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The Power of Community for Transformation

By August 17, 2014May 24th, 201945 Comments


Wow. I can’t believe how amazing this podcast journey has been.

Over the last week, I have been flooded with inquiries on social media – so who is going to be the special guest for the big episode 100?

A lot of speculation. Big names getting thrown around with anticipatory question marks. I understand the appeal. But this landmark has me sentimental. Thinking a lot about what was going on in my life when I made the decision to start this show. And when perceived through this lens, there is only one person appropriate to sit across from me for 100 — the same person who sat across from me for #1.

Julie Piatt.

The wheel turns. We come full circle. Revisit. Reflect. Give thanks. And move forward.

So much has changed since November 2012 when the show launched. To take a quantum leap forward, we must connect with and better understand the past. So I went back and listened to that very first offering — for the first time since I recorded it. Admittedly rough. Unpolished. Nervous energy, echo chamber audio and uncertainty converging in a vacant warehouse on an organic farm on the north shore of Kauai. Just me, Julie, a couple really bad mics and no expectations or idea as to where this leap would land.

And yet I was dumbstruck by just how much the show has stayed true to the seed I planted that day.

I vividly recall that day. My son Tyler and my nephew Harrison jerry-rigging their musical equipment to manage the audio. I remember the theme music they wrote and recorded in the warehouse just hours before the first show — a riff they came up without much thought and always intended as “temp” until they wrote something better. Julie and I sitting across from each other, wondering just what we might talk about.

Two years later and I’m astonished at just how little has changed. Today Ty (who is now my producer and the guy behind all the show music) and Harrison strummed guitars and checked audio levels as I set up in our garage. That temp theme music still begins each episode. And Julie and I still stare across at each other before every show we do together, wondering just what the conversation might bring.

But what really struck me about that first episode is that my improvised introduction and meandering thoughts, words, intentions and aspirations for what the show might become mirror exactly what the show has indeed become 100 episodes and hundreds of recorded hours later — compelling long-form conversations with inspiring, paradigm busting minds and personalities in health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, creativity and spirituality with one singular goal – to help you discover, uncover, unlock and unleash your best, most authentic self.

Although I know I have gotten better at this, I still consider myself rather amateur behind the mic. But I’m proud of the show we’ve built. A show that has promoted dialog around new ideas. A toolbox of inspiration and education for transcending your circumstances. A platform for unlocking your inner potential – in whatever form that may be – by introducing and discussing new (sometimes controversial or fringe) ideas with the hope that you will take what resonates with you and not only use it, but share it.

The Power of Community

I send the show out into the ether every week. But it’s you, the audience, who has taken what alone is nothing more than an inert digital file comprised of ones and zeroes — and fertilized it. A seed you have fostered into something much bigger and more important than a simple weekly .mp3. Something remarkable:


When I think back on the history of the show to date, it’s crystal clear what is truly important. And most beautiful. A global water cooler around which we can connect over a myriad of ideas with one collective goal — be and do better. Together.


That’s what today’s show is all about.

No matter what your goal or aspiration – irrespective of how solitary you believe its pursuit – you simply cannot truly score on your own. Everyone needs a team. Everyone needs a support network. Everyone needs help. Everyone needs a Board of Advisors.

Birth family or soul family. Children or parents. Friends or co-workers. Clubs or crews. The shape and form of these networks of support mean less than the quality of the individuals that comprise them.

The point is this: when your team is intact, in alignment, supportive and strong, miracles can occur.

Together we are one. Together we are strong. Together we can change the world.

Let’s Talk About Gratitude

With the reflection that comes with milestones I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Let this 100th episode serve as a big thank you to all of you out there who have helped me along the path. Without a doubt, this includes you – the listener. Thank you for your courage; for taking the leap; and walking this journey alongside me. Thank you for putting wind in my sails by tuning in week after week.

And thank you for giving me hope in the good — the promise of a better more fulfilling, legacy worthy purpose here on Earth in this short life.

But most of all, thank you for letting me serve. Because it is in service that I find purpose, meaning and a sense of deep satisfaction that positively infuses every aspect of my daily life experience.

I Want To Hear From You (Plus Giveaway!)

In addition, I want to thank each and every one of you — and there are many — who have taken the time to reach out and share with me your challenges, victories and struggles. I cannot overstate the extent to which your experiences humble me; hold me accountable for my own actions; inspire me to do and be better; and ennoble me to soldier on in the face of whatever obstacles I may face.

Which brings me to an idea..

If you have been positively influenced by this show to make a personally significant change in your life, I want to hear your story. If you’re up for sharing, please weave your tale in the comments section below. If you’d rather remain anonymous (I get it), then e-mail your testimony to [email protected] (I am the only person who will see these e-mails and your confidence will not be shared). To the extent of your willingness to be vulnerable, let it all hang out: the struggles you faced, how you overcame and how this show might have played a (small part).

I’m not looking to take any credit whatsoever for anybody’s journey. Any improvements you made to your life, well that’s on you entirely. Hats off and head bowed in reverence. I just love the stories. It helps me feel more connected to you. It helps dry the cement on this community bond I am trying to foster – a bond over just being better.

I promise to read everything. Then I’ll pick 3 and send the chosen a sweet care package of thanks and congratulations. Because giving back is what it means to be part of a community.

This week is about honoring just that. It’s what this show is — and has always been — all about.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this 100th conversation. And again, thank you. Really.

Peace + Plants,


PS – Next week I finally sit down with the great Brendan Brazier . I know there is a lot of anticipation for this one, and it doesn’t disappoint. So stay tuned!

PPS – Below is the beautiful video slide show Julie referenced in our conversation documenting the birth of Jaya Blue, the youngest addition to our family community. The images and video come courtesy of the extremely talented mind and eye of Stacie Isabella Turk.


The Rich Roll Podcast App

Julie’s Website:

Huffington Post: “Ask and You Shall Receive” by Amanda Slavin

Filmmaker & photographer Stacie Isabella Turk:

Episode featured image © Maclay Heriot



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  • Koos Verhagen says:

    You two rock!

  • Tommi Forss says:

    I just finished my first half distance
    triathlon last weekend. My training has been very low in volume and infrequent due
    various reasons. Still I finished way beyond my expectations at 5:22:30. I felt
    great during and after the race.

    You did guess it right! Only real change from
    last years has been diet and paying attention to mental aspect of life. Hey, it
    looks you don’t need a meet for protein…

    RRP and all
    the guests have really helped with keeping up my transition. I am looking
    forward for more.

    Thanks and
    Congratulation for all the 100 episodes!


  • worldcollector says:

    I found this gem of a podcast about 2 month ago.

    It has changed my perspective. That sounds cliché. I’m in my early 20s and going to uni. I don’t find a lot of inspirational, meditation-loving healthnuts out there. So well, here I do. Since I started listenting I got back into a daily meditation routine, started running again and doing my first marathon in October here in Munich. Already dreaming of my first trail run in the Alps :).

    Thanks so much for doing this! Keep it up as I know you will.
    All the best from Germany,

  • damienclarkson says:

    Hey Rich and Julie,

    Your podcast and book has had a huge impact on me. I read Finding Ultra around the time I was going Vegan and 6 months into my running journey. Afterwards I felt so inspired to take on my health and fitness journey to the next level.

    As someone who grew up with an addicted parent, so much of your story I resonated through the experience of watching my Dad live through it. I just wish he could have heard your podcast learned about gratitude and a plant based lifestyle. I am glad that I as someone who also struggles with to maintain the balance in my life has found your podcast as your weekly inspiration acts as a reminder to get me out there embracing nature. It also has taught me that imbalance isn’t always a bad thing. You choose who you want to use that focus and energy, for you it was creating this community of becoming an ultra man. In the last year I have ran a marathon, played my first musical concert, purchased my first road bike and discovered a fitter healthier version of myself.

    In the past couple of month I have discovered meditation, it was your podcast with Julie a couple of months ago that inspired me to think about gratitude and how lucky I actually am. Meditation is definitely helping me the quiet the mind and go about living a more happy existence.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re helping so many people.

    Peace, Plants.

    Damien Clarkson

  • vincenti says:

    I cured a lifelong struggle(since age 5) with severe OCD(anxiety disorder) by exercising and changing to a WFPB-diet. Rich, you were a big part of that transformation. As after years of being sick, so sick that at my worst I couldn’t do anything but have crippling anxiety attacks and be scared. After that I got PTSD too from being mistreated by the swedish healthcare system(I wont go into details with that).

    As things started to stabilize and I got help I started to see some small light on the horizon. I could play music again and it would help me channel my emotions and practice channeling them. It took a few years and I was still sick but slowly getting better. Then I saw an article in a Vego-magazine(swedish monthly vegan foods and recipe magazine). In the middle of the paper was a fascinating story about four world class vegan athletes. Some guy named Rich Roll who turned his life around at 39 and become one of the fittest and greatest ultra athletes of our time.

    This peaked my interest since one of my major hangups with being sick was that I thought my life was ruined, my potential lost. Now, I had an advantage. I was only 28 years old. I immediately started looking into starting playing different sports again and baught some running shoes and got to reading. Among the first books I read was Finding Ultra which gave me even more strength as I could relate to a lot to it. Especially about not fitting in or feeling out of place.

    During this time I even got really adamant about getting the right kind of nutrition through all kinds of vegan foods and smoothies. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old on and off with periods of eating meat cause there’s been no support for eating healthy and vegan by my society. At least not while you’re still in school or within a healthcare system, it’s annoying, but in my heart I was always a vegan.

    When I could practice veganism and exercise fully I got better quickly, within 4 months I was symptom free, no more panic attacks, no more shortness of breath or headaches and best of all, no crippling anxiety.

    I hope to run a marathon within 5 years and hope I get to thank you in person one day.

