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Julie Piatt: Ruminations on Ultraman, Unlocking The Authentic Self & Navigating Relationships

By December 4, 2012May 24th, 201917 Comments

Today Julie and I discuss the perils of cycling on Kauai, a few adventures from our experience at Ultraman 2009 and some strategies for unlocking your more authentic self, followed by some incredible insight from Julie on self-sovereignty and navigating relationships.  The show closes with a live performance of Julie’s song “In the Sun” with our son Tyler on guitar.

We hope you enjoy the program.

As of today, we are the #1 podcast on iTunes in the Health category (first 3 episodes all in the top 10) and the #22 podcast overall for all of iTunes.  Showing up on a list that includes such tremendous talent — names like Ira Glass, Adam Carolla, Joe Rogan and Alec Baldwin — is beyond an honor.  Even more astounding given that we just started this little show last week.  So THANK YOU for your support.  We will do our best to live up to the early hype and continue to provide helpful, informative, enlightening and entertaining content.  If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe on iTunes HERE.


Finally, Julie mentioned that we made a movie together.  We did (I directed & Julie and & I co-wrote it back in 2005).  A short film actually.  It’s called “Down Dog” — and if I do say so myself, it’s pretty darn funny.  So check it out HERE if you have 20 minutes to kill.

Peace + Plants,



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  • viii_ball says:

    Loving the podcast with one thing, they tend to be a little long. It’s hard to dedicate 2 hours to listening and coming back another day to listen again I tend to get lost or forget what was talked about. I know you have lots to say but how about an hour in length?

  • kh says:

    welcome to the world of podcasts! ahahahah
    I used to feel the same way but I just had to get used to stopping and coming back the next day or in a week or maybe never. If it resonates then you will find the time or keep coming back and if it’s not the “right” time then maybe you’ll hear it when you need to. Just the way I see it.
    Thanks Julie and Rich!!!
    First one was AMAZING and touched close to home 🙂
    I am going to listen to #4 on my way home today after watching the preview it sounds as though it will be more applicable to my life than the others (right now anyways).

  • Monique says:

    I absolutely love your interaction – it´s so pure and open hearted. I think that is why people like myself have responded so well to this podcast. Keep it up you two! I´ll keep listening and learning.

  • Ken Wilkens says:

    OK, so while Julie is a GREAT guest – some possibilities for guests: Compton Rom, Chris Hauth, Robb Wolfe (I think the contrast would be great), Phil Maffetone?, Jason Lester, maybe Brendan Brazier, Robert Cheeke for sure, then from a business perspective maybe Marc Cuban, Tony Robbins, Dana White…. for sure from the vegan world Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall (you might actually catch him in Hawai’i), maybe Kris Carr?

    In any case – this pod cast is phenomenal – I really enjoy every word and all of the content. Going to pick up The Artist’s Way (through your Amazon link of course) and just a million thanks for putting out content that I really need to hear!!! Peace and Plants…

  • Julia Finn says:

    Im thoroughly enjoying the show!! Im not sure Julie saw my note on fb but I would really like to know more about ayurvedic medicine– perhaps you could post some links or interview a practitioner? keep up the great work…. blessings, julia

  • David T. says:

    Really enjoying the podcast, I bought your book on amazon today and can’t wait to check it out. I wouldn’t mind hearing about the time in your life where you battled alcoholism more in depth on the podcast, I’m considering cutting it out of my life due to my addictive personality plus I think it will really benefit me in my triathlons as well.

    Keep it up! Hearing about guys like yourself is what makes the Rogan Podcast worthwhile.

  • MarkG says:

    I’ve listened to the first 4 eps but you’re losing me.
    I wanted to listen to the Rich Roll Podcast, not the Julie Piatt Podcast.

  • Dr. Nicki says:

    Excellento! Really loving what you are both doing. Looks like my voice and others were heard on how great Julie and Rich are together. It brings a lot of depth! Really loved the Sun song too. How about ending each episode with a song by Julie? Why not? Out of the box… Use the medium. We NEED to hear your voice/music.

    I loved hearing about racing and crashing and your crew situation and how that all pulled together. And “Home Depot..” This is more significant than you may think. it’s really interesting to discover how couples do what they do and how they make it work. I would love to hear more inside stuff like this. And on changing each other… and then coming into full acceptance. This is the real stuff. Keep it coming. Waiting for Rich’s book and will be purchasing Julie’s music. And yes, if Julie were to do her own podcast, that would be fabulous too. Peace.

  • viii_ball says:

    It appears Julie has had an enormous influence on the man you know as Rich Roll. I for one say she stays as co-host. The energy and insight she adds really lends character to the podcast.

  • Schniggen says:

    Rich. If I would have known, I would have come out and help you at your Ultra race. That’s Thanks-Giving, not be invited but to give something of yourself to somebody regardless what it is. As a note, I understand endurance and what it takes. I feel very connected with you.

    I deeply enjoy you and Julie’s voice and topic as they flow conversationally. I think you should not go “radio professional”. The warehouse, whether you release a couple of podcasts a week or sometimes not, does not matter. I rather enjoy the energetic flow of when you and Julie something. Silence is powerful as well. It is an anticipation of a new podcast, it’s like getting a shared gift, than being on a regular TV schedule. But like the authenticity of it all.

    Thanks for the Artist’s Way aphorism. I enjoy these little, longer or short side swings in your conversation with Julie but always coming back where you left off.

    I feel like when listen I mediate flowing with the conversation.


  • Dr. Nicki says:

    Would also love to know what you both eat in a typical and non-typical day. Peace.

  • Kelly says:

    I just listened to episode 4 and LOVED it. It really spoke to me. The end of the podcast when you were talking about letting go of your expectations of others and loving as God loves was so powerful. That is a lesson I am learning now through soul searching and meditation. I love how you are just having a conversation and it flows from one thing to another. You both are very inspiring and I look forward to many more episodes.

  • Guest says:

    #4 is great. Glad to get started of the plant-powered path.

  • kmm1law says:

    4 is great. Glad to get started on the plant-powered path.

  • TripkeHughes says:

    I agree. Loved the inner relationship stuff too. Especially loved the race play by play.

  • TripkeHughes says:

    Rich, the podcast keep getting better. Please don’t stop the race play by play. LOVED that part. It was so genuine and in the moment.

    Thank you for allowing your relationship to be real on the air. We are on a similar path here, in my home and it’s nice to know we are not alone.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Loving the podcasts. Listen on my walks to work and when I have long workouts and I can just zone out. Really insightful and genuine. Cool song at the end of this podcast by Julie. When will we hear a duet??? Please continue to post these podcasts, they are becoming our favorites. My wife and I are simplifying our lives even more, removing things we just don’t need. And your podcast has been an inspiration to do this as well as try new foods and spices to become more healthy athletes. Thanks, and keep em coming!

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