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Dara Torres on the Today Show

By July 31, 2008No Comments

Dara has really stirred the pot.

Say what you will, but I choose to believe that she’s clean until proven otherwise.  Is it farfetched?  Very much so.  I’m her age and I can’t imagine swimming faster than I did 20 years ago.  Its mind-blowing quite frankly.  But when I saw her perform at Olympic Trials, I got goosebumps.  If she is clean, those were hands down some of the greatest swims in the history of the sport.  Not only is she now an iconic inspiration to all older athletes, she is the best example of what the body is capable of well into middle-age with the right care and preparation.  She has pioneered new training & nutritional methods and in so doing changed the sport of swimming forever.  My bet is you will now see a ripple effect of older professional swimmers adopting a track and field method of training — the hiring of personal coaches and a move away from the traditional team approach.
I want to believe.  I really do.  Because she has inspired me and given me an added boost of confidence in my preparation for Ultraman.
In any case, I wait for with baited breath to watch her in Beijing.  Who would have thought anyone could take the spotlight off Michael Phelps?

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