    Peace… plants

  • Robin Forsythe says:

    Dear Rich and Julie, I just want to start with a big congratulations and thank you for making the 100 podcast milestone. I have tuned in from the very start and have enjoyed the journey over the last 2 years.

    I was working a monotonous, mind-numbing assembly job in a sewing production house when I stumbled upon your podcast. Production sewing 8 hours a day, I needed mental stimulation. After work, I was a one-woman show working on my own line of clothing I was producing, and taking on freelance jobs as well. Burnout, a breakup, and depression ensued. I embraced and acknowledged my own pity party for a short time and then got to work on changing my circumstances.

    This podcast inspired me to follow my dreams of traveling, reignite my spiritual path, and be the person I wanted to attract into my life. I sold everything I owned and headed to Bangkok Thailand to become a teacher.

    A year later, it’s still a work in progress and I’ve just recently made a commitment to myself to find my community here. I also tend to isolate, without the addiction issues. The timing of your topic couldn’t have been more synchronistic.

    Anyway I just wanted you to know I always look forward to the next podcast and am continually inspired by you and your guests. Thank you from my heart.

  • Rick says:

    Rich, thanks to you and your family for initiating and growing the podcast. I have enjoyed everyone of them -sometimes on the bike, sometimes on a run, and other times in the car or walking the campus where I work. Your story captivated me from the beginning as I am also a recovering big firm attorney. I left after 25 years of practice to pursue an MFA in creative writing. Soon after completing that, I managed to land a faculty job that would start in a couple of months, but fate knocked me upside the head and put everything in doubt. In June, 2009, my heart stopped during a USTA tennis match. Lucky for me, a cardiologist was subbing in for the other team (I was also a sub that evening-talk about fate). As my teammates and daughter watched, I recieved world class CPR for over 12 minutes until the fire rescue squad arrived to shock me back to life. That night I underwent a bypass surgery that was only partially successful. Searching for a way to get my future under control, I found Dr. Esselstyn’s book and enrolled in his day long seminar. In spite of the fact that my bypass surgery was only partially successful, the vegan diet enabled me to recover and train enough to run in events and complete duathlons. Most recently, I qualified in my age group for cycling in the National Senior Olympics next year in Minneapolis. So following your journey over recent years has been a prime motivation in my recovery. I can’t recall precisely but think I found you during a web search for vegan athletes. I was looking for motivation and most remember the deep impact that reading you blog post of July 2010 had on me as you poured out your struggles and conflicts -and then to read “My Man” by Julie. Those writings have remained my backdrop for what you have both created and shared. I appreciate your honesty and integrity as you navigate and explore the competing voices in the realms of nutrition and enhancing life. I don’t know of any other source for in-depth (going deep) conversations with so many interesting and inspirational guests where the questions always seem to get around to what I would have wanted to ask.
    Rather than a menu of “life hacks,” you have allowed us to follow and participate in your path, your journey, and the sweet and enlightening intersections with people as diverse as John Joseph and T. Colin Campbell or Adam Dole and Slomo. So, I hope that you keep going Rich, and whatever turns you take, I hope that you continue to share as your story provides soulful fuel. Peace, plants.

  • Monica says:

    Thank you for creating a podcast that has touched so many lives positively, including myself. I found it by accident (or fate?) at a point in my life when I needed it most. I love trail running and being in nature but after having my two children, my needs got lost in the shuffle. I started feeling unhealthy and then learned that my sister had died of ovarian cancer. Shortly after my brother developed testicular cancer. I was terrified that I was next. The more I listened to your podcast the more I realized I had an solution staring me in the face. Since listening to your podcast, I have changed to a vegan lifestyle and gotten back to my beloved running, started meditating every morning and after runs (which feels blissful) and practice yoga. Even my husband has supported me in this endeavour and he has almost completely cut out meat from his diet. I feel so much more alive and I have you to thank for motivating me on that path. I approach food as medicine and my life as things to nourish my soul. I am so much more present now, thanks to this podcast. What you give people is priceless. Thank you.

  • Pouts13 says:

    Rich & Julie, firstly congratulations on your first 100 episodes. You have both enriched my and my families life so much, I can never thank you both enough. I have never personally met you Rich, yet you are one of the most influential people in my life. In fact my wife now says if she wants me to change the way I do something she is going to get you to put it on your podcast. I have transformed from a person of over 120kg, probably pushing 130kg if we are honest, who ate a 3 meat and no veg, fast food, processed diet, to a now completely plant based, feeling amazing person who has a thirst for life like never before. At 42 I can honestly say I have never been healthier.
    From the first moment I heard you talk your message resonated with me. Your ability to communicate at a level that breaks through all the male stereotype BS and explain this lifestyle in a way that makes sense to the typical person, I think is one of your real strengths. Every time I looked at myself gaining weight I would tell myself the story that it is OK, all men put on weight and as guys we wear it well. The real truth was that I didn’t have the courage to face what was really happening and I would tell myself these stories to make myself feel better and allow me to portray happiness and confidence. The reality though was that I was becoming disconnected from my family and friends and more importantly myself. Fast forward to now, I meditate every morning and do yoga for 10-20 minutes. I journal my thoughts and for the first time I really know who I am and have real confidence in myself as a person. I am no longer doing everything in my power to make people like me. I say this is who I am and if you like me then I would love to be friends. I understand why I was continually self sabotaging my life and am working on becoming who I really am every day. It will be a journey that I am on for the rest of my life and I look forward to every day and adventure that awaits me. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would have a plant based diet and that I would meditate and do yoga every day, I would have told you that you were crazy. The joys of life. You never know where it will lead you next. The most important lesson you have taught me here is that it is about progress and not perfection. That has been such a strong mantra in my life and will continue to be. I can’t explain it, but eating plant based almost demands spirituality. I find that my mind craves meditation and my soul craves spiritual growth.
    Finally Rich, the 2 most important changes are with my wife and my son. After being together for over 12 years now, we have never been closer or more in love. Becoming plant based has played such a major role in that. Rachel has always been a caring and compassionate person, who always said that there was a spiritual person in me waiting to come out. A bit like yourself, I had to find this path myself as no amount of persuasion from my wife was going to put me on this path. Now we are on the path together. We look for new recipes. Share podcasts. Cook together. Created ceremony around eating together and celebrate our new life. We spend time in nature and are even looking at studying dharma together. We have spiritual conversations and discuss how we can grow and help others.
    We now have an amazing son Castiel who has just turned 1. What I believe you should be most proud of, is that you have not just changed mine and other peoples lives. You have changed families going forward. Our son eats a completely plant based diet. I understand nutrition in a way I never have now and he has the healthiest life possible. He is alert, vibrant and energetic and is just amazing. He will then teach his children about health and nutrition. The change you have created in me and others will continue to be passed on through generations of my family. Long after we have both gone and come back again, the legacy you have created will continue to live on. The gift of health is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. You have given that to me, my wife and most importantly, my son.
    Finally Rich you have inspired me to spread the message as well. I have created a Brand called Connect Foods. We are launching in Supermarkets in Australia in Sept / Oct. The concept behind the brand is that as consumers we have lost connection with ourselves, family and friends through facebook, twitter etc and the fact we are so time poor. We want to teach people how to regain that connection through eating plant based whole foods. We have lost the art of face to face communication and lost the connection to our mind, body and soul. It’s time to reconnect and make the world a better place.
    You have a friend for life in me. We may never met, yet if you ever need anything I would help in a heart beat, as I am sure many others would. Sorry for the short story. I just have a lot to be thankful for.

  • jasonkroll says:

    The best episodes in order:

    #7 Greger

    #21 Hauth

    #52 Schildknecht

    #20 Garza-Hillman

    #45 Danzig

    #61 Rafati

    #61 LaJaunie

    #89 & 90 Soni

    #24 Macca

    #6 Hendrikus

    #28 Bellatti

    #37 Biscay

    #46 Bozzone

    #47 Cross

    #72 Lipman

    #77 Klaper

  • Selene Brannin says:

    Rich and Julie,
    I have changed a lot since I first read Rich’s book and found this amazing podcast. I have lost weight since I changed to a plant based diet and I feel so amazing that now I am experimenting with growing my own food because I have so much energy I can not sit still too long in front of the tv. I think that you have heard it all by now regarding how amazing people feel after switching to a plant based diet.

    However for me the greatest change has been internal. I am a mother of four children and I am the single income earner in my family and there used to be days when everything was just too much! I felt overwhelmed, I wanted to do all these things, but did not know where to start. But listening to you and Julie and all your guests has helped to clear the mental fog… I am not perfect, I am deeply flawed but now after listening to 100 episodes I am not just aware of my flaws but I am also aware that those flaws are have been put there to help me rise above them and to learn from them. I was fighting with the idea of God and his existence and listening to Julie speaking about the Divine Mother (is that the correct term?) Something clicked and I realized that I was not necessarily doubting the existing of a divine being, but rather the male impersonation of that being. I feel the female energy! Is that too weird? But I know you and Julie do not judge.

    I am now more understanding of others and their journey, I listen better and try not to be as judgmental, and when I do enter that state where I judge people around me, I acknowledge it, put it down and move on, vowing to do better the next time.

    I have endless examples where I have been struggling with a problem or an idea and after listening to your podcast or a guest on your podcast I realize that I already know the answer to my problem, you have given me clarity of though and the simple ability to forgive myself! To simply move on and leave the past in the past. Learn and move on.

    I used to have dreams that where full of anxiety and fear, do you want to know what I dream about now? 😉 I dream about planting seeds in my garden, weeding, watering etc. I love it! I think more than anything, that speaks to my mental and spiritual health. I still am the single income earner in my family, I still have four kids all younger than 12 , I still struggle to make ends meet (like most people in America), my house is a mess and I have not lost all the weight I wanted to lose, but I am at peace.

    Anyways what I really wanted to say, is that you both have made me a better person, a better mother, a better wife. So Thank You ! Love You and I wish you and your family Peace and Love.

