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Rodman Machado On Cooking As Nutritional Art

By December 6, 2012May 24th, 201912 Comments

Today on the podcast we sit down with Rodman Machado— Executive Chef at the Garden Cafe at Common Ground in Kilauea, Hawaii — to talk food as medicine; cooking as nutritional art; plant-based superfoods; preventing & healing diabetes and other diseases with plants; and optimizing overall wellness.

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  • viii_ball says:

    Rich: Loving the podcast. Julie needs her own. A favor to ask, in iTunes could you name the podcasts starting with the episode number (i.e. Episode #005 – Rich Roll Podcast). With you starting off with your name all the time all you see on an iPod is the beginning of the listing. Its then hard to tell what episode is what. Thanks and keep em coming.

  • richroll66 says:

    Good tip – thanks. Like I said, still lots to learn about all this. Appreciate you letting me know…

  • kristin says:

    I was really inspired by Rodman and the discussion today. I am trying very hard to make a change in my eating habits and my three children. These podcasts are like a healthy living sangha! The info about massaging the kale was super helpful. Thanks!

  • Steve Cooper says:

    Good Stuff Rich! Keep up the good work. That dude knows his stuff. Great guest, great podcast. What about Rodman’s Freudian slip when he started to say “sativa” instead of “stevia” but corrected himself. Anybody else catch that? Too funny.
    Looking forward to the Alkaline / Acid podcast.
    Ever consider some chill background music? Might add some value. Perhaps not though. Just a thought. đŸ™‚

  • Jason says:

    Rich, have you ever used nootropics ? Any success or recommendations ? Thank you for all your info. Loved your book

  • richroll66 says:

    I caught it. Almost popped in to make a joke but he was on a roll – that was good stuff:)

  • Timo says:

    Rich you should introduce Rodman to the China Study or Neal Barnards Reversing Diabetes. Keep cranking out these casts!

  • Scott Ormond says:

    What are the odds?? Feelin’ some good mojo. This morning I listen to the Machado podcast, get inspired, and then meet my wife is Aspen. We go shopping at Amen Wardy where we see her friend Sophia and I overhear her mention that she spends 6 months a year in Hawaii. Where? North Shore of Kauai. Have you heard of Common Ground? Her energy rises. Yes, I live down the street and eat there 3 times a week. Great restaurant! Rodman is my friend. WOW. And I thought today would be boring…NOT. Great ethos. I’m in. scottyO

  • Sarah says:

    Dearest Rich and Julie, You entered my realm of awareness a little over a year ago. I revisited the experience of the two of you about a month ago for your holiday smoothie recipe and became super excited to witness the birth of your podcast. While listening to episode #, I felt a tremendous love and support for the idea that Julie should be a co-host. Lo and behold, it appears that this has come to fruition! You both resonate a blended frequency that is music to my ears and heart. The concept of Father/Mother God energies being represented by the two of you rings true for me. This feeling came to me as I listened today to episode #5. Together, you offer a combination of such excellent information and points of view with a balance of male and female energy. I am deeply grateful to have found you. You enrich my life with your amazing skills, talents and Jai Vibration! Love and Blessings! Sarah

  • md says:

    Awesome podcasts! Do you have an estimated timeline for the cleanse? I’m very interested in doing it. Thanks!

  • SLG says:

    Rodman mentions using spirulina in some meals. I’ve read some great reviews about this algae, as well as some negative reviews that say to avoid it. Just curious if you had any input on taking this as a daily supplement?

  • Andrea Smith says:

    What is the best source of Noni if you don’t live in Hawaii? I see online it comes as powder or liquid. Thanks!

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