60 Ironmans & Counting

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I’m so excited to share with you today’s guest — my favorite female pro triathlete Hillary Biscay.  Why is she my favorite? Oh, let me count the ways….First we have similar backgrounds as collegiate swimmers (although I promised not to hold her USC affiliation against her). And not only is she on the PlantPower bandwagon (all the cool kids are doing it these days…), she is also the first guest I’ve had on the show who has also competed at Ultraman – it was great to hear her perspective on this race as a veteran pro.  So much to talk about, fresh off her 60th Ironman – yes you heard me right, 60 Ironmans! — which was also one of her fastest.  Finally, anyone who lists “running ultras” as her “hobby” away from triathlon is definitely on my wavelength.

We get into all of it – what keeps her motivated; how her training has evolved from her days with legendary coach Brett Sutton to her current relationship with coach Siri Lindley; how she fuels her training and racing on plants (including missteps along the way); and of course her personal experience racing Ultraman, and what that was like as an ironman professional.

Finally, we get to hear all about her new line of triathlon & active apparel – Smash.  You know I love good design, and this stuff is excellent.  I just wish she would hurry up and start making stuff for guys.

Hillary is a delight, and she brings her vivaciousness to this interview in spades.  Enjoy.

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We are working hard on putting together a line of super groovy PlantPower-themed attire.  First up will be a t-shirt design, which we should have ready to print in the next two weeks – here’s a peek at the logo design – what do you think?

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UPDATE 6.25.13: Thanks for all the groovy posts.  I have decided to pick 2 winners – BE CREATIVE!

Good luck!



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