  • Dylan Hammons says:

    Hey Rich and Julie,
    First, amazing 100th episode. Just full of amazing wisdom and love. Thank you so much for finding the time to invest your passion into the #RRP.
    Second, Thank you Rich. I recently reached out to you for guidance and received a touching response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In a time of true need you spurred me embrace the now and that holding on to the garbage will never work out. Thank you. Julie, you are amazing. I feel that every time I hear you speak I become a better human, father, husband. I feel closer to my true spiritual self. In short your my favorite #rrp “guest”. Thank you
    My story is that I grew up to hippie parents that let me be me. The problem is Ive always have had a issue with depression and self confidence. I became a fine athlete that made me seem more comfortable in my own skin than I really was. Alcohol and some bad choices derailed my athletic opportunities. This led to massive depression and a binge eating lifestyle. My weight fluctuated for many years between obese to inshape and back. I was destroying my body and my soul. 10 years ago I made a change. I began running. This led me to my wife and adventuring into ultra running. We had 2 kids and all is well. The only thing is I continued to battle depression and a binge eating habit that bordered on absurd. I literally have zero full button. I messed around with many diets. vegan,vegetarian, peanut butter( ok that’s my own). Nothing ever took. Someone asked me to try a paleo diet with them. This tipped me into a spiral. I looked great but my body was revolting against it. I felt horrible. Then came the diagnosis of a allergy caused by a tick bite, its called Alpha-gal. Im now allergic to all meats and dairy. I had been vegan previous to this diet so it sent my body into shock. I then read your book. I started on my plant powered journey right away. I dove into juicing and smoothies, began to feel awesome. My body seemed to heal itself. My life seemed to be where it had always planned to be. I feel I needed to experience all of the hardship, all of the pain, all of the ups and downs. I finally felt like I wasn’t doing a diet but living a lifestyle of health. The problem was I still had the noise in my head. The noise that I was to scared to deal with. That’s where the power of the #RRP came into my life. When I felt those feelings I dove into episodes. I engaged in the topics. I soaked in all of the nuggets of wisdom and my mind began to change. From Julie to SlowMo to John Joseph to Kyle Thiermann to Casey Neistat. I found a lot of people I could relate to. That where a little quirky. That cared about the same thing as I cared about. This was my community. My homeboys. This is my crew. A brotherhood of change. And you Rich Roll. I was at a low place when you sent that email to me. My life is forever changed by you. So Thank you guys. Keep up the good work
    Peace and Plants

  • Jamie Rufe says:

    Hello from Taiwan! First of all, congratulations on this huge milestone. I absolutely love your podcast and it’s had a positive effect on my life in many ways. Your personality, beliefs and ideas really resonate with me and I definitely look up to you as a role model for how I want to live my life. I hope I have the opportunity sometime down the road to meet you and thank you in person.

    From the very beginning of 2014, I was thinking a lot about the way I was eating. I was eating Paleo then and was probably having at least 2-3 large servings of animal products (no dairy) every day like clockwork. After a while, you could say I became more and more self-aware about my eating habits and started to question why I was eating the way I was eating. At that point (earlier this year), I never would have considered a plant-based diet because it just seemed like anathema to everything I knew. However, I’ve always felt you can’t criticize something until you try it, so this began the deep dive in my research of everything plant-based nutrition. I discovered your podcast back in late June and have probably listened to most of your podcasts in the past month and a half. The evolution my diet has gone through during that time has been quite remarkable. I still haven’t gone completely 100% plant-based yet, but I’ve GREATLY reduced my animal product intake to the point of maybe only having some small servings during the week. At this point, I eat 100% plant-based during the work week and try to maintain it as much as possible during the weekend. I live in Taiwan which can sometimes make it challenging to stick to the plan, but I’ve been doing the best I can. After several weeks of eating this way, I feel so much better physically, mentally and spiritually and really feel like I’m making a difference. Thank you, Rich, for everything you do, and if your travels ever take you over to Asia, please be sure to let me know.

  • Kem Lee says:

    HI Rich and Julie,

    I am not certain if my comment made it thru on your website. Here it is-many thanks. Kem

    Hi Rich and Julie-Your podcast was the first I have ever that I listened too. I checked out Rich’s site after following his trail on MBG. I thank you so much for the wisdom and insight I hear each week with your diverse range of guests.

    Thanks to you, I created a business called Atlanta On the Path which is an alliance of wellness professionals and concepts reviewed on our website and posted on FB. We are not making a dime right now but your example of serving others and living in our passion has encouraged me to create this business, let it go and watch the flow. Wonderful connections and coincidences have come our way and I believe it is all from living, serving and working in our highest vibration. Your words truly lift me up to a higher vibration and I am grateful.

    I am a diabetic hybrid and I use food as medicine. Living as an almost vegan has kept me off of insulin for twelve years now.

    Your message and growing international popularity have kept me confident in my darma with Atlanta On the Path. I love the Bhagavadad Gita quote you have mentioned, “you have a right to the work and not to the outcome.”
    I am so happy for your measurable success at this 100th podcast point-thanks for inspiring me to create my own wellness business.
    Kem Lee

  • Graham Brownlie says:

    Dear Rich and Julie,
    Every day I give gratitude for you and the inspiration you give and I am delighted to so do publicly today and honour your first 100 life changing podcasts.
    18 months ago I wandered into a book store in Colombo Sri Lanka and buy a copy of Finding Ultra thinking it was a book about running and I had just run a marathon.My life at the time is falling apart,the love of my life has just told me that she wants to be free from our relationship, the consultancy work I was doing was about to finish and I was lost.This book along with listening to Tony Robbins started to change my life because I started to think and explore and try plant based but more importantly because it led me to the podcast and I can not tell you how many times there have been messages, lessons,examples,confirmations or things I did not want to hear and acknowledge but was able to consider because of the podcast. Oh I struggled with even considering meditation, no way, Julie is too spiritual….proud to say I have been meditating for 3 weeks now and actually look forward to it!I kept on listening to Julie and gratitude and listening to your messages and was starting to consider and had even picked up Mr Tolle’s book but man I got the message but could not relate to him and then came the pod cast of Dan Harris and on a 20km run I committed to meditate 10 minutes and find my peace.I started plant based because of Finding Ultra’s challenge to try it but following up with the pod cast has taught me so much and stimulated me to learn and hey what is best I am always stuffing up and it teaches me it is a process and knowledge is so powerful.I have shared podcasts I have even played them at the start of cycle classes I instruct so people hear messages and tried to use the content to help stimulate thought and now my ex wife is plant based, we have had 100% plant based food at corporate athleticism seminars and started spreading the word. In one of my darkest hours I reached out to Rich and not only did you reply but you were sincere and your advice and counsel has helped me face facts and deal with a problem.A while ago I committed to running Mt Fuji ultra marathon in April 2016 and just took a leap of faith and the podcast has helped me trust in the process,inspire me, help me visualise and stimulate my thinking.ABOVE ALL at my darkest hour at a time when my coach told me to ask the question what is great about this and I said there is nothing great about this I was able to find meaning, find learning, reduce the pain and self pity and actually hear the message.At the lowest point I was able to listen to old pod casts to think and to really find and work out my purpose and to ditch the huge fear and enjoy each day and have confidence that this is where I have to be and that I am learning and growing and when you can share with others, when you can have discussions with your kids about nutrition, emotions and share openly your journey and they say the way you are handling this is inspiring then you can know that you have come a long way and can see the future with confidence.I have even started writing my first blog inspired by you and by the knowledge that if it scares the shit out of you and it is something you are drawn to for genuine purposes then go for it.Without this pod cast and without the lessons and the community and the inspiration and the straight talking examples as well as the inspirational balanced thoughtful examples I honestly do not know where I would be.You have changed my life, you have given me the confidence to say no I will not settle for an unfulfilled life and to help me already enjoy the pleasure of contributing and to know I am on a journey to find me and be a worthy father of 5 of the most amazing human beings in the world.I have a long long journey but I can look forward to it and the 101st podcast from Mr Brazier whose book is sitting by my side as I write this!!God bless you both and your family.With love and gratitude Graham

  • Andrea.Skoog says:

    Dear PP World Changers 🙂

    I don’t truly know where to begin with describing the ways that your podcast has influenced my life. I sat down to write this comment and it forced me to reflect on how positive the changes in my life have been in the last six months. I began my plant power journey a year ago, and was really teetering between dedication and forfeit when your podcast found me in late February. Since then, I’ve become 100% plant based in my nutrition, I quit smoking (a habit I’ve been trying to kick for good for years), I’ve hiked to the top of 12 different mountains that are above 14,000 feet. I’ve backpacked over 100 miles (on a plant based diet), I quit my job at a clinic as a speech pathologist and started working for myself, began a weekly yoga practice, initiated my 5 minute daily meditation plan, and I MET YOU very briefly when you came to Colorado College! I also have become a tea officianado thanks to your interview with WuDe on episode 87.

    Your conversations with each other and with the guests you have on your show are truly a motivation! They motivated me to do things from break out my old roller blades, go see conspiracy, and find community through Meetup and my local vegan advocate organization.

    I’m a single 27 year old who is just out there trying to find my own true passions and balance in this lifetime. I grew up in a closed minded midwestern community. Recently I’ve been feeling really lonely on this journey and have had a difficult time accepting all my new changes as I have somewhat isolated myself from the previous social circles I enjoyed hanging out with. Your episode today helped me realize there are people out there to connect with, I just have to keep looking in my community.

    I truly look forward to every single podcast. Your older episodes ALWAYS get me through road trips home, backpacking trips, or travel. Your new weekly episode always fuel a good Monday workout and has turned my Monday into one of my most favorite days of the week.

