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Hillary Biscay On 60 Ironmans & Counting

By June 25, 2013August 7th, 202315 Comments

I’m so excited to share with you today’s guest — my favorite female pro triathlete Hillary Biscay.  Why is she my favorite? Oh, let me count the ways….First we have similar backgrounds as collegiate swimmers (although I promised not to hold her USC affiliation against her). And not only is she on the PlantPower bandwagon (all the cool kids are doing it these days…), she is also the first guest I’ve had on the show who has also competed at Ultraman – it was great to hear her perspective on this race as a veteran pro.  So much to talk about, fresh off her 60th Ironman – yes you heard me right, 60 Ironmans! — which was also one of her fastest.  Finally, anyone who lists “running ultras” as her “hobby” away from triathlon is definitely on my wavelength.

We get into all of it – what keeps her motivated; how her training has evolved from her days with legendary coach Brett Sutton to her current relationship with coach Siri Lindley; how she fuels her training and racing on plants (including missteps along the way); and of course her personal experience racing Ultraman, and what that was like as an ironman professional.

Finally, we get to hear all about her new line of triathlon & active apparel – Smash.  You know I love good design, and this stuff is excellent.  I just wish she would hurry up and start making stuff for guys.

Hillary is a delight, and she brings her vivaciousness to this interview in spades.  Enjoy.



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As always, thank you for all the ongoing support.  You guys are everything.


  • BYOL says:

    great podcast! one of my new favs.

  • Graham Dethmers says:

    Loved this podcast. Hilary is a great athlete and role model. The conversation ranged over many topics that interested me. It was great to hear from an athlete that became a vegan for performance and animal rights concerns. Great motivating stuff.

    Second, I love the shirt design, and look forward to see it in production.

  • Anne says:

    Hillary has amazing energy and this was a very fun and informative interview.

    LOVE her Smash tri apparel!! Have finally found the unique and colorful tri top I’ve been looking for.

  • Maryann says:

    Hillary gave such a great interview. Very inspiring! I like her attitude about being plant powered, trying to be vegan, but not “sweating the small stuff”.

  • Monique says:

    Great interview! I didn’t know about Hillary so now I have another plant-powered female athlete to look up to!

  • Lacy Gannon says:

    Rich! Love your stuff. the Podcast was awesome with Hillary… her tri gear is amazing. smashfest queen!! I’m hoping to win your plantpower shirt… took a pic doing a sweet yoga pose and reading FINDING ULTRA….

  • Dirko says:

    Hi Rich, again, a very great interview. I took a lot of impulses. I should try this kind of sport! Dirko

  • Marius J says:

    Great podcast! You should post your intro songs in the notes.

  • Alison Aylesworth says:

    I just found this podcast and listened to it during my long run last weekend! Hilary is a beast! She is so inspiring! Thanks for the podcast and some inspiration along the way!!!

  • Jean-marc D'Aoust says:

    Loved this podcast 🙂

  • Christian Ledesma says:

    Great conversation. I definitely need to reduce my intake of processed carbs – a great reminder.

  • Jan says:

    THIS! was one of the most jaw dropping RRP episode ever. Hillary talks about her bi-weekly ironmans like it a piece of cake yet dose so with such down to earth attitude. Very, very inspiring. Thank you for making this podcast.

  • HCaron says:

    Loved loved loved this podcast. We were just in Hawaii last week and were so sad to miss the UltraMan… Keep up the great work Rich!

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