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Meet the Shaman :: Compton Rom of Ascended Health

By August 24, 2011One Comment

I wanted to introduce you to my nutrition shaman, the amazing microbiologist Compton Rom, founder of  Ascended Health.  Not only is Compton a dear friend, he has been a constant and amazing support in my ongoing quest to expand my understanding of how to heal the body, experiment with new ways to optimize my wellness and push the boundaries of maximizing my athletic performance.

If you have followed my journey, you might recall some discussion about the various plant-based elixirs Compton is always preparing for me, utilizing me as a guinea pig to experiment with new ways to energize my system, improve my strength and endurance and reduce my recovery time between workouts.  From probiotics to address the microbial ecology of the body to potent superfoods, adaptagens and antioxidants sourced from the far corners of the planet  — so-called “Blue Zones” from Siberia to Ecuador; Bordeaux grape skins, Pacific marine phytoplankton, nattokinase from Japan and exotic mushroom extracts — his fermented, live and nutrient packed concoctions have made a huge difference not just in how I perform as an athlete, but my entire world view on how the body functions, maintains and repairs itself.  Most notably his knowledge regarding the extent to which the microbial flora that symbiotically proliferate within our bodies hold sway over everything from the food we crave to the diseases our bodies harbor.

He is a fascinating guy, a wealth of information and a fearless pioneer in preventive health and wellness — willing to question conventional medical wisdom and push the boundaries of healing possibilities.

The video interview with Kerry Cassiday from Project Camelot is quite long — and at times it gets pretty “new-agey” — but I urge you all to take the time to get to know this dynamic and amazing person who is blazing an interesting path and has done so much for me and family.

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