    I look forward to so many more episodes from you as well. On a side note, I personally have never really enjoyed your podcasts together, because I feel like you two are more authentic when you’re speaking separately. However, today I loved that Julie really took the floor to express her feelings about education and your family. It allowed me to see Julie independently from Rich. I also have a large passion for education and my future family as homeschooling is something I desire as well. That said, Julie I challenge you to start your own podcast to connect more families of homeschool kids and the types of education that you foresee in a homeschool group. I know you’re a very busy lady, but I’m so interested in all that you have to say on the topic. It definitely warrants it’s own platform.

    Thank you thank you thank you, for absolutely all that you have set out to do with this podcast. Your mission, family, and podcast will always have a very special place in my life.

    Andrea 🙂

  • Dennis Heil says:

    Mr. Roll,

    My journey started almost 3 years ago. After Reading “Born to Run” and Scott Jurek’s “Eat & Run” I found myself still searching for more information, and inspiration. I came across your book on a display table at Barnes & Noble.
    Your story resonated with me! No, I wasn’t into drugs, or drinking even for that matter! Plain and simple my addiction was, and in some aspects still is food! Inspiration from your book was easy! But, at 6’3″, 290lbs. and 43 years old I doubted I would ever compete in anything more than a 10k. (I attempted the LA Marathon in 2011, the morning of I proposed to my wife, and made it 19 miles before dropping it because of the constant downpouring rain! But that is a different story!) Your book completed what I call “The Trifecta!” I read each of these books every year starting in January.
    About a year ago, I discovered the RRP! Episode 51! Which was also my introduction to your wife, but most important, your way of living. In the episode you talked about the holidays coming, and starting with halloween. I have always struggled around this time of year! This podcast, brought everything down to “my level.” Suddenly, I felt like each week I was checking in with my neighbors!
    I kept listening, and actually burning the podcasts to CD (Or most of the time 2 CD’s!) I gave them to my wife to listen, and even passed them out amongst friends! Then Episode 63 came around… Gotta tell you “GAME CHANGER!!!”
    Suddenly, I’m listening to this guy, tell his story, and his journey isn’t too far from mine! Josh LaJaunie!!! The every day man! I’m telling you, I listened to this episode over and over!!! Quite honestly probably once a day for a week! And then several more times in the weeks after that! Needless to say I was hooked! I dabbled in Plant Based eating for about 4 months before slipping away during the holidays! (Damn those holidays! lol)
    But something about this episode, and this guy was a wake up call!!! I have since emailed Josh a few times, asking him questions about how he did certain things, and I don’t have to tell you… His responses were some of the most motivating ever! (Just recently, we exchanged running club shirts! I run with “A Snail’s Pace” here in Southern California. It was really cool seeing Josh wearing our shirt on the East Coast. The shirt Josh got me is a little tight, but like everything that is Josh… There’s motivation to make things happen!

    All that being said, this is where my story I’d like to share begins! About a month ago, my mom was suddenly hospitalized with what appeared to be a Stroke. Long story short, she had ended up having over 40 strokes in a period of about 2 days! And we found out the cause, as it was determined was due to Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which we found out a few days later had spread to her liver, and brain.

    Needless to say I was devastated! Now, my mom lives in Palm Springs and I live in LA, about 100 miles away. At this point, my wife had a few extra expense come up, and I found out between the both of us we had $.41 to our name! I scrambled around trying to find a way to get gas money to get to Palm Springs, without begging or borrowing. I found an old $100 gift card from when my wife and I got married! I wake up, head out the door, and pull out of the driveway to realize that I needed to stop for gas. The series of events that follow are not one’s I am proud of! Another long story short, I couldn’t use the card at any gas stations! I ended up coming home, and literally having an emotional breakdown in front of my wife! Crying, and cussing “WHY ME?” and really losing all control, my wife tells me that she will borrow some money from my mother-in-law. I get the $100, go back to the same gas station from earlier, and the attendant won’t give me change for $100 unless I spend $80! For the second time that morning, I lost it!!!
    I go to a different gas station with the thought “If they tell me I need to spend $80, I’ll the difference in Lottery Tickets! As it turned out that didn’t happen, and after 2 meltdowns I was finally on the road to Palm Springs,
    During this travel, I put on Episode 96, again with your wife Julie Piatt, and I proceed to be told about Balance, Faith, Surrender!!! This podcast was about EVERYTHING I was going through that morning! I literally had tears in my eyes, because I truly believe I was meant to have those meltdowns that morning! And I was being called to listen to this Episode on that very trip! It was very weird! Then you mention Josh… And pose the question about What it is like for someone who “Doesn’t Get it” or who is struggling, and what the difference between this person, and Josh is???
    I was going to email you a few weeks ago and tell you “I AM THAT PERSON!!!” Mentally, I have the drive! Physically… I have fallen short! I once emailed Josh with a question, and he was shocked to find that I hadn’t really lost any weight! Josh, being Josh tells me “Don’t over think it Brah!”
    Words I have come to live by! And not just for diet, but for my lifestyle!
    Anyway, I get to Palm Springs, see my mom who is in better spirits than the days before. She tells me and my 4 brothers that she is ready to fight this! To make this long story, less longer. I decided right then in that hospital room that dairy, meat, and any & all animal products are history!
    I am the youngest of 4 boys! My father… Heart Attack with bypass 10+ years ago! All 3 of my brothers had some kind of cardiac emergency in their 40’s! I decided that it all stops that day! Right then and there! I WILL reverse this trend that has suddenly defined my family! 4 weeks in, I’m down 17lbs. I have started meditating using the app Dan Harris spoke about, which has helped me in dealing with my mom going from the hospital to home, to the hospital again, to a nursing home, and as of yesterday back to the hospital!
    The doctors have told us there is nothing more they can do. My mom just couldn’t tolerate the chemotherapy (Which I failed to mention is her 3rd time having chemo, and her 6th bout with cancer!) Can you see the family history nightmare???
    Anyway… I want to congratulate you on 100 episodes! Here’s too many more!! I know I am responsible for each step, but I have to say “Thank You!” for introducing me to a whole different life, and community of friends and strangers! I know I could share probably dozens more stories of how your book and podcast have helped me! I know in, either the coming days, and weeks what I have learned will come in handy!

    Thank You again! And Thank you for your time in reading this!!!
    Dennis Heil

  • Rich,
    First, congratulations on the 100th episode!! I can remember listening to the very first podcast as if it were yesterday. It truly is an incredible milestone. I hope this is only a small step in your journey in the podcasting world; continue bringing us the brilliant material my man!
    Like yourself, I began my athletic journey soon after I became plantpowered (thank you for bringing us that term!!!) My dietary change quickly became a lifestyle change and I began engulfing myself in endurance sports. I started cycling, the running, and finally swimming.Everyone told me that I would not be able to do all this on a 100% vegan diet. I was hearing it so often that doubt began to creep into my mind. I needed more “back-up” to my way of life. More proof that this could work. That’s when I searched for other vegan athletes. The first names I stumbled upon were Scott Jurek, Matt Frazier, Brendan Brazier, and Rich Roll. I used the audible app during my runs/rides and saw that you guys had books of your own. After listening to Finding Ultra, I knew that I had to check out your podcast! The book was amazing and completely inspiring. After the very first episode of the RRP, I was hooked. I look forward to listening to the truly authentic conversations you have with the guests you bring on. When I don’t feel like a workout, knowing I have a podcast waiting for me will get me out the door. You have created a huge and loyal following and have done wonders for the vegan/plantpowered community. Thank you Rich, not only for everything you have done for my life, but for all you continue to do for all of us.

  • Cherie Duge Paul says:

    Hello Rich & Family,
    I have had a life long struggle with overeating and a tremendous lack of self-discipline when it comes to exercise. The daily fight to avoid dairy is a constant battle as well:-( That said, I find every podcast tremendously inspirational and they keep me on track if only for a day or so!
    Keep up the good fight and ‘cast John Joseph regularly:-) You both are a godsend.

  • ultrastevep says:

    Hi Rich and Julie…

    I have been listening to this podcast from the first episode….yeah I liked some better than others, but they’ve all been good, have been educational even.
    It all started when I heard your interview on Endurance Planet….then i read your book and then went Plant Based! I am an endurance athlete, mainly an ultrarunner who stopped eating meat to help with my recovery now that I’m in my 60’s. I have been running since my 20’s, btw. I’m not sure if this helps with my recovery, but I like not eating animals and being an athlete.
    Initially I only wanted to hear those podcasts of yours that discussed plant based athletic living, but then I got into Jon Joseph (bought his book) and really enjoyed your recent interview with Robin. I have your Amazon Link bookmarked to help with keeping the show coming.
    Thanks for all the work you put into the show and please keep it coming!

  • fromthekiwigirl says:

    Hi Rich,

    I found your podcast by searching for something that I forget now but I was intrigued by the a podcast that I saw with Osher Gunsberg. I’m a kiwi (New Zealander) living in Australia and started listening..intently.
    I admired the genuine honesty that you both shared and I felt inspired to keep listening. I have listened to that particular podcast at least 3 times and I keep on picking up gems to take on my journey. The podcast is my go to for health and wellbeing and I love the diverse people that you converge with.
    After that I felt the urge to buy your book and I regularly share the podcast on social media.

    I am inching slowly towards plant based, I am consciously aware of changing the way I eat and question why I eat meat.
    Chicken and M&Ms are the ones still on my plate and I realise that the latter is one of an emotional nature/trigger/reward.
    I enjoy eating vegetables for dinner after cooking steak for my family, roasting cauliflower with olive oil and I’m buying a vitamix. I’m loving breakfast smoothies with the help of your fantastic recipes.

    Its like being awake. Waking up to the reality of consumption. Zombie land (supermarkets) of milk and sugar. Conveyor belts of fat and junk which is unrecognisable by our bodies.
    I hope that my healthy choices rub off on to my teenage son and I have inadvertently introduced him to your podcasts and dropped snippets of info, about the Chuice guy and you Rich.

