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James & Claudia Altucher Choose Themselves: Musings On Relationships, The Power of Vulnerability & Creating Success Doing What You Love

By August 5, 2015January 19th, 20245 Comments

“Being grateful is the bridge between the world of nightmares and the world where we are free to say no. It’s the bridge between the world of delusions and the world of creativity. It’s the power that brings death back to life, the power that turns poverty to wealth and anger to compassion…”

James Altucher

I’m so intimidated.

This week Julie and I are joined by the dynamic duo of the Choose Yourself era themselves, James and Claudia Altucher — a prolific couple changing the world with insights that are empowering millions to live more dynamic, authentic lives.

When someone fires off a long list of occupations in conversation, my instinct tells me that person probably isn’t great at any of them. James is not that guy. Abundant in talent. A true polymath with just the right amount of self-deprecation and pitch perfect comedic timing. Blogger, bestselling author, podcaster, public speaker, investor, entrepreneur, columnist, and humorist, he seemingly does it all.

Oh yeah, he’s also a nationally ranked chess master.

James had made millions, lost millions and made millions again. Maybe he’ll lose it again. I don’t know. He’s started and run something like 20 companies. Then there’s a slew of venture capital, hedge, angel and sundry other funds he ran. Maybe he still runs them. I don’t know that either. In fact, I don’t understand any of it.

James’ Altucher Confidential is one of the most widely read blogs on the internet, amassing over 15 million readers since its 2010 inception.

The James Altucher Show debuted as the #1 podcast on all of iTunes last year.

I think he’s written 13 books. It could be 16. I can’t keep track. He writes faster than I can read.

My favorite is the Wall Street Journal Best Seller Choose Yourself. A primer for anyone seeking firmer control of destiny, it’s a prescient and highly entertaining look at how new and unprecedented tools, technology and economic forces have suddenly emerged to make it possible for individuals to create art, careers, success, fulfillment and change the world without permission from the gatekeepers of yore.

When you finish that book, then read The Power of No — also a Wall Street Journal Best Seller. Two things you need to know about this book: (1) it’s really great; and (2) learning how and when to say no is, like, really important.

Wait, there’s a third thing: it was co-authored by James’ wife Claudia.

In many ways James’ perfect match, the Argentinian-born Claudia is also a widely acclaimed multi-hyphenate. Writer, podcaster and yoga aficionado, she has written or co-written three books, including the recently released Become An Idea Machine. You can find her Yoga Podcast on iTunes and read her musings at But I don’t know how much longer she can keep this up because any day now she’s going to be named the new CEO of Twitter.

Am I joking? Read this and you tell me.

I had James on my podcast a while ago. Then I did his podcast. Then Julie did Claudia’s podcast. They fell in love. I was already in love with James.

The only thing? None of us had ever met in person. Until now.

Wonder twin powers activate!

I’m not sure whose podcast we did. We just hit record and started freestyling. I thought we were interviewing James and Claudia but now I think I have it all backwards.

Let’s call it a crosscast.

Here’s just a few of the many subjects that came up:

  • cultivating positive relationships with your children
  • the power of vulnerability
  • divine love vs. human love
  • the importance of support systems
  • creating success doing what you love
  • the importance of relevance
  • navigating negativity through meditation and service
  • practicing neutral compassion

James and Claudia are special people. Listen in and I’ll think you’ll agree.

Peace + Plants,


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  • JasonRH says:

    The ‘Choose Yourself’ duo sits down with the ‘How to Unlock and Unleash Your Best, Most Authentic Self’ duo. Excellent roundtable. Lots of great topics covered. I found the discussion particularly interesting about how hard it is to make things happen when you are headed down the wrong path. It’s like charging into a brick wall over and over again until you realize that maybe this isn’t the way for you. Huge fan of the work that all four of you guys have been putting out in recent years, its continuously inspirational.

  • Mitchell Katz says:

    This was a fun format. It was engaging, easy to follow and insightful. As your guests actually turned out to be the interviewers, it would be great for you to sit down with them again and get them to provide an opportunity to get to know them better.

  • sasha says:

    please do this one again..its like i sneaked into an interesting dinner party- great

  • Patrick Dean says:

    Thanks for introducing me to these people! I’ve been reading all of James’s articles since listening to the podcast yesterday.

  • Claudia Black says:

    Hi guys! Listening to this podcast right now (behind from traveling for 3 weeks). Love love love the RRP but can’t help but commenting on the fact of making Disney responsible for certain ideas and images. While I fully agree with you in certain ways and I can’t stand Disney shows, please keep in mind that many Disney movies are Disney’s takes on true good old fairy tales, like the ones from the Grimm Brothers or Hans Christian Anderson. As a German, I grew up with these stories and it’s shocking how many people think that these are all Disney stories. These fairy tales (being right or not in the eyes of today’s society) are part of history and humanity and oftentimes relate/ take parts of ways of live in the middle ages. While these stories are truly fairy tales to Americans, I grew up with estates, forts and castles all around me. They are a huge part of European society and history. On a recent trip to Germany my girls couldn’t believe seeing and visiting old castles where real princesses, kings and queens lived. … Just had to share these thoughts! No hard feelings!

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