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Soil Whisperer Hendrikus Schraven On All Things Permaculture

By December 9, 2012June 14th, 202315 Comments

In today’s episode I sit down with “soil whisperer” Hendrikus Schraven — a noted expert on permaculture, soil biology and rejuvenation, sustainable agriculture & lifestyle, factory farming, GMO’s, Monsanto, Proposition 37, nutritional density and what “organic” really means.

Hendrikus is a wealth of information and inspires with his unique and in depth perspective on the core and fundamental nature of food and nutrition and leaves us with some tips on how to be a better food consumer, and person in general.

[NOTE: Getting feedback from folks listening on iTunes that the audio levels are low.  Apologies — looking into it.  We are still very new to this and working out the kinks, so I appreciate your patience and understanding.]

Thanks for listening.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  And if you haven’t already, you can subscribe on iTunes.



  • Joe Mama says:

    Love this and all episodes. I feel like life has presented your podcast as a personal kick in the ass to be more motivated and focused. Surround yourself with good people. Im surrounding myself with you guys. Thanks

  • jason says:


  • Matt says:

    I like the part about adding worms (little workers) to yards. I have a problem that I think this could help with. Can you please help with some more info about where and what to get? Like bulk worms? Thanks a ton. Keep up the good pod casting!

  • hey Rich and Julie. Love the podcast! Would be nice if you could talk a bit more about detox/cleansing. I seem to remember seeing something that you were working on that? would be awesome to have the info to do that after new years 🙂

  • Timo says:

    sweet show guys! loved this one! Hendrikus is the man!

  • Amazing, one of the most incredible interviews I’ve ever heard. You are deeply inspiring
    me. Thank you.

  • Monique says:

    GREAT episode!

  • viii_ball says:

    The podcasts never fail to deliver. This one was no exception. Who knew that dirt could be so damn interesting. Eagerly awaiting podcast #7. Not sure what I am going to do when you start putting only one out per week. I will go through Rich and Julie withdraw.

    At a more higher level, Rich and Julie you all are speaking to me. I am currently in a similar situation to Rich in the BEFORE situation though I am having my moment 10 years later than Rich (I am about to turn 50). I too was a collegiate athlete that now sits 50lbs overweight, an alcoholic, various health issues like high blood pressure, eating McDonald’s sometimes all three meals in the day and just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I am in need of a RADICAL change or I will be pushing up daisies long before I would like to. I read Rich’s book and found it very inspirational. But it wasn’t until recently, with the release of the podcasts that your message really started to hit home. It really got me when I watched the videos of your talk from Common Ground. Rich, it was like you were coming through that screen and talking to me directly.

    So I’ve decided to put your money where my mouth is (so to speak). I am out to prove or disprove your theory on plant power. I have my yearly physical on 12/26/12. This will be a baseline snapshot of my current level of health. Then 2013 will be “My Year of Being Vegan”. Maybe I’ll call it Over 50 at 50. In Dec 2013 I will have my yearly physical again and we will see how things have changed.

    I am very nervous but yet excited about this adventure. I am your typical American executive, up and into an hour long commute at 5:30 am. Eating whatever I can grab. Exercising..what’s that?..when I walk to the fridge for another beer. So I am your perfect test case of not only can plant power change your health but even an over worked, McDonald’s munching slob like myself can do it. I hope to setup a blog where I can share with the world my adventure. Damn I hope I can do this.

  • By far one of the most interesting things I ever had the pleasure of listening to. Please rich bring us more of Hendrikus.

  • TripkeHughes says:

    Viii_ball, I support you and am excited about what is to come for your 50 at 50. You can do it. I know you can.

  • Scott Ormond says:

    Rich and Julie and Common Ground and guests- Early this beautiful Sat. morning in Aspen I find myself listening to the show, looking at the snowy mountains, and grinning from ear to ear!! So happy to know you guys and be apart of the struggle. I can’t thank you enough. I learn, follow, and lead like you do. scottyO

  • Fcallaway1 says:

    Thanks for the podcast, very interesting. Can you post a link to the life in the soil video that was mentioned.


  • Jurek says:

    Wow….I’m quite recent subscriber to your podcasts and I’m catching up driving every day to work. Guys, you are getting better and better!!! Hendrikus is a magician. His story about childhood on a farm in Holland reminded me my grandpa who died due to cancer caused by chemical fertilizers…I was 2 then but still remember that (by the way, I’m from Poland, now live in UK). Clean soil is the key, I could sign up for what Hendrikus said – soil has to smell right! Same like forest, wet grass and strawberries. I think we soon will have critical mass of people thinking alike and REJECTING artificial, toxic food from supermarkets and fast food chains. Keep it going, you really give back a lot! THANK YOU! Jurek

  • Rick says:

    If you would like to learn more about permaculture & natural farming you can also research some other pioneers; Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton & Masanobu Fukuoka.

    Julie would probably enjoy the focus of this farm/community They have short video of natural farming in action here

  • Gerri says:

    I’m just starting to listen to the podcast. I have loved all of them, especially this one. My Mom and Granddad always said the more worms in the soil the better : ) It’s interesting to hear him talk about new construction and stripping away the good soil, we have a fairly new house and it has been a bear to grow grass. Seed, re-seed, water, more water, aerate and do it all over again, just so it will die during the slightest drought. We should start all over and throw in a ton of worms, but unfortunately our lot was the concrete ‘dumping zone’. Anyway, it’s last August and I want to try raised garden beds in the spring, so I will probably re-listen to this podcast for inspiration. Thanks!

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