Spreecast Chat With MindBodyGreen

By May 19, 2012No Comments

Very excited to announce that I will be doing a live interactive video “Spreecast” interview hosted by Jason Wachob of MindBodyGreen on May 24th at 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST).

This is an invitation to join in and participate in the event — asking me questions via Twitter, Facebook or Spreecast, which will embed the various social media feeds to consolidate the interactive experience.

We’re going to talk about everything from PlantPower nutrition to practicing yoga, to rejecting middle age — not to mention discussing my new book. 

The event will also be hosted on MindBodyGreen  HERE  as well as on the Spreecast website  HERE .

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me during the chat, please enter it in the Facebook comments section on the MindBodyGreen Spreecast Page, then tune in LIVE on Thursday (either here, or on MindBodyGreen or Spreecast ) and ask me personally.

Sign-up now for the event now by clicking the RSVP button in the above window.

Stay tuned for details and look forward to chatting with all of you then!

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