    I want to feel better in my body. I want to feel energised. I want to feel lighter.

    I will continue to pursue this until I complete my mission of being totally plant based.

    Keep on rockin’ the podcasts and your authentic truth.

    Peace + Podcasts + Plants

    Tracy 🙂

  • Brian Cohrs says:

    Rich – There’s a very real part of my mind that nurses tremendous resentments against the day more than two years ago when I first picked up “Finding Ultra” and those first couple episodes of the podcast that got me hooked. Week in and week out, your story and the stories shared by your guests continue to challenge the terminal uniqueness that is such an integral part of the perceptions I create and stories I tell myself.
    In my story, there are few sudden shifts or upheavals that result in an immediate awakening – rather my experiences are predominantly of the “educational variety”. But you, Julie, and the community you’ve created have played a very real part in that education. Day by day I am taking the steps, more often forward than back, to pursue what I believe to be my more authentic self.
    Two years ago I saw no options in life other than the slow climb up the corporate ladder, an uneasy place in recovery dominated less by spiritual awakening and more by just enduring, and on and on… Today I am fortunate to say that’s not my outlook. I am taking the steps to move out of that corporate environment responsibly, to build a stronger program, to enjoy the circumstances and challenges in my life, to be entirely plant-based, to pursue a variety of very ambitious ultra-endurance goals such as the Iron Slam. Most importantly, and to a great extent because of this community, my outlook today is based on what I am experiencing in the present moment and far less on any wreckage that may have occurred in the past or is unlikely to occur in the days and month to come (regardless of how convinced I may be otherwise).
    So, for all of that, I tremendously appreciative. Thank you. Brian

  • Hugh says:

    Hey Rich, 9 years in a desk job did it for me, and I ballooned up to 340lbs. It was my daughter’s first birthday last year that really made me think about how much longer I wanted to be around, and how I was going to fix that. I did a lot of reading, a lot of documentary watching, and on September 10th last year I started a juice fast which was to last for 7 weeks, followed by a plant-based diet which I’m still sticking to, and a beginner exercise program. Your podcast has been an inspiration throughout, and almost a year later I’m much happier, much much healthier, and currently just under 250lbs, so something must be working, right?

  • Diana Lynne Antonson says:

    Rich and Julie, Thank you so much for all you do. I find inspiration and new ideas in every episode, even if I think it is going to be one I’m not all that interested in. The information you share is much needed in our world. As I look around I see so many struggling with health and spiritual issues and trying to figure out how to be themselves. The people you post on your podcast are truly original people and I think it inspires us to find what’s unique about ourselves and further more not to hide our talents but to share them with others. Congratulations to you and Julie and thank you so much! Keep up the good work! L. Antonson

  • Jen Bethel says:

    Hi Rich, I’ve been thinking of writing you & sharing my story for
    wks & then just listening to 100th episode you’re like…do it! I’m
    actually writing this while rocking & nursing my baby to sleep.

    I’ve been listening to you for about 3months now. My ultra runner friend
    I grew up, Siobhan Leonardis (aka the lil smiling redhead), told me
    about the rrp as I was embarking on yet another huge transformation in
    my life. Siobhan was recently featured in ultra running magazine &
    is known for running the entire time with a smile on her face! The act
    of smiling changes everything. Try it…are you smiling right now? 🙂
    Anyway, it’s funny because Siobhan & I, both now in our early 30’s,
    have remained friends for a long time & I was the one who got her
    started running 3miles in our early 20’s after nights out partying! Ha.
    Now she’s taken off to make running her life passion. So it all comes
    around as now she’s brought your amazing podcast to my life.

    I have been a lifelong runner since age 14 & it’s impacted me
    profoundly at all stages in my my companion, my therapy. I
    have a degree in psychology & health promotion but following college
    I was lured into commercial real estate when I saw the commission
    checks the brokers were getting. I had taken a job as a secretary at a
    real estate firm in Atlanta to pay the bills & figure out what I
    wanted to do next in life & with my degree. That’s when I saw the
    potential for this life….unfamiliar to me as I had come from a small
    rural NY town in a middle class home (maybe lower middle class?). So I
    climbed the ladder in commercial real estate in the South which is
    extremely male dominated “good ol boy” culture. They were not a huge fan
    of young yankee women trying to run deals!!! But I trudged on through
    many challenges & achieved the positions I wanted (mostly…there
    was still a lot of glass ceiling barriers I could not break). But…low
    & behold I was not happy in my career & days. I always felt like
    a round peg trying to fit in a square whole. I knew there was something
    different for me. During this time I had met my husband & the most
    amazing wedding & honeymoon. We got married on an island &
    honeymooned in Itay & France using a $20,000 commission check I had.
    This experience ignited something in my SOUL!!! I had a yest about me.
    My husband bought me an easel & paint supplies & I started
    painting again (an old hobby/love I had “forgotten” about). I also
    started training for my first triathlon. I would train in the mornings
    with a wonderful friend of my who vibrates on an insane level! (She’s
    currently in Vanuatu in the peace corps! Living her wildest dreams!).
    Then I would go to my corp job & come home & paint in the
    evenings. This was such joy I was finding outside of the day corp
    experience!! I would either workout everyday at lunch or go to my car
    & write down on a piece of paper what I was passionate about. I will
    take a picture of that paper & enclose it. I would stare at it,
    Google job ideas around it & sometimes cry. How could I make this a
    career??? I felt foolish sometimes…”sure everyone would would love a
    job where they can run/workout/do yoga, dabble in art, drink wine &
    be outdoors! Dream on! Get back in the office!” Luckily I had another
    high vibrating friend/colleague who was much older, wiser & got me
    & it!! She gave me all kinds of word pictures for the things I was
    feeling. She gave me the round peg/square hole analogy & it stuck
    with me & helped me when I would think “what’s wrong with me???!”

    So I started making moves…let’s see this was about 2yrs ago. I got my
    personal training certification. I even interviewed at a bunch of
    gyms…including the most prestigious elite gym in city. Everyone looked
    like a movie star & they had so much fancy equipment I didn’t know
    how to use 1/2 of it. At first I thought if I can get a job here that
    would be amazing! But as I interviewed 50x with them & talked
    through the details I realized it was more corporate & structure
    than my corporate job & the pay was sooo little. How could I make
    the move to a low paid trainer from corporate America???? I thought
    about being a life coach combining my psychology background. I thought
    about art therapy combining my love of art…but I just could not put it
    Simultaneously we decided to start a family. We struggled with
    infertility issues & I was sick even prior to becoming pregnant.
    Becoming pregnant, having a child & becoming a mother became a new
    passion & deep desire for me. I don’t have my mother in my life in
    an,active healthy way b/c she suffers mental illness.however she was
    amazing & present & loving when I was young. So my passion was
    ignited further by this. I resolved that the office desk job was ok for
    now, maybe meant to be. I became pregnant, had a high risk pregnancy
    & was fortunate to have that position during this timeframe.

    Despite my high risk condition I continued to workout my whole
    pregnancy. I also went through the profound experience of practicing
    Hypnobirthing. This is a deep sense of meditation & calming to
    provide for a positive, natural & FEAR FREE delivery of my child!!!
    Only now am I realizing what wonderful tools this taught me. Daily I
    would listen to positive affirmations. I would repeat them over &
    over again & tune out anything negative anyone told me about
    childbirth (which happens a lot by the way!! Even at the grocery store
    strangers want to tell you how their sister was in labor for 77hrs &
    then had an emergency c section). I started distancing myself from
    those negative people. And exactly one year ago I delivered my daughter,
    Sienna Rose, all natural in a beautiful powerful POWERFUL experience!!!

    Of course I am forever changed becoming a mommy. I knew I would not
    return to my job. I could not leave my daughter. The bond &
    connection to her was & is insane! (She sleeps on me now as I write
    this 🙂 )

    So….now now now I am living my dreams!!!!!! I’m a mother, personal
    trainer, self employed business owner, motivator, fit lovin mama!!!! My
    business is Fit Lovin Mama.
    & it’s growing & evolving & changing daily like me. Your
    podcasts help me daily. Still I question myself. So I’ve decided to
    employ my Hypnobirthing techniques…I came up with new affirmations
    & repeat them daily & when I’m struggling. I’ve attached them.

    I teach prenatal fitness, yoga, water aerobics & mommy baby fitness,
    swim & yoga. I teach one on one through my home studio. My daughter
    is with me 90% of time. I’ve literally trained someone with my daughter
    strapped to me, breastfeeding & squatting at the same time!!! I’m
    the happiest I’ve ever been. That being said it’s not easy. I’m still
    early on this journey. There are daily struggles I have not gone into
    detail here but you & your guests know them well & have touched
    on them so thank you thank you thank you for offering your free podcasts
    & helping me not feel insane b/c this society & culture really
    does not encourage what we’re doing. Suddenly though I’ve looked around
    & realized that I’m actually surrounded by an amazing network of
    women self employed/small business owners doing their passions!!
    Everything from doulas to lactation consultants to chiropractors &

    If you were able to have the time to read
    this far I will
    close by saying your podcast has also helped me with motherhood…being
    in the moment with my daughter…truly being in the moment &
    enjoying the childlike state & stuff within me with my daughter!! I
    feel so my joy in my heart, soul, in my daughters laugh & smile
    & her beautiful little face & helping people get healthy, feel
    better, live a healthy life, gain confidence.

    Happy 100 episodes!

    Jen Bethel
    Oh, one more thing…I’m

    practicing more service since listening to you as well…just offered
    my old client diagnosed with cancer free restorative yoga sessions &
    offered a woman I barely know (met while on trail) free training
    bi-weekly as she shared she just decided to leave her abusive marriage
    of 15yrs. So thank you for teaching me that.

