How To Pursue Your Dream When Your Partner Is Non-Supportive | Ask Me Anything |

And now for something completely different…

In an effort to create a little more intimacy, a little more community, and a little more connection with you — the audience — I thought I would open the show up to your burning questions. Talk about what you want to talk about for a change. A few weeks back I put the word out for question submissions and you responded — our inbox was flooded with e-mails.

So here we are. My first spin with a Q&A format. I picked a handful of queries I thought would make for an interesting and broadly applicable discussion, asked Julie to occupy the co-pilot seat (talking into a microphone alone is really hard, and not that fun) and we gave it our all to answer your questions to the best of our collective abilities.

Topics discussed and questions answered pivot around the following:

  • How to pursue your dream when your partner is non-supportive;
  • How to escape an unfulfilling career when you don’t know what you really want;
  • How to balance physical fitness against spiritual fitness;
  • How to manage extended family put off by your life choices and dietary preferences; and
  • How to raise a healthy toddler plant-based.

Special thanks and shoutout to Jen B., Tommy F., Pete D., Dawn and Hugh for the great questions. Not sure about whether or not you want to be identified publicly, so I’m going to err on the side of anonymity.

Did you guys like the episode? Is this format something you think I should I do it again? Was it too long? Too short? How about rotating guests for co-pilot duty? 

If the demand exists and I continue to get great submissions from you, then I’ll keep doing it. Maybe not every week, but we’ll see. In the interim, send your questions for an (anticipated) future episode to: [email protected] and leave your comments below.

Peace + Plants,



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