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How To Pursue Your Dream When Your Partner Is Non-Supportive | Ask Me Anything |

By December 17, 2014May 24th, 201917 Comments

And now for something completely different…

In an effort to create a little more intimacy, a little more community, and a little more connection with you — the audience — I thought I would open the show up to your burning questions. Talk about what you want to talk about for a change. A few weeks back I put the word out for question submissions and you responded — our inbox was flooded with e-mails.

So here we are. My first spin with a Q&A format. I picked a handful of queries I thought would make for an interesting and broadly applicable discussion, asked Julie to occupy the co-pilot seat (talking into a microphone alone is really hard, and not that fun) and we gave it our all to answer your questions to the best of our collective abilities.

Topics discussed and questions answered pivot around the following:

  • How to pursue your dream when your partner is non-supportive;
  • How to escape an unfulfilling career when you don’t know what you really want;
  • How to balance physical fitness against spiritual fitness;
  • How to manage extended family put off by your life choices and dietary preferences; and
  • How to raise a healthy toddler plant-based.

Special thanks and shoutout to Jen B., Tommy F., Pete D., Dawn and Hugh for the great questions. Not sure about whether or not you want to be identified publicly, so I’m going to err on the side of anonymity.

Did you guys like the episode? Is this format something you think I should I do it again? Was it too long? Too short? How about rotating guests for co-pilot duty? 

If the demand exists and I continue to get great submissions from you, then I’ll keep doing it. Maybe not every week, but we’ll see. In the interim, send your questions for an (anticipated) future episode to: [email protected] and leave your comments below.

Peace + Plants,



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  • Tommy F says:

    Rich and Julie, great podcast! Loved the format and all the questions/answers. So helpful!! Your taking the time to directly acknowledge your listeners’ questions, shows just how geniune and compationate you both are. I felt a real connection this morning, when listening to you read and reflect on my question. And, if you’re committing to 2 podcasts a week for 2015.. then I’m committing to daily 4:30am meditation and journaling for the whole year 😉 Your podcast is so far from the “pontificating” messages streaming at us in the conventional mediums. I just can’t find anything which comes close to the what you’re doing. Keep feeding us! – Namaste

  • Lizzy says:

    Thank you for a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion. You two are the closest I have to e-mentors and I respect and appreciate your advice.

  • Tina says:

    Thanks Rich for trying out this new podcast format. Getting two podcasts in one week is a real treat!

    I wanted to put my ten cents worth in regarding non supportive partners and family. Living in NZ, as well as exceptional scenery and a wonderful laid back lifestyle, we are a nation of farmers. Our national economy relies heavily on our dairy industry and to a slightly lesser extent, our meat exports. Vegetarians are relatively common but vegans are still an oddity. I live with my husband and two teenagers who are all non vegans. I don’t try to change them as they are very happy with their own eating styles. I don’t believe it is my right to tell them what they should be doing any more than they should be telling me what I should eat. We are all at different stages in our own journeys and need to respect where that person is at. With that in mind, we will be hosting family for Christmas this year. I am the only vegan. We will be serving turkey, ham, trifle, chocolate etc. I have no problem with this as everyone has the right to eat what resonates with them. I will be making some delicious plant powered dishes for myself that everyone is welcome to enjoy if they wish.

    I am a vegan for both ethical and health reasons but think sometimes vegans can become a little over zealous in their beliefs and could learn to be a little more tolerant of others and where they are at.

    So, the short end to a long story: enjoy your own journey towards better health, be tolerant of where others are at in their journey and don’t try to force change.

  • Paul says:

    Amazing episode! So much useful stuff. I love the idea of putting a forum on your new website. A place to build community, ask questions and get support. Love it!

  • Pauline says:

    I love, love this podcast. I have a lot of questions in particular with balance and learning how to follow my purpose. I always have felt unique. I can identify with Julie in seeing stuff that is wrong before others and being seen as crazy. I also am an all or nothing person so I can identify with Rich. I thought you balanced each other perfectly in the podcast. I would love to hear a podcast like this every week.