  • Roberto Vega says:

    Hola Rich,

    Coming from a Costa Rican family rich with meat-eating traditions, I have been battling with attempting to stay plant powered for over 10 years since I left home for college. I turned 30 this year, and discovering your podcast has strengthened my conviction and helped me stay true to my own North. For too long through life, I have bent over backwards to appease friends and family with choices I do not believe in just from fear of not being accepted. But now I have not only learned to rely on my internal strength and belief in myself and my choices, but also have found this amazing community of like-minded sentient beings who care for themselves and everyone and everything in this continuum of existence that we are so lucky to celebrate and be a part of. Now, from my own perspective of life, I get the luxury of meeting other people who blow my mind away with what they are doing and your podcast has often helped me get that conversation started.

    Thanks so much for everything you do, for bringing your light to this world.

    Blessings to you and yours!

    Pura Vida,


  • DonnaH says:

    Hi Rich, I’ve found your story and the podcast a huge source of inspiration. Most inspiring for me is your compassionate nature, the respectful tone of the conversations on the podcast and your search for balance. I have found out the hard way that achieving and sustaining balance is way tougher than running an ultra!

    The picture attached shows me over the last 7 years.
    In April 2010 after a huge amount of change and effort I had lost 100 pounds and had fallen in love with running. For many people that would look like the end of the story – instead I had just scratched the surface and was about to be engulfed by a very painful period of self discovery.
    I am just now coming to understand that facing who you really are and being truly authentic takes more courage than anything else but also brings the gift of freedom and peace. You and your podcast have been one of the keys to helping me understand this.

    I struggled with my weight since my mid teens and yo-yoed up and down for 20 years, sometimes dieting, sometimes exercising intensely, but I could never sustain what I did and inevitably I would end up stacking the weight back on.
    I was sure that all my problems stemmed from being fat and unfit and that if I could just find a way to fix that everything would fall into place.
    By 2007 I was 250 pounds and resigned to the belief that that I was doomed to eventually fail everything I tried, not just with my weight but all areas of my life.

    I love hiking and even at my biggest I was doing multi-day hikes in the wilderness. This is something I live for. Then in 2007 I started getting joint problems which threatened my ability to do this. The physiotherapist said that any strength I could gain and weight I could lose would help my joints and this spurred me into action. I promised myself that this time I would succeed, the thought of not being able to hike was too horrible.

    I made losing weight and getting fit my whole focus and this time I managed to sustain what I was doing longer than before. Along the way I discovered a love of trail running. At first it was joyful and fun but I linked it to keeping my weight down and I can see now it turned obsessive.

    By 2010 I was slim and fit. On the outside things seemed great.
    On the inside, there were numerous warning signs that all was not right. I was increasingly moody, I’d stopped getting my periods and was starting to realise what I was doing was not sustainable.
    In a wave of rising panic I pushed harder and ran through injury in a desperate attempt to hold on to what I’d achieved.

    In 2012 I finally broke physically and mentally.
    I had numerous overuse injuries and was forced to stop running.
    I sank into a suicidal depression and wished I could just melt away.
    Yet again I felt I had failed and after the enormous effort I’d made it was soul destroying.

    Three things helped me to find a reason to start picking up the pieces.
    The gift of the support of my family and friends.
    Your book Finding Ultra and your podcast.
    Kathleen DesMaison’s book Potatoes not Prozac.

    It’s taken 2 years to heal my physical injuries. I’m just starting to walk and run again.
    My heart is healing too and I’m starting to feel glimpses of a peace I never new existed.
    I’m immensely grateful for the knowledge and self awareness I’ve gained. I don’t know what’s ahead of me but I believe I have found the right path.

    Thank you.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Rich and Julie- I love your podcast and your message. I have been sober for over 21 years, I became plant based about 2 years ago when I found out my cholesterol was 320. I have always been very active and on and off lacoto ovo vegetarian. No red meat cheese and eggs and sometimes chicken and fish. My doctor literally over the phone told me about my cholesterol and said she had called in a prescription for statins. I was very taken aback by the callousness. Through internet research I went on a plant based only diet and my cholesterol went down to 120 in about 3 months.
    Last April I was on vacation with my extended family (parents, brothers, sisters, kids nieces and nephews) My brother told me about a meditation podcast, I had no idea what a podcast was, and no idea that my brother was interested in meditation.
    After searching the podcasts out there, I found RRP and Finding Ultra. Since then I have become much more confident in my choice to be plant powered, have signed up for my first marathon (training plant powered) I will be running NYC on my 49th birthday. I have gotten something out of every pod cast I have listened to. I love that you are open and honest and have no expectations when interviewing guests. I also love that you weave recovery into your interviews, at times I feel like I am listening to a meeting on tape.
    Through RRP I have found out about many people in this plant powered, spiritual, nutrition, athletic world. I am also an avid yogi and with 21 years of sobriety I was searching for something that to help me spiritually stay on the track of growth that I have experienced in sobriety. I felt like I was becoming stuck and now I feel like I am again unstuck. The RRP has helped me, and continues to help me in my journey and no being stagnant.
    I read Born to Run several years ago and at the time felt like “those people” that run long distances would never be me, but now I know that sometime in the next few years I will run at least one long distance race, beyond the marathon. I am ready to put in the long hard work to get there! So keep up the good work!!! THANK YOU BOTH!!!! Peace, plants!

  • Zack Maddox says:

    Congratulations, Rich, on reaching the 100th episode of your podcast. I don’t recall how I first heard about you back in the spring of 2012, but somehow I discovered you had a book coming out, which I waited for and bought after its release. I read your book that summer and–amazed and excited by your own story of personal triumph–began to make slow and systematic changes to my own life, which sped up a path of personal growth I’d embarked upon earlier. Since your podcast began, I’ve listened to every episode, learning something new each time from you and your guests. I’m forever grateful to you for your podcast, which came into my life at just the right time.

    While I don’t have a transformation story such as the ones you’re likely used to hearing, I do have a remarkable long story of survival against significant medical odds over the years. You see, I’m 43-years-old and a 34-year Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor. I’ve lived for over half that time with chemotherapy- and radiation-induced cardiovascular disease and, as a result, have a pacemaker, one repaired heart valve, another artificial one, and a number of other medical problems that keep me from doing activities like team sports and running, cycling, or swimming. Besides open-heart heart valve surgery, I’ve also had open-chest surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm, two more chest surgeries relating to my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma malignant tumor diagnosis, and a surgery to remove my gall bladder.

    What all this means is my heart function is compromised and my cardiac output is limited, so even day-to-day activities and work can be tough for me (I’m a high school teacher). Exercising at home, eating well, and keeping my mind right have always been the keys to my survival, but, since the spring of 2010, when I started a yoga practice, and two years later when I was introduced to your book and your podcast, both have been the starting blocks for a new direction in my life.

    As someone who tries to live as much of a normal life as possible with a compromised heart function, your podcast has been a lifesaver in terms of helping me to maintain my health. I’ve noticed over the last two years a dramatic shift in how much and the way in which I think about what I put into my body. While I’ve never been overweight and have always eaten a healthier version of the standard American diet than most people (I’ve never eaten a lot of meat, but I did consume dairy and eggs), I’ve learned from your podcast there’s so much more still I can do to improve my health through nutrition that will give me the best chance of continuing to live a long life with the medical problems I have. I now eat an almost exclusively plant-based diet (I’d say 90% plant based), having given up just about all meat, dairy, eggs, and anything processed. My diet–like my life–is a work in progress, and I’m continuing to refine and make it better daily. My goal is to soon be 100% plant powered. Corresponding with the changes in my diet have come changes in the way I live my life and what I value most in the world. Friends, family, health, experiences: these things are what my life’s all about now.

    Your podcast has changed and expanded my mind in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. I’m constantly filled with more and more compassion and gratitude for everyone and everything all because of the profound effect your podcast has had on my well being. Lessons I’ve learned from your podcast have also helped me get through a separation and divorce and have taken me to places mentally, physically, and spiritually I never thought I’d go. Your podcast has helped me to let go of what’s unnecessary and not working in my life in order to make room for more possibility and promise. Every episode helps me to become the person I’m meant to be.

    Rich, may your next 100 episodes be as successful as your first 100. Thank you.

    (P.S. I sent this to you via e-mail but wanted to post it publicly to show my deep appreciation and gratitude for the best podcast anywhere and of all time on the Internet!)

  • John Dallas says:

    Short and sweet… your book a year ago….became inspired [ probably saved my life ] Thank YOU….May GOD Bless YOU !!!!!!!

  • Autumnseer says:

    I am not a success story (yet?), and in fact I am a very long way from the transformation I dream of, but I stumbled upon your podcast when you had T. Colin Campbell on and have listened faithfully ever since.

    The path for me feels perilous and the challenges are great in my life (to the point where I often feel very hopeless) but I have found great inspiration in you and your guests as I try, step by step, choice by choice (I hear Julie in my head saying that) to make a life for myself that is truer to the vision I thought I would be when I was younger and now do not recognize in myself as I near 55. You once said you wondered how some people can hear something and change their lives and others can’t seem to do it which was a great question I wondered myself. I am sometimes terrified the latter person is me.

    I’m going on a short and much needed vacation for 4 days at the end of this week and just received your book in the mail to take with me. More inspiration! I have even started meditating in my car for 10 minutes at lunch time (the only time I seem to be able to carve out at the moment) in hopes of becoming more mindful in many areas of my life.

    So, congrats on your first 100 inspirational podcasts. I’m looking forward to the next 100 and the great cookbook coming out next year. I am about 98% plant based (still eating eggs and a bit of fish occasionally) and keep thinking of the guest you had who said he just went cold turkey and it was much easier than playing with the idea of it. So you see, these things I hear that you and others say deeply resonate and come back to me.

    Anyway, thanks so much for all the time you put into podcasts and social media. May you, Julie and your family be very blessed.

