yogananda.

Plus he can write. His tale of survival is so vividly depicted in his autobiography Evolution of a Cro-Magnon, it’s currently being adapted into a movie. And July 2014 brings Harper Collins’ wide release of his previously self-published (and currently out-of-print) cult hit Meat is For Pussies*— with a foreword by yours truly.

But more anything, this boy can spin a yarn. JJ’s first appearance on the podcast was a massive hit, and we barely scratched the surface of John’s ability to opine and pontificate on a vast array of subjects — life on the streets, GMO’s, Monsanto, the strange history of Aspartame, the power of meditation, the importance of expanding consciousness, the problems with the “V” word, what it means to be truly punk in this post-millenia era, and why meat really is for pussies.

If you’re new to the show, be sure to check out JJ’s previous appearance in RRP 41. It’s like a bomb exploding in an elevator.

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  • Monique says:

    John is da bomb – love that guy! He was surprisingly reserved on his f-boms with this ´sode :-). That said, the content was great – dude knows his stuff.

  • NateM says:

    Yet another great one! …Can listen to JJ talk all day! Thanks!

  • Sarah says:

    Love JJ and his first guest spot is one of my favs, but didn’t appreciate how he speaks so poorly of vegans in general with very little qualification in this ep. Sure, there are some douchbags who are unfortunately very vocal, but in my experience, the folks coming out criticizing Beyonce and JZ and Tal Ronnen, etc. are not the majority. The opening of Lyfe Kitchen was overflowing with vegans excited to be able to eat someplace with omni friends. One of the owners of one of the vegan restaurants they visited was extremely gracious, leading by example, and encouraging of Jay and B’s journey. The majority of vegans I have met are neither pushy nor preachy and are, by and large, abundantly compassionate and amazing folks. Maybe I don’t attract “those” types of vegans that JJ rails against because I am not that type of person, but there are a lot of good people out there speaking up for the same issues JJ cares about and at many points in the interview, he came off as bagging on vegans, period – as if it’s a single-minded group. On another note, he was surprisingly subdued with the F-bombs this time around. Not gonna lie…missed his creativity with expletives. 🙂 Otherwise, enjoyable podcast, as always.

  • Jaimela Dulaney says:

    Love the podcast as always. Anyway to get the reading list John mentioned?

  • Jim says:

    Your Podcasts rock. The last few have been particularly thought provoking and challenging. Great stories. Great insight. Great discussion. Rock on! Looking forward to your 2014 work.

  • ultrastevep says:

    Great podcast, Rich….I could listen to this guy talk all day…and yes, have Kevin on sometime, would love to hear his story!

  • dukha says:

    I love this podcast, but I wouldn’t recommend this episode to a first time listener. JJ has some really cool and interesting insights, but he goes a little too far of the deep-end with some of his “not-conspiracy” conspiracies. I dislike Monsanto as much as anyone, but when someone starts talking about how they are hiding crazy chemicals in commercial airplanes so they can spray fields in Hawaii from 30K feet in the air, it’s a little hard to take him seriously (or infecting NYC subways with flu viruses, sterilizing ‘blacks’, etc.).

    Unfortunately, he mixes in these statements with things that are true (e.g., suing people for using seeds that happens to get blown into their fields), which is why I don’t recommend it to new listeners. Also, telling people to ‘google’ things is not really support – there’s a lot of crappy stuff on the internet.

    Anyway, just wanted to leave this for new listeners since this is the only episode I simply couldn’t finish (the first part was good).

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