  • Cyndi says:

    Great episode! I really enjoyed listening. Love the Q and A format and look forward to listening to future episodes.
    I also think adding a forum to your website would be helpful and fun!

  • fromthekiwigirl says:

    Hi Tina..I hear ya. I’m obviously from New Zealand and live in Western Australia now. I’ve recently become plant based and the changes to my life has been astounding. I live with a teenager who eats meat and last night I made Pasta Primavera which he loved..only complaint was the broccoli needs to be cut up smaller! This is my first plant based Christmas and the with multitude of dishes to choose from, I found it to be overwhelming.
    Simple is best. I will be cooking Turkey and will narrow down the my list of veggie options to make. Looking forward to a nutritious + delicious Christmas.

  • fromthekiwigirl says:

    I enjoyed this format. I’m waiting for my question to be answered.
    Keep the momentum flowing. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

  • Christian Alvarez says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration; so that people like me are able to continue their trajectory in life. I look up to you guys, and am so grateful for the amazing opportunity that I have of living in this era, where I can connect through technology with divine souls like yours… Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Julia Hanlon of Running On Om says:

    Rich and Julie, I loved the podcast and had to relisten to it so that I could write down parts. It has a focused and potent energy, while maintaing the organic synergy of your dialogue with one another. Both of your reflections to the questions felt in tune with the coming of a new year and personally helped me clarify my new year’s intentions. I truly hope you two will continue these Q&A style podcasts on a weekly basis. This episode also made me so excited for the release of your cookbook– the scones and brownies sounded divine. Love and thanks to both of you!

  • JasonRH says:

    Amazing start to the Q&A episodes, really looking forward to more of these.

  • Alisa Dunlap says:

    Thank you Julie and Rich. I have been wanting to leave a comment since way back in the summer time when you had Robin Arzon and then Amanda Slavin–two people which I had never heard of but felt immediately connected to. I even had dreams about Catalyst Creativ (I still haven’t contacted Amanda but I would really like to, much like your listener TommyF I have been searching for a new path in my professional life) and also dreams about maybe going to Burning Man (my husband goes every year but the dust and the desert have always turned me off). I first fell in love with your podcast over the interviews with all of the endurance athletes that I have admired from Olympic swimmers to amazing iron(wo)man Hillary Biscay but I have come to love every episode for the guests but, most importantly, b/c of the message of “unlocking and unleashing the most authentic you.” This message has resonated throughout my year and I wholeheartedly thank you both for sharing yourselves with this community. I would definitely welcome your new format of podcast. I absolutely love your weekly “assignments” they have often been the subject of my journal entries and wandering thoughts. Thank you both for your service.

  • Living in Poland and loving it says:

    I think it is a great idea that Julie participates in the Q&A podcasts. Very appreciate the perspective of you both. Looking forward for more.

  • Carlos Arreola says:

    In response to adding/changing of the website; I would love if you added a forum to it! I could then be able to connect in a more personal way with other like minded individuals!

  • timburke31081 says:

    This was great. You can glean bits and pieces of this information from your traditional interview-based podcasts but having it laid out like this is very helpful, even if as a refresher. Keep it up!

  • Jen Bethel says:

    Thank you for this episode – it was amazing & hugely helpful to me Jen B.!!!! I really appreciate the feedback & sense of community. I had a recent idea to have sorta a “bookclub” around your show….I have one other friend who listens very regularly & I always have a million thoughts while I’m listening to each episode…whenever she & I talk we download so much about our thoughts on all your episodes. In fact, in this age of not actually speaking to people on the phone (we don’t live in the same state), I find we’re actually speaking more just to talk about your show!!! Anyway, I wanted to start to create this download & share with her more regularly b/c like I said I feel like I always have a lot of ideas & thoughts about my own self from the shows. Not sure if others would be interested or if it’s something that’s come to your attention before.

  • Jen Bethel says:

    Wow…I’m so grateful for the article Julie wrote!! Just read it & feeling rocked. I will be reading that MANY times over.

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