  • Eloise Damasco Arnold says:

    4th time listening to this podcast with you and Julie. Just amazing. I am trying to absorb all the bits of knowledge from Julie, it is so relevant for where I am and where I want to be. I have to say, I love to hear you both together, very authentic and refreshing for those that live in the real world! Keep it up! I am a fan of both of you!

  • typedashten says:

    I just wanted to say congratulations on 100 episodes! There is so
    much I would like to say but I am not sure I could find the right words.
    I have been listening since episode one. I have listened to other
    podcast before but I have never encountered anything quite like the RRP.
    Your willingness to go long-very long with your guest is simply
    amazing. I feel so honored to have been introduced to so many people
    from so many different walks of life. It is surreal to think that I know
    all of these people because of you.

    I have decided to become a subscriber after listening to the 100th episode.

    I cannot give too much but I feel like this community and this movement are too
    important not to pitch in. Since I have been introduced to the plant
    based movement I have lost over 65lbs!! Through this podcast, John
    Joseph’s books and Brendan Brazier’s work I have learned so much and met
    so many great people-not to mentioned finished my first IRONMAN.

    I have struggled for many years with addiction issues and trying to lose
    weight. It has been a difficult road for me to try and overcome. Many
    times I felt lost and wanted to give up. Sometimes I would think of you
    and listen to the RRP and inevitably hear something that helped.
    Something I needed to hear. When my daughter was born I decided that I
    wanted to be the best person I could be for myself and for her. She
    deserves it. Mostly, I just want to say that I appreciate everything
    that you and your family do and I appreciate your willingness to be
    vulnerable and honest in the service of others.

    If you would have to close up shop tomorrow and the podcast did not continue
    then please know that you have already had a huge impact on so many
    people beyond anything you can imagine. You have helped people become
    better and transform themselves and others see that transformation and
    want to be better too. In this way you have already done so much. Always
    remember that! All the best for your future and 100 more episodes.

  • Charlotte says:

    Hi Rich,
    First, congratulations on your 100th episode! It was again really inspiring. Thank you!
    The first time I heard about you was about 10 months ago. I was slowly starting to try to take control of my life and I knew my first step had to be my diet but I had no clue how and why I was eating so poorly. At that time I was listening to Abel James’ podcast. When I heard your interview I was magically hypnotized and I remember thinking “this man actually SOUNDS happy and grateful”. I immediately downloaded your podcast and started looking for older episodes. It was my first introduction to a plant-based lifestyle.
    It took 3 more months before I decided to “give veganism a try” and four more after that to really understand what a healthy plant-based lifestyle is. I am still learning, reading, watching, listening, exchanging and growing better and stronger. It has only been 6 months into this lifestyle but it feels like a lifetime.
    In 6 months, I got rid of each and every symptom of spasmophilia, insomnia, brain fog, daily migraines and extremely painful digestion. I also cleared my skin and lost 15 pounds. I started exercising again, I can bike 14 miles and feel good, I can finally focus and improve my yoga practice 10 times faster and I am overall a way happier person.
    I also stopped smoking and drinking alcohol just like that. It took a while but one day I realized I had not had a cigarette or a drink in weeks. I am 26 and forever grateful for being introduced to this lifestyle so early with a perspective of another 60+ years to enjoy it.
    I could keep going for lines but I think the essential is here.
    Thank you for introducing me to this incredibly satisfying lifestyle of health and peace.
    Please keep inspiring.

  • Matt Miller says:

    Congrats Rich on 100! It’s AWESOME buddy. A couple years ago you were the tipping point in my life regarding going all in with a plant based diet and pursuing an ironman. My journey started back when I first arrived in Japan in the summer of 2006 to sort of escape my family’s pain and in hopes of also naively trying to find healing for my family. It was Tony Robbins who first opened up my mind to the world of a plant based diet and my journey led me to do the Tokyo marathon which upon reflecting on my performance I really felt that I needed to change my diet and it was your book that became the tipping point in my life in terms of dealing with my own demons, pursuing athletic goals and eating food that is life-giving. Since then a lot has happened. I am truly thankful for you and your podcast. You led me to Brendan Brazier and it was his Vega line along with a plant based diet that truly has helped me on my road to my ironman. I’m dedicating the next 12 months of my final year here in Japan to training for the 2015 Hokkaido Ironman while raising $100,000 for two NGO’s here in Tokyo that work with orphans in Japan. I originally came to Japan to research my father’s past as an orphan in Japan right after WWII ended and along the way found the joy of running and eating a plant based diet which has not only saved my life in so many ways but has helped me to deal with pain and stress in a very positive way that has allowed me to throw myself into being more proactive and being part of the solution here in Japan in raising awareness about a plant based diet (no one is aware of this in Japan), living a full life in your 30’s with BIG goals and most importantly raising awareness about children in institutional care homes (orphanages). Thanks Rich! Here’s to the next 100 episodes!

  • SWSmith says:

    Rich (and Julie and family),

    Congrats on reaching your 100th podcast! Truly an amazing achievement in a such a short time frame.

    Where to begin?

    First, thanks for being part of my return to running (after 25 years of believing my body could no longer handle that stress). Over the last 2 years I have completed several 5ks, 10ks, 3 Halfs and 2 Marathons Thanks for the inspiration on so many of my training rides and runs and for the ongoing challenge to test my physical and mental limits and break free of our modern cultures often narrow, confined ideas about our capacity for real fitness, health and wholeness.

    Thanks for taking this lead and call on your lives and bring this podcast and your message to so many of us. We live in a remarkable time that this kind of online/virtual “community” is even possible. Thanks for showing us a great example of how social media can be used well.

    Thanks for effectively challenging the makeup of my diet, helping me break free of at least two generations of “sad” influence and default patterns.

    Thanks for having so many unique and inspiring guests. You have opened up a world of information, perspectives and experiences that would not otherwise be very accessible. Thanks for the kindness, humility and a grace you bring to each guest and how you often assist in articulating their message often better than they could by themselves.

    Thanks for being so devoted to your family and making your family a full partner in your mission. This is just as culture challenging as is your challenge to change our culture’s defaults on diet and exercise.

    Thanks for the new app. I will now be able to catch up on some of your earlier work.

    And then…thanks for the challenge to keep sharing and extending this movement. This has to be one of the most significant opportunities to bring real, lasting value to our families and communities as we share the message. It is great to be able to point folks your way.

    So…keep up the great work and I look forward to the next 100 podcasts!



  • Amanda Bergquist says:

    I have been listening since episode #41 and have been captivated by the powerful stories of your guests, inspired by your personal story, and motivated to become a better person by the ethical, intellectual, and spiritual information you share. Your welcoming and non-judgmental messages set the tone for my own dialogue with the people I interact with. I am a dental hygienist and a National Guard Staff Sergeant. I have been plant based for 2 years now and found your podcast a bit after I made my transformation. Initially, when asked about my change I gave the typical reply most vegans do “Well, if you’re not too then you’re a selfish asshole who only cares about satisfying your own wants”… then I realized, mainly through the example of your podcast, that there is a better way to go about it. Since then I have invited others to try the foods that I bring to parties and potlucks, given out facts only when prompted and probed, but mainly I have lead by example. After 2 years of bringing in fabulous lunches and showing that I do in fact get enough protein, my boss (who by the way used to be a hunter/fisherman) is now asking for vegan recipes and eating meat only one day a week. I have also had a great deal of influence with my National Guard Unit. I have the best physical fitness score in the entire Wing for women and I am asked every Drill Weekend about my diet and tips on “how to do it right”. I have also been inspired to go back to school and get my Master’s in Public Health and am planning a thesis on the benefits of plant based nutrition as an option to prevent the chronic diseases that are plaguing this country. I want to thank you so much for providing guests with riveting stories and information on how to continue the pursuit of excellence as a human being. Here’s to many more weeks of podcasting!

  • pttriathlete says:

    Rich and Julie~
    Congratulations on #100. Simply a blessing. Thank you for continuing with the podcast despite the work. My very favorite episodes (and I like them ALL) are the conversations between you and Julie. You balance each other so well. I am always, always calmer and more collected emotionally and spiritually after listening to her. 🙂
    My life has certainly been impacted by you all. I have been plant powered since the first of the year and love it. I have begun to cook with love, intention, and creativity and my husband and two small boys love it. I continue to run with my second ultra coming up in October plant-powered. After listening to multiple episodes that have discussed the merits of it, I have begun a daily meditation practice and I will be a certified yoga instructor this year. I’m pretty excited. It is where I feel called and drawn to be even though I make a comfortable living in my current profession. The biggest paradigm shift, however, has come to me through Julie. My husband and I have had many long, thoughtful conversations about home schooling our boys. This is something that I never could have foreseen happening 4 years ago when the first one was born. I am hoping to reach out to Julie in the future for a bit of guidance in that area as we do not have much of a basis for homeschooling in our area. I have begun to feel very strongly about this but there is also a fear lurking behind it. (As with all things unknown, I suppose.)
    Thank you, thank you… again. Your show feeds my soul (and my long runs) and I look forward to each episode.

