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Welcome to Jai Ultra

By July 31, 2008One Comment

Welcome to Jai Ultra!

I have created this blog to bring you the latest news in Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling and Endurance Sports.  In so doing, my goal is to promote a healthy sober lifestyle and espouse the virtues of an organic plant based diet for athletes of all levels.
I was a world-ranked competitive swimmer at Stanford University in the late-80’s.  Being a member of that 2-time NCAA Championship Team team was one of the highlights of my life.  I swam with the legends at the time.  Olympians, World Record Holders, American Record Holders.  Names like Pablo Morales, John Moffet and Jeff Kostoff.  
After retirement, I dabbled in staying in shape — a triathlon here, an open water swim race there.  But life took over and I found myself at 40 pushing 200 lbs and totally out of shape.  Maybe it was a mid-life crisis, but I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a change.  I did a 7 day cleanse and switched to a vegatarian diet.  I slowly got back in the pool.  I put the running shoes on.  I got a bike for my birthday.  I started to feel good again.  Then I wanted more.  I went from vegetarian to vegan and immediately felt a huge difference in my energy levels.  I started to shed the pounds and my strength returned.  I have now been vegan for over a year and am in the best endurance shape of my life.  I hired coach and Ironman pro Chris Hauth.  And now I’m preparing for the race of a lifetime — the 2008 Ultraman World Championships— a double Ironman over 3 days that transverses the entire Big Island of Hawaii.  
Join me on this journey as I bring you reports on my training, nutrition and the latest in multisport, swimming and cycling news!

One Comment

  • Kim says:

    looking for your Jai Detox and Cleanse product and can’t find it. Please let me know where to go and is there an eating regiment that goes with it?

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