  • Doug Moores says:

    RICH ROLL you got me rolling in the right direction man! A year ago I was deep in the deep fryer working for the world’s best ad agency as a copywriter on the likes of Burger King and New Zealand’s largest Meat and Dairy accounts. I was feeling disconnected from my works I was throwing out to the world, from people, from life, from love. It wasn’t a eureka moment, more like a breakup with a model you’ve been wanting to score your whole life who turns out to be a model of bad behaviour who’s poster you’ve had on your bedroom wall which is a millimetre deep and equally as shallow and covering a giant hole in the wall you’re too scared to expose. On retrospect like many breakups it had been coming for sometime but my head was clouded by leftover lunches, free booze my membership in the “cool kids club” and thinking I was changing the world trying to win awards for charity ads. One day I was working on a campaign for 3+ dairy a day for all of New Zealand and thought this is all bull/cow shit. Life was too short to be making other peoples lives short. I finished my contract, got out of advertising and filled in as a dishy at a Vegan Café which was lentil-balls-to-the-wall busy! The vegan diet soon kicked in and kick-started a whole lot of changes. I soon got on to the RRP podcast and “Doug” every episode whilst smashing the pavement and paint prepping for a massive art show and innovation event, convincing the best in the business of business and creativity in NZ that I knew what I was doing. Now I teach yoga, have started writing ridiculous blog posts and smoothie anything and everything with an open heart and plants – including a recent life-changing lady. My mindfulness which started from diet has slowly transformed every aspect of my life. I meditate daily, I smile at every person and animal I run, walk, bike
    past, I don’t watch porn anymore (a strange observation I noticed the other day). I’m happy to be anywhere doing anything (most of the time). And magically I meet amazing people and opportunities everywhere! Now people are coming to me asking what my secret is which ironically is no secret, I say: “it’s plants and the RRP baby!” I’m now starting my own podcast – watch out Rich! And am about to embark on a bike ride around the states, hopefully bumping into yourself and Julie on the way. I’ve also taken a live lean leaf out of your book and am selling everything I own, and somethings I don’t, to fuel my plant powered adventures and dreams. I know the best way to inspire is to be inspired, spirituality doesn’t have to be serious and I know I don’t know what I’m doing but as you say Rich, life is continual movement and I’m moving in the right direction, often on a Yoga matt or two wheels! And last but not attached to being last, congratulations on 100 episodes of awe inspiring awesomeness! I raise my date, almond, spinach, kale, banana, broccoli filled glass to you and say here’s to a 100 more!

    Thinking less, doing more,

    P.S. Julie Piatt you’re also rocking it girl! Quite literally by the sounds of some of your sweet sounds, and equally deserve some love for all the love you been throwing out on the air, earth, fire, and water waves.

  • the foodie alchemist says:

    Dear Rich and Julie, if this reads as a blissful stumbling over my words–then I will have succeeded in communicating my gratitude from the spirit I’m composing this message from. I’m just getting to this podcast now–it’s a dark day, needing community from a deeper desire so I can be fueled to keep serving. What an invitation then that you would extend to me the opportunity to tell you my story– how not only your podcast, but also this broader wellness group of podcasters that have enriched my life, supported me and even elevated me as I am coming out of 6 years living abroad and feeling like I’ve been in a cave! I came to podcasts from the yearning to be activated by a community as I gave birth in the last year and have spent lots of time in my beloved baby cave. I live in a non-reality expat bubble in Malaysia, my husband is a very successful journalist and I willingly entered this path knowing that living abroad would kick my azz and expand my awareness and enrich my service. Julie, thank you for your words today about the vacuum of space –and the opportunity to grow– when one lets go of something that they love deeply & fought & struggled for. I’ve recently released my nonprofit organization to pursue a different angle of inspiring awareness. For the last 8 years I’ve been working to expand the dialogue around domestic violence by addressing the cultural root causes of violence against women. It, in itself was a relationship that wasn’t reciprocating for the energy I gave it, though I will always love it and believe in what I was doing. I am now feeling reinforcement from my wellness ‘community’ of Rich, Abel James, Sean Croxton, Cynthia Pasquella… to take a different angle of using food as a tool to dialogue about our urgent need to transform into our most authentic expressions of self–as individuals and as a species. I am becoming a transformational nutrition coach via Cynthia’s ITN, which I learned about from a podcast. I have a strong vision to eventually be a source of light, as you 2 are, but I am still a seed underground, formulating my website and articulating my service. So Julie, thank you, your experience to serve in those moments of darkness is resonating and spurring me on. I’m one month away from moving back home to the US to launch this new path! I feel the calling to start a podcast to further expand this dialogue as a catalyst for cultural healing and transformation. I just can’t say enough about the gratitude I feel for your words today in embracing suffering, discomfort and knowing I too am about to transform. Julie, your JaiSeed 2nd Pillar of Creativity best sums up the calling I feel to be a voice for converging people across disciplines to color outside the lines and we shall have a better map for transformation. Thank you for being my new community, you are so very real and so wholly felt. Infinite blessings to you, I will continue to stand with you and direct others to your services. With love, Jaime…aka “The foodie alchemist”.

  • the foodie alchemist says:

    Dear Rich and Julie, if this reads as a blissful stumbling over my words–then I will have succeeded in communicating my gratitude from the spirit I’m composing this message from. I’m just getting to this podcast now–it’s a dark day, needing community from a deeper desire so I can be fueled to keep serving. What an invitation then that you would extend to me the opportunity to tell you my story– how not only your podcast, but also this broader wellness group of podcasters that have enriched my life, supported me and even elevated me as I am coming out of 6 years living abroad and feeling like I’ve been in a cave! I came to podcasts from the yearning to be activated by a community as I gave birth in the last year and have spent lots of time in my beloved baby cave. I live in a non-reality expat bubble in Malaysia, my husband is a very successful journalist and I willingly entered this path knowing that living abroad would kick my azz and expand my awareness and enrich my service. Julie, thank you for your words today about the vacuum of space –and the opportunity to grow– when one lets go of something that they love deeply & fought & struggled for. I’ve recently released my nonprofit organization to pursue a different angle of inspiring awareness. For the last 8 years I’ve been working to expand the dialogue around domestic violence by addressing the cultural root causes of violence against women. It, in itself was a relationship that wasn’t reciprocating for the energy I gave it, though I will always love it and believe in what I was doing. I am now feeling reinforcement from my wellness ‘community’ of Rich, Abel James, Sean Croxton, Cynthia Pasquella… to take a different angle of using food as a tool to dialogue about our urgent need to transform into our most authentic expressions of self–as individuals and as a species. I am becoming a transformational nutrition coach via Cynthia’s ITN, which I learned about from a podcast. I have a strong vision to eventually be a source of light, as you 2 are, but I am still a seed underground, formulating my website and articulating my service. So Julie, thank you, your experience to serve in those moments of darkness is resonating and spurring me on. I’m one month away from moving back home to the US to launch this new path! I feel the calling to start a podcast to further expand this dialogue as a catalyst for cultural healing and transformation. I just can’t say enough about the gratitude I feel for your words today in embracing suffering, discomfort and knowing I too am about to transform. Julie, your JaiSeed 2nd Pillar of Creativity best sums up the calling I feel to be a voice for converging people across disciplines to color outside the lines and we shall have a better map for transformation. Thank you for being my new community, you are so very real and so wholly felt. Infinite blessings to you, I will continue to stand with you and direct others to your services. With love, Jaime…aka “The foodie alchemist”.

  • Autumnseer says:

    P.S. Was reading Finding Ultra in the Bahamas by a very busy pool area when a guy walked by and said, “Great book!” 🙂 And it is.

  • Jules says:

    Dear Rich,

    My partner and I have been listening to you from day one. We downloaded your cookbook and Julie’s meditation program. We also met you in Ottawa and you signed a copy of my Finding Ultra book inscribed, “Julie (with a big circle around it), remember the 40%”, to keep my motivated on my cycle across Canada.

    Both you and Julie have inspired us in many ways, and I never tire of your podcast and the thoughtful write-ups you send out by email. It is your passion and genuine conviction that keeps us coming back for more.

    Thank you to you both for posting that special photo compilation of Jaya’s birth; it was truly magical.

    We wish you and your family all the greatest of adventures, success and happiness.


    Julie and Karl

  • Dear Rich and Julie, if this reads as a blissful stumbling over my words–then I will have succeeded in communicating my gratitude from the spirit I’m composing this message from. I’m just getting to this podcast now–it’s a dark day, needing community from a deeper desire so I can be fueled to keep serving. What an invitation then that you would extend to me the opportunity to tell you my story– how not only your podcast, but also this broader wellness group of podcasters that have enriched my life, supported me and even elevated me as I am coming out of 6 years living abroad and feeling like I’ve been in a cave! I came to podcasts from the yearning to be activated by a community as I gave birth in the last year and have spent lots of time in my beloved baby cave. I live in a non-reality expat bubble in Malaysia, my husband is a very successful journalist and I willingly entered this path knowing that living abroad would kick my azz and expand my awareness and enrich my service. Julie, thank you for your words today about the vacuum of space –and the opportunity to grow– when one lets go of something that they love deeply & fought & struggled for. I’ve recently released my nonprofit organization to pursue a different angle of inspiring awareness. For the last 8 years I’ve been working to expand the dialogue around domestic violence by addressing the cultural root causes of violence against women. It, in itself was a relationship that wasn’t reciprocating for the energy I gave it, though I will always love it and believe in what I was doing. I am now feeling reinforcement from my wellness ‘community’ of Rich, Abel James, Sean Croxton, Cynthia Pasquella… to take a different angle of using food as a tool to dialogue about our urgent need to transform into our most authentic expressions of self–as individuals and as a species. I am becoming a transformational nutrition coach via Cynthia’s ITN, which I learned about from a podcast. I have a strong vision to eventually be a source of light, as you 2 are, but I am still a seed underground, formulating my website and articulating my service. So Julie, thank you, your experience to serve in those moments of darkness is resonating and spurring me on. I’m one month away from moving back home to the US to launch this new path! I feel the calling to start a podcast to further expand this dialogue as a catalyst for cultural healing and transformation. I just can’t say enough about the gratitude I feel for your words today in embracing suffering, discomfort and knowing I too am about to transform. Julie, your JaiSeed 2nd Pillar of Creativity best sums up the calling I feel to be a voice for converging people across disciplines to color outside the lines and we shall have a better map for transformation. Thank you for being my new community, you are so very real and so wholly felt. Infinite blessings to you, I will continue to stand with you and direct others to your services. With love, Jaime…aka “The foodie alchemist”.

  • T123 says:

    Such a beautiful insightful discussion. Thank you both SO much for all that you do and have done. You are truly an inspiration. Sending you love from Somerset UK. x

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